Thursday, 15 October 2009


Hooray it's raining, I know I shouldn't be pleased about it..but I get to play at home today, or rather waste some time at home when I have 5 million jobs to do..Harry has already told me off for being 'immature' today which I found hilarious..bums to being 40 and sensible I say!! I want to be known as the daft one forever.Anyway, before small children start crying and the birdies emigrate early at the sight of my ugly mug...where was I? ah the number 10
I do like the number ten, I do think I'm drawn to that number, nice and even..
Maybe it's my lucky number.

My favourite childhood house was a number ten, an old Edwardian, shabby but homely house, forever being renovated, full of animals and other people's kids, the one before, number 55 (5+5= 10) and the one we live in now is also a 10 (although they mostly use house names on our little lane)
So anyway, it may come of no surprise that our 9 feathered ladies have now become a nice and even 10.

'Nine, ten a big fat hen' as the nursery rhyme goes...

This is Elsie #2. A young blue Orpington, complete with frilly pants of the finest, fluffiest ,softest grey feathers. A gentle soul with a nice nature and a friendly face.
The other Orpies, Betty , Bess and Dolly have just accepted her presence but those hooligan chickens from the rough estate and who've spent some time in chicken prison getting beat up and terrorised, haven't.
What bullies they've become. They's right chaarvs they is (that was in a Malvern accent incase you were wondering about my grammar)
Little madams.
I find my fluffy purple duster on a stick breaks up the squabbles and the comedy Benny Hill style chases around the garden.(Imagine the boys as chickens if you click the pink link) I also find that placing the said fluffy purple duster on a stick in the garden at strategic points stops them going anyway near my most precious plants or jumping on my 'early morning cup of tea table' and pooping.I Don't think those ladies like purple much (me neither if I'm honest)

Elsie came from the Malvern Autumn show, Pete and I went a couple of weekends ago (free tickets again..yay!) to drool over yet more vintage caravans (oooh they were very lovely indeedy) and for me to hold that beautiful Bengal Eagle owl again and stroke cute donkeys and doggies and chickens and shop for another garden obelisk from the cheapest obelisk making man on earth. Bliss.
Thing is though,like a numpty, I forgot my camera to show you it all. Oops, sorry about that.


  1. What a fabulous picture Saira. You look gorgeous and just the right side of immature I think.

    Your blue Orpies are beautiful too. I now picture you watching from the window purple dusty stick in hand just waiting for chicken naughtiness.

    Lisa x

  2. Hey pretty lady!! you have such a gorgeous face hun and I can definatly see the naughty twinkle in those eyes!!! I think our kids definatly lack a sense of humour when it comes to their mums joking around!!!
    Ive come last had major blogging block, kinda still do but had an urge to blog this week!!
    Beautiful piccies and your 10 ladies are beautiful!!
    Are you still working in the gift shop?
    Claire xx

  3. Now why did I imagine you had dark hair? Fabulous photo, far better than the old crone one of me crocheing in the corner like a 90 year old! Thank you for your lovely comments, but you now how much I drool over the pics of your kitchen.
    Loving the new chickie, what a lucky girl she is!

  4. Sorry about that totally crap spelling above but it's way past bedtime and my brain has officially melted.
    Have a fab weekend
    Julia x

  5. I love your posts, girlie.
    You are the only person I know who is still beautiful with your tongue sticking

  6. ha ha, frankly I am totally for immaturity!!! They are cute those girls of yours, all 10 of them......Rachaelxo

  7. Hello!
    Nice to see you!!!
    40? Are you do not look it at all!

    Have a super weekend!xxxx

  8. Cor you look a LOT younger than 40!

  9. Hello Sairer!
    I just love reading your posts!
    Unfortunately, that pic of you didn't download for some reason...but I got the one of the cute hen!
    I agree, why be all "grown up" - life is too serious all around us, it is so good to see the "fun" side of things!!
    Take care

  10. Aah, I just refreshed the page & there it is! You are beautiful..& do not look your age young lady!

  11. Just "discovered" your blog...a delightful read! Love your sense of humor :-) Have a cheery day and stop by my webshop {} or my blog when you have a chance to sit and sip!

    P.S. I also love pink!

  12. you have a beautiful blog and love all your vintage goodies!!!

    If you would like come check out my blog for a giveaway. I try to have a giveaway every monday so make sure to follow so you dont miss out! Find it here:


  13. I love the idea of a feather duster standing guard over your breakfast.

  14. Okay! That's it! I love you! You're great! = ]

    You pushed me over the edge to start a blog myself. I've been, well, weeping for joy for a couple of months over the Curlew Country blog. I just didn't know this whole world existed.

    By the way, we have our own sweet ladies - we got 12 last April except, oops, 2 were roosters. I love my little sweet dinosaurs and, just like a mommy, can tell what they're saying to me with those cackles.

    Well, you said that you didn't mind others linking to your site; so, I did. Here's my site if you're interested:

    Thanks for the laughter!

    Katy Noelle

    (Gosh! My verification word is "exhums")


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