Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cool caravans

Ok, ignore the bit where I said I would be able to blog more often! I've become a professional 'moper'. Moping around with just the hound and the cats for company eating cereal and biscuits...mmmm soooo healthy. I'm a tad lost without that husband of mine,even though we don't say loads to each other really, it's just nice when he's around, there to tell me to stop eating those biscuits and to have something more sensible for tea and I miss mucking about and being utterly silly with him, something that doesn't quite wash with the stinky boys (who are far too wrapped up with girlies to care what the dog looks like in a human outfit or the hilarious cringy 1970s trololol man on Youtube.
So, everything gets put on hold until the weekend..including the summerhouse, the wall, the decorating, the sewing projects..I could go on but that's quite enough about boring old me...
I've been ploughing through my book shelves and I thought you might like to have a peep at this book about a particularly favourite subject of mine...Vintage caravans.
'My cool caravan' has oodles of pictures of them from the 1930s to the 1980s and only a smidging of text..a brief description, a bit of background as to where it came from and it's owner and then some style notes on the other page (my kind of book!) The interiors, which are really inspiring, range from kitsch to retro to being completely original and their owners tend to match their quirky styled holiday homes on wheels perfectly.
It features British caravans, Dutch ones, a VW, a converted horsebox, a boat and a child-sized one that once belonged to the Royals.There is also a whole section dedicated to those fantastic gleaming silver palaces from the States.Even 'Constance' is in there in all her gorgeous retro glory.
This is one of my favourites..They tow it behind a 1940 dodge pick-up. How incredibly COOL.

If I had one criticism.. and there is only one little one, it's that some of the photos are a little bit dark, the rest of it more than makes up for that though.
I've added it to my 'bookshelf' in the sidebar as it's on a good offer at the moment if you're interested...160 pages of pure eye candy to dream and drool over.

Oh and Donna, should you happen to pass by and you didn't know already, your listed top of the list at the back in the sourcebook section!

I never got my long hankered after vintage caravan, but the birdies did;a Christmas pressie last year from my mother in law which I had to wait a whole year for, for it to be back in stock. The blue tits can't decide between the beach-hut or the vintage caravan but they keep checking it out so hopefully they'll go for a bit of kitsch camping in it.
This year we seem to have lots of birds in the garden, they must have realised that the cats are all in double figures now, getting old and lazy and really cant be arsed with all that tweeting and eating nonsense. Long may it last.
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