Saturday, 26 September 2009

mad dogs and Englishmen

Hmmm, maybe that should read 'mad Englishmen and a few dogs'
George and I went down to Newnham on Severn several weekends ago (infact it must be nearly a month ago I wrote this post...crikey!) to watch my mad brother-in -law attempt to ride the Severn Bore for Josies charity. We stayed in my sisters old farmhouse with five insane dogs and 18 other people including my eldest sister and her family from Northumberland and my other sister who lives in Thailand, all to witness the big event. Madness I tell you...but a good sort of madness...

The Severn bore was meant to be the biggest it has been in twenty years.(photos from google)
We could spot Jim quite easily from high up on the river bank amoungst the serious surfers and canoeists in their black wetsuits, after all, it's not often you see a large built man in a Spiderman costume in a bright yellow rubber dingy with his equally well built policeman companion in a Captain America suit.

It was quite strange to see this wave suddenly come rushing the wrong way down the river , turning the flow of the water and making the river rise several metres.Something to do with full moons apparently .
I think the wave forgot it was meant to be the biggest in 20 years.More of a fast flowing 'ripple' if you ask me...

It was mightily entertaining chasing them along the river from pub to pub with the hoards of other people who turned out on a sunny Saturday to witness this strange phenomenon.

Until they disappeared that is.
We waited. And waited.Still no Spidey came past...

A couple of hours later and a few miles down river, two very wet and exhausted superheroes finally appeared to much cheering.

They raised quite a few quid .Over a thousand pounds in the end.

nice 'muscles' spiderman

Spidey told us later that the 'little wave' looked pretty big when it rushes towards you at a speed of 20 knots. Ok we'll believe him. He is, after all a 'superhero'.
Spiderman poses for the bemused kids
(we think he had been eating lots of pies since he made his last movie.)


  1. the best looking spider man your heart out toby mcguire!

  2. This really does look a little crazy, but you know how those superheros can be. Your post cracked me up.
    That is a strange phenom for sure. I've never heard of such a thing. I love that you got such great photos of it. I can't wait to show hubs.
    Your sister's farmhouse looks very lovely.

  3. That's too funny...and I love that he did it in costume.

    I've got a giveaway going at my blog. Pop over if you're interested.

  4. oh my goodness, that Spiderman is hilarious!
    Very nice post

  5. What a brilliant way to raise smiles and money!

    Sue xx

  6. I remember going to see the severn bore years ago when my sister was at Bristol university.Like you I thought it was going to be a huge wave!Looks like it was a fun day.


  7. Fantastic story and photos! We always mean to go and see the Severn bore but we haven't made it yet.
    Well done to Spiderman for raising all that money, a true superhero!
    Julia xx

  8. My Husband really wants to do this.

    Looks like a good day was had!

  9. Awwww...looks like a really lovely day. That overstuffed Spiderman is hilarious! x

  10. It is a strange event but all done for a very good cause, well done to them. Love the old house!
    Isabelle x

  11. Spider man looks the kinda hero you would want on your side. . . great post well done!

  12. I've always wanted to see the Severn Bore. It's quite a weird phenomenom isn't it?

  13. Well done to Superman, raising all that money!

  14. mrs thrifty..tell him to go for it!!! loads of people were there and Jim, my brother in law, was really pleased he did it!
    (sorry I couldn't get on to your blog to say that!) x


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