Friday, 5 June 2009

A game of wish miss and hope

My life at the mo seems to be all work and no play which is all a bit pants (but I really shouldn't moan) and whilst I have five minutes to spare I thought I would do a little list of wishes and misses and hopings...just for silliness and because even I'm sick to death of seeing those blessed lupins!

Ok the game...pretty simple for simple minds like mine!

I really wish I hadn't just left that highlighting bleach on my hair for quite so long..YIKES! Tart alert!

I miss blogging and I soooo want to have more time to do it but I hope to do more in the winter

I wish you didn't have to nag at teenage boys so much. Nag, nag, NAG

I really miss my Mondays at home,I don't think my house has been this messy since we moved in!

hmmm .. I hope Harry's revising for those GCSE's..

I wish they wouldn't miss the laundry basket when their dirty washing gets launched across the landing at random moments. IT IS NOT RUGBY GEORGE!!

I hope that's not a cat being sick I can hear..why do they have to come inside to be sick???Is it to show me their latest meal of grass or fur? how nice of them to do so.

I wish teenage boys wouldn't leave the washing up for me to do.Baked beans at lunchtime don't half stink the house out when they are left in the sink in a saucepan all afternoon.YUK!

I miss being that bit thinner and that gorgeous top from Coast not fitting me(and half of my wardrobe for that matter!)

I hope one day I will be thinner so I can wear all those clothes again!!

but I really wish I didn't like cake quite so much...

I miss gardening with firemen (phwoar)

I hope my old truck passes its MOT this month

I wish those noisy magpies wouldn't cackle right outside my bedroom window at 5 in the morning...ooh spiteful birds they are, beautiful in their tux's but what meanies..

I wish I could finish all those niggly little jobs in the house,they'll be in their hundreds soon!
I miss the coaltits and would love them to come back soon

(but I hope the kitties dont eat them when they do)

I wish I hadn't started revamping the vintage deckchairs someone gave me

I'll miss the old fabric already!

but I hope I can find some just as nice

I wish it wasn't going to rain tomorrow.

I do miss having 3 sisters around to do girlie stuff with

I hope my big sister does come and stay really soon HINT, HINT BIG SIS.

I wish the chickens didn't make dust-bath craters everywhere in the garden

I'll miss Harry when he goes off this month with his best buddy on holiday for two weeks

but I hope he has a nice time in France and gets to visit his Grannie and Grandpa who live there.

I wish I could think of more misses and I really hope you're not too bored!

I wish that I hadn't missed the vintage and handmade fair and hope to go to the next one (it looked so much fun!)

I wish I'd charged more for that job on Saturday..what a nightmare,it cost more to do than I earnt! I miss those expensive tree loppers and I hope the new ones last a bit longer!

I wish I could go to Canada have tea with Lisa and see my little brother that I miss, but I hope to see him in September over here yay!

You may have gathered from the date (its actually the 15th of July today not the 5th of June!) I wrote this a while ago, I've been loitering around blogland, reading other blogs and pondering whether to continue with my really isn't very exciting here in the land of Vintage Pretty and shabby at the mo!
Oh and if you are wondering.. Harry did revise and I am missing him whilst hes on his trip, it was the cat being sick, my truck failed its MOT for the first time in 18 years (booo) and had to have its bottom welded (sounds painful) and I did paint and re-cover the deckchairs and funily enough they do look ok.. so no more comedy acts of falling through old fabric in the garden... but that's a whole 'nother post hopefully not as far apart as this one and maybe a little bit more exciting ( with maybe even actual photos of exciting stuff!)
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