Friday, 22 June 2012


Our house sometimes seems like an extension of a rescue centre.
 I've made some hasty decisions in the past (ducks and a turkey to name but two) which later turned out to be a bit of a disaster. Unfortunately  the words 'I'll have them/I'll do it'  fall a bit too freely from my lips some days and I then spend my days worrying about the hasty decision I've just made and its consequences.
Colin is now living as a pet on a small holding. Apparently he is in love with a pea hen and there will soon be lady turkeys for his entertainment too. Poor Colin, his very loud calling out for a lady turkey (every 5 minutes from dawn til dusk) was getting him nowhere.

These two little cuties are our latest rescue.
A farmer was going to drown them if nobody had them, so a friend of a friend of a stinky boy took them all and has been looking for homes for them ever since.
I seem to remember saying ' Okay, just one, not a black one (we've had 2 in the past and I fancied a change)and not a girl'
So here are Olive and Florence ( I know,she's not a caravan or a short-lived stripey hen but I do SO like that name...) both black and both girls..and just incase you didn't notice already, there are two of them.
  Ho hum.
 Kids are very good at persuading parents. They should take GCSE's in persuading, they'd all pass with an A*.
Olive and Florence spend their days climbing up inside the curtain linings, leaping across chairs and tables, eating plants and smashing ornaments often with an excited brown Labrador not far behind them.

 And there was me thinking how boring life was becoming...!

cheerio for now x

P.S thanks for your messages on the last post, I've been a bit down in the dumps lately and a bit lost for words too, so sorry if I didn't must think I'm being very rude indeed!  xx
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