Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Roll up.. roll's the rest of the show!

Having been so obsessed with the vintage caravans, I realised that the rest of my photos of the Malvern Autumn show where a bit boring and very fuzzy..(a bit like my brain!) I didn't photograph the array of gorgeous doggies,nor the alluring llamas and alpacas, not even the lady who does balancing tricks with her pony but I did take rather a lot of photos of chickens..hmm.. I wonder why! (not that I'm obsessed with chickens or anything of course!)
There were frizzy chickens..MASSIVE this chap must have been nearly 3 foot tall!

Chickens that looked like they had huge Afro's and chickens with what looked like fake Santa-beards on..(ooooh that photo will make your eyes squiffy..sorry!)

some were for sale so Pete ushered me away quickly from the pens and onto these lovelies..wooden beach huts and garden rooms..Now that's the green I want my garden gate!(more on that later)
aren't they gorgeous? humongous vegetables...seriously, now why would you want to grow a one-ton pumpkin? or a perfect leek the same size as me?..ok so I'm a bit short but it's still a massive leek! or maybe a cabbage so huge you would need to eat it from a wheelbarrow...(think 'spacehopper' size)
most odd, fascinating, but odd..even odder was the man cutting up his perfect vegetables and putting them in the bin.maybe he was sick of the sight of them or just grumpy cause he didn't win first prize or something...what a waste..he could have made soup!

Anyway,I've been given a garden gate in exchange for making a small roman blind...I've always wanted a gate in a know, one of those ones you want to know what's behind it and where it will be a painted pale green gate with a knocker and I was hunting for one the whole day here..then I came across this little one.. I think it fits the bill,looks a bit rusty looking and quite appropriate for a garden entrance..I loved the stall it came from,full of lovely vintagey styled things and cute garden items..even the paper carrier bags are fab and the ration-book flyers! They have an online store if you're interested, which shows their wares far better than my appalling photo!I did get some cheeky union jack paper chains (just like of those "It's cheap, I like it and I have to have it" things but I don't know where it's going!)and this handy chalkboard for a reduced was their shop 'welcome' board!which also needs to find its' permanent home, I don't think the stinky boys will see any messages if it's left here on the radiator!
The highlight of the day for me was being able to hold this beautiful Merlin..Now I can't remember what type of owl he is but I was very privileged to be able to have him sit on my gloved hand. He's 14 and belongs to a friend of Pete's who could see how mesmerised I was by his beautiful amber eyes (not Pete's friends' eyes..the owls' I might add!!) isn't he stunning?
I have also been very naughty this week..I blame it on the girl hormones, (boys don't argue when girl hormones are to blame) I have had a bit of a spend..
Cute tins..I seem to have a thing for vintage toffee tins at the moment.....particularly ones with cheeky little terriers could I resist that sad little face?

or this one..?He just looks like someone has said "walkies"!

A fire bucket ready for the seasons' promise of open fires,both of us being outdoor workers the fires get lit a bit later here as we don't feel the cold so much! funnily enough all those vintage caravans had one of these too!and some pretty stuff..but I'll save that for another time..
Harry had his op and is wandering around with a distinct 'John Wayne' swagger looking a bit forlorn..bless him.Thanks for all your well wishes.The hospital visit was pretty traumatic for him..more so that his silly mother took a turn for the worse.Of all the times, I really could have done without it that day. I was there for him.Not me!
Pete rushed to the hospital to find one very ill person and one very sore person! (We're both milking it for all it's worth though!...well you have to don't you?)

Have a great weekend x


  1. I like your knocker...ooeer!
    (I thought I'd get in first with that one before someone else did)
    Deb x

  2. I know exactly what you mean by the gate, very "secret garden", my sister and I love that book. Can't wait to see it in it's greeny glory with that perfect door knocker.
    Oooh, but I want want want (what a brat!) those Union Jack paper chains. No need to justify to us "what and/or where" they're for (my other half's fave question about most of my purchases)!
    You've had a good week for finds...
    Hen xx
    P.S. Love Maud(?) on your banner. Please keep her there for a while...

  3. I wish I had gone! My in laws live over in Hereford, so it isn't far. I must get over to Malvern because my mother in law keeps raving about the shopping.

    I think I may have been to the allotment shop or and off shoot of it if they have one at the Hop Pocket in Herefordshire.

    I am in love with that fire pail by the way *drool*.

