Monday, 17 November 2014

Since the since then...

 At the moment, after a lovely sunny summer that seemed to last forever, 
I'm sat at home with my legs stuck on a footstool like a lazy old tart with nothing better to do.

 I've been at home for 7 weeks so far and I have a couple more weeks before I can put one of my lazy tart legs on the floor again.
Yep it be a little bit busted.
Not just a clean break, oh no, my first ever broken bone has to be an awkward one with a fancy name and I have to break both my leg bones just under my knee. The very same knee I need to use for weeding & walking. Urgh.
A boisterous dog ran into it on the park, he took a playful bite out of of Frank's bum, Frank ran and hid behind my legs, boisterous dog hit my legs, owner cleared off sharpish.  Hmmm.
So here I am, still on crutches, no longer in a thigh to toe cast covered in paw prints having to do many a strange leg action that would make John Cleese proud, (thankfully) but a stretchy metal calliper type thingy to keep my knee lined up with the other leggy bits. Bald bloke calls me Forest Gump. Oh the joys.

I get to loll around the house in jogging bottoms (a new experience for me...I'm liking it!) and I have been rediscovering old hobbies like doing a spot of landscape painting (bit rusty at it mind you) reading books a plenty, watching the 'delights' of Jeremy Kyle, I've become obsessed with 'Homes under the Hammer' (and their ability to match any tune to suit the last sentence spoken about a house) oh and I've been eating lots of biscuits. LOTS of biscuits.
One good thing is that I don't have to drive bald bloke to work in the silly hours and I do get to ride around in a wheelchair when I venture out at the weekends. My bestest pal who came to visit thought it would be amusing to abandon me and my giant leg and take a photo. We also went to the local DIY centre where Frank very nearly 'watered' the artificial Christmas trees on display..eek! Sharp exit there!
There was nearly a tipping out up the curb incident at Ledbury recently which was slightly embarrasing but I'll let Baldy off for that one. Just this once. I think if I'd have fallen out and rolled across the cobbles with my giant sticky out leg, I might not have shown my face there again..

Well summer, as lovely and busy and long as it was has whizzed past and now it's Autumn and I'm desperately missing being in the garden or over the hills and in the woods with the doglets.
The very bored doglets that get walked whenever they can by whoever is willing. 
The garden looks seriously neglected  both front and back. We were in the middle of digging out the pond to rebuild the wall having moved the summer house, and planting a couple of trees I had grown from seed. I have precious plants dug out in bags and bulbs that should have been in by now but hey ho, Spring is not far off and maybe ( hopefully) I'll be able to dig and kneel again by then to pop them back in the ground.

Bald bloke re did the roof of the summerhouse and replaced the windows with proper glass. He made the window frames a little differently to give it a thirties look and the colour is a little darker than before. By next summer I'm determined to have it finished with a new floor and that wallpapered ceiling. It's been ongoing for four years for goodness sake,maybe more. If I can find the measurements on that piece of paper I've mislaid, I might even get round to finally sewing some fabulous vintage deckchair fabric into the blinds.
I have all this time on my hands but am really restricted as I can't get to the fabric stashed in the roof or under the stairs or pop to the shops for a reel of cotton and every little thing is such an effort. Luckily I have the making of tea thing down to an art now. Got to have my tea fix. It's the law don't you know..
Anyway, I can't think of anything much else to tell you, it's all just on pause really but I thought I'd pop by here, my poor neglected blog. If you're interested, I've recently discovered the joys of Instagram (far easier than trying and failing to write a blog post on my phone!) I'm on there as  @vintageprettyshabby. It would be lovely if you popped by and said hello!

Cheerio for now x

Ps sorry if my blog looks a bit skew-whiff, I'm doing it via my iPad or phone rather than on a 'proper computer' and it won't play along nicely and re-size my piccies.
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