Wednesday, 31 August 2011


A couple of weeks ago, Bald bloke and I went off on a jolly to Devon.
Sea and sand (and pebbles) ice creams and rubbish British weather...weh hey! You cant beat the feeling of toes in silky pink sand and the smell of good old vinegar and chips by the seaside.
Ooooh it was so nice spending more than the usual 48 hours a week with the bald bloke, no stinky boys and no cooking! (that, believe me was the biggest highlight as I loathe cooking to the point that I'd rather squeeze lemon juice in my eyes than rustle up a meal for 4)
We did have one very sunny day where we went up coast to the rather quaint Lyme Regis, Sidmouth and a place called Beer and on the rainy days we went to the pictures to see the Inbetweeners which, having a toilet sense of humour and being the owners of two teenage boys, we both found hilarious to the point of tears or mooched about the shops and pretty villages stopping to drink tea and eat cake in twee teashops.
Great stuff. Just wish we had a bit more of the old spondoolies to spend there though as we visited some wonderful antique centres and a museum full of vintage signs and motoring memorabilia that was about to close forever and be sold off.. I only bought a little vintage pot home with me from Devon as I loved the Celadon green colour and the cute little deer and rabbit.I did get my swimsuit though, a spotty red and white 50s style one from ForLuna, which made me more of a butternut squash shape than a baking potato but the 'walk of shame' was not only a quick scuttle from the changing room to the pool.. ohhhhhh nooooo siree, it involved slippery flights of stairs and glass doors that refused to open aswell as the forgotten towels and having to do a swim-suited 'mince' to reception to borrow a pound for the locker.
All in all, a hideous out of pool experience.
Hmm swimming is definitely not my thing..
(but at least I had a gorgeous swimsuit)

We came home to a weeks worth of cleaning and washing, the obligatory broken mug and thirsty chickens
but at least dog-fur covered house was still standing.
BOYS are pesky and stinky creatures I can tell you.

Last week I have had the oldies to stay from over the sea who I haven't seen for a year, it takes a while to get used to seeing your parents after that length of time as strangely you remember them best from your teenage years and still expect them to look like that.
Tomorrow I've got to think up free stuff to do with my bestest buddy.
I think a picnic is called for by the river. have certainly been a mad busy month!
Now I'm off to list stuff on eBay so that I have more than 89p in the bank for September!... cheerio x

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