Monday 29 September 2008


Thanks again to some Free tickets from our lovely neighbour, Pete and I went to the Malvern Autumn show on Sunday. Out of the three shows (Spring,Summer and Autumn) we both thought this was definitely the best.It was a gorgeous day ( a bit cloudy later when I took these photos) and we had a great time..but I now have a new item to add to my wish list...

a vintage caravan..a 1930s English vintage caravan!

My heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw this collection of beauties all parked up, with their vintage windbreaks and deckchairs out front...This cream one was my favourite.It was like a little cottage on wheels.Beamed ceilings,lattice windows old enamel kitchenalia and lace doilies..and the table all laid for tea and scones....1930s style! I could have just moved in there and then..Isn't it just fabulous!!

but then there was this little green one...
which was very pretty and pink inside, it was a bit difficult to photograph as you couldn't go in some of them..
It would have to be towed along by this beauty dont you think?..the perfect vintage green convertible!.. drool!
more tables laid for tea..yum!
(check out the pattern on the teaset in this 1950s caravan, I've only just noticed it!)
They were all kept totally in keeping with the era in which they were built, some were from the 1960's, but it was the older ones that stole my heartThis one was called 'Florence' sweet!

I love the old rabbit tray by the kettle..and that gorgeous duck-egg blue kitchenThis one even had a vintage dog on wheels!I love the curvy shapes..

and the cute little flowery curtains..
They look just like Coco the cosy caravan in the old ladybird book 'Tootles the taxi'!

I kept day-dreaming about how I would decorate mine..the eiderdowns, enamelware and pretty china teasets, the floral rugs on the floor, the vintage flowery curtains..ooooooh I'm going to hyperventilate if I'm not careful!
The owners must have thought I was a bit bonkers as I was totally smitten with them..Pete is an airstream lover..but these are just,well... so cute and so English!!

I will try and do another quick post with the rest of the show later in the week..I've had a little bit of a spending spree (oops..don't tell the bank manager) and I'd love to share my finds with you..
Harry has his Op this afternoon so I'm fitting this post in before we go...(and before I explode with caravan envy)...There is a big horrid sickness lurgy going round the hospitals here and all non-emergency surgery has been cancelled..So the NHS have put him in the posh private hospital to get the little ops out the way and reduce the waiting list..very nice it is too.Keep your fingers crossed for him(or legs crossed for that matter!!)


  1. Oh my word these caravans are lovely! I don't think I have seen any like these in my time. My husband and I go to various caravan sites every year with the kids when they are off school to places like Lakeland up in the North. That little green caravan is stunning, I want it! Just love the shape of it.

  2. Wow!
    That takes me back to "five go off in a caravan!"
    They went away in steamlined caravans just like these!
    You lucky ducky.......
    I would love to go play holidays in one of these, in fact i'd quite like to live in one!

    Did the ppl who owned them dress vintage style?
    i think its so cool!xxxxx

  3. They are such sweet little caravans and I loved seeing the tables all set out for afternoon tea. As Melmel said...very Famous Five.

  4. Those caravans are lovely and just remind me of the book "Five Go Off in A Caravan" by Enid Blyton.

    I'd keep looking at them too and would want one but I know my OH would just mutter about dust!

  5. Totally gorgeous photos.
    I'd love one, and have eyed a few up, only to be told no by the husband. Hump! Haha

  6. Oh my, I'm glad I was sitting down to read this. How FABULOUS are those caravans? I could spend hours dreaming of how I'd furnish mine! One of the Munchkin's fave books is Tootles the Taxi so I shall show him this post later.
    Good luck to your boy.
    Looking forward to seeing the goodies you bought...
    Hen x

  7. oooo i want one i want one *stamps feet* LOL they are lovely though - I would love to get one and keep it in the garden - and then hide in it when the children get a bit too much for me :-D

  8. Looks like you had a fun day. Love the caravans, they are so cute.

  9. Best wishes to Harry for a speedy recoverynow as to those caravans. WOW! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite so cute and life sized too.

