Tuesday, 19 July 2011

At Last!

Finally, after many years of searching, many near misses on eBay and many hunts in antique or junk shops to no avail, I have found a pair of Avery sweet shop scales. Luckily they weren't fifty squillion miles away from home (nobody will post these as they weigh an absolute ton) and didn't cost the earth...infact they were quite a bargain and cheaper than my normal boring everyday scales...Yay!
Aren't they just fab? I spent Sunday afternoon dismantling them and cleaning 56 years of sweetie shop grime from them..and how do I know that it's 56 years? As the date of May 8th 1955 is stamped inside.
Now I've just got to fathom out how to get the needle back to zero. Maths was never my strong point!
Don't you just LoVe it when you can tick something off the wish list!

ps. Thankyou so much for your last lovely messages, it was so nice that I hadn't been forgotten and that you don't mind putting up with my waffly, erratic posts! x
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