Friday, 31 July 2009

Kojak and the Argonauts

The stinky boy did something scary..not scary like this or even this thank goodness, no, the floppy long-haired one who's face has not been seen for about 10 years ..shaved his hair off to what can only be described as 'velvet length'.
It's quite strange seeing one's son for the first time at the age of 17 and a half, quite strange indeed.
I see that he has two eyebrows, pale blue eyes and the longest most beautiful eyelashes EVER (jammy devil).
I must admit I did moan about him getting his hair cut but I didn't really mean him to have it that short.
Hmm that'll teach me to keep my mouth shut!!

So now, in this house lives: 'Kojak' (that's Pete's nickname who seems to think he's more Vin Diesel (that's Vin below) than Telly Savalas (that's Telly above)..) er-hum, moving on swiftly and remembering to clean the mirrors more often, they must be seriously filthy in this house...

Action man circa 1977 (complete with authentic scar) that's stinky George;

(photo from toypincher on flikr via google!)
and Prince Harry..that's him below ..well he looks a bit like our Harry, so people tell us anyway, although our Harry's hair is more sandy coloured (just don't tell him it's ginger for goodness sake or all hell will break loose)

Me? well New Tricks is back on the TV so that means they'll be a whole rash of people saying I look like Amanda Redman.(but only if I have my hair down)woo hoo!! that'll do me thankyou very much indeedy..and I really dont care that she's 10 years older, no sir-ree!

So what I 'd love to know (because I'm very nosy) is just who do people say YOU look like??? go on do tell...!

ps.thanks for your messages, I promise I'll show and tell the (still unfinished) dining room..oh and show some pictures of the deckchairs,that is when Summer,oops, no, I mean 'Monsoon season' finishes and I can actually use them!
Enjoy your weekend! xx
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