  10. Definately sharing in this caravan envy..they are fab-u-lous!!!

  11. Well I bet you had such a fun time looking at all that was vintage.I would not have known which way to turn!! Wonderful ;-)

  12. Fabulous! But then I love caravans full stop. I've had my eye on a vintage one for years but they're like gold dust and so expensive and then of course you need a classic car to tow them with! Plus, I'm used to modern caravans with all mod cons like central heating. Maybe just have it in the garden like a summrhouse...a la Cath Kidstons!
    Deb x

  13. Beautiful pictures! Having lived in a 70's caravan for seven years (three of them with our boy!) I would love to have one up the garden as an escape, just to sit and dream. But I'd rather dash home if the weather turned mean! t.xx

  14. wow...they are so cute! I love the cream one the best...what a shape. The owners obviously lavish lots of TLC on them and quite right too. I had a beautiful cherry red MG Midget with chrome trim before my babies came along...not quite as practical as a caravan but still lots of fun.
    Thanks for the lovely photos and hope all went well today. Lucy xx

  15. Gosh those caravans are stunning!! You could be mistaken for thinking the first one was a lovely old cottage not a caravan. I have wanted one of those 1950s air streamers for a while but they are just gorgeous!

    I hope stinky boy's op goes well. xx

  16. oh my. I see how you were totally smitten. I thought Airstreams were the cats meow and now I must re-think everything. I want to print out all your pictures, so that I too may drool on them.(I know, gross, but true!) They are absolutely FAB-U-LOUS!!!

    and by the way...all the best to Harry.

  17. Ooooo, how cute and cosy they are!


  18. Hi thanks for showing those photos they are lovely...I can't choose between them all. My dad has a 1930's caravan in his barn waiting to be "doneup". I think I will have to nag him to get a hurry on now! Kathy

  19. Thank you!
    It feels warmer in that room now!
    So very cold n windy today....oh and wet!ggrr!
    I'm getting cabin fever!

  20. Oh poo! Can't believe I missed the show - hubby and I intended to go, after I saw a photo of a vintage 'Airstream' caravan and, like you, had caravan envy. Apparently we don't have the right climate for them here though - being metal - they don't like our rain.
    Thanks for sharing all the delicious photos. Loved 'Florence' - she's adorable. Wouldn't they make the most perfect garden retreat?

    Best wishes to your son - hope he recovers quickly.
    Niki x

  21. Wow... those places are cuter than my house!

  22. Lovely, lovely caravans they are so welcoming. My Dads Grandad built a caravan out of an old train carriage and the whole family used to stay up at Robin Hoods Bay near Whitby in it every Summer, well before my time but the photos look so idyllic
    Twiggy x

  23. Never thought these words would leave my lips, but I now want a caravan! How fab are they!!
    Keeping everything crossed for Harry.
    Julia xx

  24. I LOVE those caravans. I imagine that they have that love calor gas smell that takes me back to seaside holidays of my childhood.

    now, I NEVER thought I would be admiring caravans.

    i must be getting old. ;-)

  25. wow these are little beauty's....i do love a airstream i must admit but they are impossible to find in australia...but ones like these are still around....i actually hate camping but i could so live with one of these in my backyard....and the decorating of them is just heavenly...

  26. Wow, they are fabulous, wouldn't it be great to go camping in one of those.

  27. I am totally in love with those caravans, we visited a simliar show up here last year, fabulous. It brought back memories as my great aunt used to have one.
    Best wishes, Sue

  28. Oooooh those caravans are so cute , i would love one to have as a workshop but i have been told no !!

  29. Oh! Oh! Oh! Can't think of the words I want but know that I do ...

  30. Of course I want to talk about the caravans...but feel compelled to own up to the fact that those pumpkins remind me of my rear end! Nice....
    Lovely to have found you - I popped over from Viv's blog. A great read!

  31. They are utterly gorgeous! Imagine one as a cute little sewing room.

  32. I love those caravans and cars - how wonderful!

  33. These caravans really are the bees knees, lucky owners. Wouldn't it be lovely to have one parked up in the garden, or on the drive. Maybe an idea for you when the stinky boys leave home? x

  34. Hey! I favourited this post ages ago (when you wrote it!) Is this show going to be on again this year do you know? I want to take my mum to show her the caravans...

  35. wow I have been browsing your blog and I love these caravan pics I have been googling vintage caravans but most of the pics are very scanty, I am full of ideas now!


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