Sunday, 16 August 2009

hit the decks

weh-hey the sun came out... it's time to hit the decks!
These are two of my four revamped deckchairs,the 'newer-old ones'..a housewarming present from Pete's mother 19 years ago. I remember she couldn't get over the fact we wanted old fashioned wooden deckchairs instead of a metal padded garden recliner!
Handily the deckchairs doubled up as our first chairs for the lounge too..ahh those were the days.

They are a bit 'Cath' so if your not a fan look away now ..

The boys managed to get the original red and white stripey fabric covered in oil (they were probably used as a convenient hand towel whilst repairing bikes in the garage..which is just the sort of thing teenage boys do) So it was time for a change.
A staple-gun, spare paint, one and a half metres of cheap, heavy duty, spotty fabric (no, not Ms.Kidston's) and a few minutes sewing in a straight line..the best kind of sewing!

I did however, like the impatient numpty that I am, manage to staple the fabric on the blue one to the wrong side of the bottom bar, so guess what I'll be doing in five minutes time...

See the big new cushion? well being a bit behind the times here in middle England, we had a new store open called Homesense which I no doubt guess you all shop in already and I'm just the dimwit who had never heard of them.
Amongst the trinkets and lamps and lovely things,they had a proper Jan Constantine cushion in there for £35 instead of £73.
A big union jack blue one.A rather lovely big union jack blue one.
Just the one left.I nearly peed my pants.

Domestic bartering ensued.
Pete gets a bit more tattoo than I hoped he would and I got a proper JC cushion.
Oh well it's his arm after all.And yes it is lovely and soft and hand embroidered!

I'll show you the other two deckchairs another time, they have the original scruffy 1950's paint which I love.
Cheerio for now x

Friday, 14 August 2009

get yer tats out

Dont worry, I'm not being roooood. (or talking about potatoes for that matter)
No ..Love them or hate them, I'm talking TATTOOS.'Kojak'..sorry, that'll be Pete, has been saving up for another tattoo for absolutely ages.Ages.
Donkeys years even.
I wasn't keen on him having another, I love seeing them but I'm still unsure about the old-age thing (parting the wrinkles at 90 to have a peep at your 60 year old 'ink' so to speak)
that and the fact that we are not quite exciting enough people to get away with amazing tattoos like this one or the one above;pretty stuff..(from flickr)

Every time he managed to save a bit, putting away his Christmas and birthday money every year, we ended up dipping into his 'tat fund' for important but boring stuff, like food.
Thankfully now (without wishing to jinx things, so I'm touching wood and crossing everything as I say this) things are much,much better than they were, so Kojak..Pete, had his first sitting of his new tattoo the other week.
It's going to take a good few sittings for this one.He's wanting a 'sleeve' (I'm really not keen on quite that much but It did enable me to use lots of jokes about 'puff-sleeves' or 'leg of mutton sleeves' )
He certainly did his research.The style, the artist, going through endless photos and inspirations.He likes the 'old school' stuff.Bright and colourful with a big emphasis on the 1950s.Pete's tattoo artist is a big hairy, tattoo covered biker..with a Degree in fine art.

These are his inspirations..a starting point really because the artist will add lots of his own artwork to make it unique.

This is what you get with a really good artist..

and this is what you get with a bad one!... (his first tattoo which will be re-drawn and re-styled)

oh look one of Nicky's cute, innocent bunnies is in the background!! lol!

I'm so impressed with it all so far I even thought of having (my tattoo that you dont really know about..) hidden under a new one with a little bird and some cherry blossoms.
this is phase one..lots of twiddly bits like birds and stuff still to be added and of course,the colours.
He says it itches.
But it has made him soooooooo happy.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

cute corner

I've been-a-shopping
Cute things arrived at my house.
I do like it when cute things arrive in the post.
Cute things that can keep an eye on those stinky boys by the computer....hmmm...with that knowing look!
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