Thursday, 29 October 2009


I must be bonkers, I'm a sucker for a creature sob story, especially when it involves 'dispatching ' of the said creature unnecessarily.Which is why these 3 funny young things have taken up residence in our already chaotic home..

Lily, Stanley and Hilda...

Stan is named after Stan Laurel as he's the dopey comedian. Have you ever heard of a duck that's afraid of water?..we have to actually put him in the paddling pool and he then does somersaults and flaps about having a marvelous time making the clean water nice and muddy! Lily is the white Aylesbury and Hilda a mix between the two. They do a little dance when they see each other, bobbing their heads up and down whilst walking sideways and making a noise that sounds like laughing. Stan the man who resembles a walking stick (he's a runner duck, the chappie in the middle) seems to walk an extra 10 steps for the others one which is rather funny to watch...we call it 'timmy tiptoes', something Harry used to do when he was about 3! Luckily we had a house already which is ideal for them to sleep in, the difference between them and the chickens is that you have to tell them to go to bed, the hens go to roost at dusk by themselves..but with these 3 characters we have to say "come on, go to bed now " and in they go making a bit of a song and dance about it.
I dread to think what my lawn is going to look like this winter.They have a plastic apple shaped sandpit for a pond at the moment but more water seems to end up over the sides.
The dog wants to play with them, the rabbit isn't quite sure of them,the hens just follow and stare at them and the cats are rather cautious too, but me.. I'm already in love with these dear funny little ducks...I really must be quackers.

p.s..thanks for putting up with my stupid face for so long...I think some of you must have very dirty computer screens after those nice comments you left!! lol

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Hooray it's raining, I know I shouldn't be pleased about it..but I get to play at home today, or rather waste some time at home when I have 5 million jobs to do..Harry has already told me off for being 'immature' today which I found hilarious..bums to being 40 and sensible I say!! I want to be known as the daft one forever.Anyway, before small children start crying and the birdies emigrate early at the sight of my ugly mug...where was I? ah the number 10
I do like the number ten, I do think I'm drawn to that number, nice and even..
Maybe it's my lucky number.

My favourite childhood house was a number ten, an old Edwardian, shabby but homely house, forever being renovated, full of animals and other people's kids, the one before, number 55 (5+5= 10) and the one we live in now is also a 10 (although they mostly use house names on our little lane)
So anyway, it may come of no surprise that our 9 feathered ladies have now become a nice and even 10.

'Nine, ten a big fat hen' as the nursery rhyme goes...

This is Elsie #2. A young blue Orpington, complete with frilly pants of the finest, fluffiest ,softest grey feathers. A gentle soul with a nice nature and a friendly face.
The other Orpies, Betty , Bess and Dolly have just accepted her presence but those hooligan chickens from the rough estate and who've spent some time in chicken prison getting beat up and terrorised, haven't.
What bullies they've become. They's right chaarvs they is (that was in a Malvern accent incase you were wondering about my grammar)
Little madams.
I find my fluffy purple duster on a stick breaks up the squabbles and the comedy Benny Hill style chases around the garden.(Imagine the boys as chickens if you click the pink link) I also find that placing the said fluffy purple duster on a stick in the garden at strategic points stops them going anyway near my most precious plants or jumping on my 'early morning cup of tea table' and pooping.I Don't think those ladies like purple much (me neither if I'm honest)

Elsie came from the Malvern Autumn show, Pete and I went a couple of weekends ago (free tickets again..yay!) to drool over yet more vintage caravans (oooh they were very lovely indeedy) and for me to hold that beautiful Bengal Eagle owl again and stroke cute donkeys and doggies and chickens and shop for another garden obelisk from the cheapest obelisk making man on earth. Bliss.
Thing is though,like a numpty, I forgot my camera to show you it all. Oops, sorry about that.

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