Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Just a quick post to shout out the winners name .... KAT! KAT! lovely Kat Whelan, you have won the splendid swimsuit as you were the 9th person to leave a message (my random number generator named harry in the other room shouted out number 9 earlier this evening, so I guess that be you!)

You can send me a message via my profile page and I'll forward on an email address to Hepburn and Leigh. Congrats to you!  whit- woo someones gonna look a slinky minx in that blue beauty!

I've just discovered Kat's blog and I'm already hooked, being another lover of vintage crap and industrial stuff it's great to see what she's doing to her home and garden. Don't you just love the real-life blogs like that? I just want to read more and more. And much to my amusement her chap has an old Cortina.with a union jack roof. Love it!
Now that really brings back some 80s memories, snogging in one of those...(and a bright pink one at that!!)

cheerio for now x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Fantastic Freebie Giveaway! Kiss Me Deadly swimsuit!

Those lovely people at
have asked me, to ask you, if you'd like to partake in a giveaway.. 
Not just any old giveaway either one worth a 

Hepburn and Leigh are one of only 3 online stockists of the exclusive Kiss me Deadly range of retro inspired swimwear.
 Some of which is so exclusive, like the Jojo check playsuit, only 18  will ever be made!
Delores swimdress by Kiss Me Deadly
If you would like to win the gorgeous limited edition Delores, sexy, figure-fantastifying Kiss me Deadly swimsuit (or swimdress as it likes to be known) in the photo above, there are a few little things you need to do first..
Jojo check playsuit
Only 18 ever made!
 1.Take a look at the Hepburn & Leigh website
(not only do they sell gorgeous retro swimwear but Lingerie,clothing and stockings too.)
Gorgeous AND reversible swimwear!
 2.Tell me by posting in the comments form on this blog, which is your most favourite swimwear item on the whole site.
Ahoy Sailor swimwear by Frauline Annie

 3.The giveaway closes midnight GMT Monday 17th July 2012

Ahoy Sailor swimwear by Frauline Annie

The Delores swimdress comes in sizes 8-18 and usually costs £75 

One person will be picked at random on Tuesday 17th 2012 and will be informed via email and/or a post on this blog....so please leave a name... even if its a made up one!!

Your name and email address will be forwarded to Hepburn & Leigh who will post you out your fantastic prize in your chosen size.
 This giveaway is open to anyone and everyone...

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