  4. Oh wow- I wish we had gone! Malvern is only down the road! Darn it, shall have to remember for next year. The caravans and beautiful- am now off to look at The Allotment Shop!x

  5. Another lovely post. I've never been to the show and yet don't live that far away...shame on me. Fantastic purchases by the way and I know I could not have resisted that little stall...just too much scrumptiousness.

  6. Loving the knocker and the firebucket!
    You go to some very interesting places!
    The doggie tins are fab!
    We went over to see my niece last night she has a patterdale terrier pup...i wanted to steal it!xxxx

  7. Poor Harry, hope he is soon fully recovered and you, well best get well again soon so you can get that gate painted!
    Simply adore the first of your terrier tins, I can actually feel an "I want" coming on here. Hmm I'm also quite taken with that fire bucket, oh dear you are such a bad influence.

  8. Mrs VPS, you are spoiling us with all this deliciousness on your blog!
    Your Terrier tin looks a bit like my Ginger find (on my blog) and as for those garden "sheds" ... when can I move in?!

  9. Ih dear, hope you and Harry are feeling much better.
    How gorgeous are those huts, I want one. Your gate sounds fab and the knocker is perfect for you, cant wait to see the results. I mentioned to you before that I wanted to paint my front door green but have now changed my mind and have chosen Dix blue by farrow and ball, Max my eldest thinks the name is sooooo 9 you! Love your off to check the website out.....Claire x

  10. Wow!
    So many wonderful things... animals, HUGE home grown veggies and vintage treasures!
    I love them all... your new tins are so cute!
    Debbie Moss

  11. Such an interesting post full of gorgeous things. Hope you are both feeling a little better now.

  12. Oh its so good to know I'm not alone. What is happenign to all our traditions? We took a few tins at my school but mostly it was things freshly grown. So sad.

    I'm really going to have to get myself to a Malvern Show, the Autumn one looks so fantastic. Anywhere with fancy poultry gets my vote. The allotment shop is right up my street so as you've probably guessed I've checked out their website pronto! And I'm having those paper chains too - definitely. Blimey it's costing me a fortune visitng you! Joking of course.
    Hope Harry is on the mend very soon poor love! Have a great weekend.
    Stephx - brill new banner again!

  13. I can't cope with all this loveliness on your blog. I love the beach huts and garden rooms...and the vintage toffee tins are adorable too ;-)

  14. TOO much... sensory overload on this post S..
    I have yearned for one of those garden huts and put it on my wish list for the next home we adopt.. whenever that is!!
    I am rather taken with those saucy allotment bags too.. love packaging like yourself.. rather fond of tins too.. There is a fabulous vintage tins shop in Bath that just specialises in tins.. Michael Saffells.. worth a visit!
    Glad the ordeal is over for Harry.. poor lad.. sounds like is male pride has been bruised!!!!! Hope he and you recover soon..
    Love to you
    Michele xxx

  15. Love all the goodies! We rented a house for awhile that had a "gate to nowhere" & everyone wondered where it actually went! Where did the paper chains come from? They'd be super for decorating at our fair!

  16. What a great day out. I have been to the Spring show several times but not the Autumn one - it's on my list for next year now! Lovely finds too - especially the tins. I love the doe-eyes on the first one!
    Cathy X

  17. oh i love those painted summerhouse/garden rooms ! that green is my favourite though :-)
    hope your both feeling lots better !
    Lesley x

  18. Well I have to get the Pink Willys's even if it just for the! Claire x

  19. I've just had a massive 'Throwing toys out of pram' moment! Computer crashed 3 times whilst trying to read your blog and each time I couldn't wait to log back on and indulge in lovliness!
    I adore the frizzy hen! Oh and all your lovely goodies! I have a feeling that there will be a surge in the sale of Union Kack paper Chains after your blog!!!
    Jane. x

  20. Hello, I've just stumbled across your blog and its so lovely! I absolutely adore your little knocker for your garden gate - so cute!

    I look forward to reading more!

    xxxxx shabby fantastic xxxx

  21. Adore all your goodies that frizzy hen is so funny and gorgeous!

  22. Love all your goodies -especially the paper chains.

    I find the sight of those giant pumpkins vaguely revolting. I don't know why but i do. Maybe the man with the axe did too!

    hope you are both feeling better now!

  23. Ive just been checking out your flickr (always sounds and I'm extremely jelous of all your eiderdowns, have they been passed down through your family or are they lucky finds? Claire x
    ps your bedroom is gorgeous

  24. I wish Malvern was in my vicinity, I would love to visit all the shows. Luckily though, you have taken lots of photos for all us unfortunates to see. I think your owl is of the long-eared variety! Hope Harry is feeling a lot better now. x


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