Tuesday, 11 August 2009

cute corner

I've been-a-shopping
Cute things arrived at my house.
I do like it when cute things arrive in the post.
Cute things that can keep an eye on those stinky boys by the computer....hmmm...with that knowing look!


  1. I love it! Very knowing look!

  2. think i may have to purchase a few things from that shop too!

    your doll is brilliant! looby xx

  3. Love these Polish dolls.

  4. I have been shopping as well. Fiona at Linen and Roses is closing her etsy shop, everything is 30 to 40% off.

    Aren't we naughty?

    When is dear brother coming?

    Lisa xoxo

  5. This takes me back - I had one (or two) like her in my chidhood. I remember the challenge of getting them to stay standing up without overbalancing!

  6. She is so cute!
    A cheerful pair of pictures!xx

  7. Hello Sairer.. good to see that Ditsy Dolores is looking very much at home in her new surroundings. Keep an eye on her as she is a bit of a handful!

    Michele x

  8. oOH sHE'S GREAT! I love your sense of humour! Perhaps I may need to invest in one 2 keep an eye on my boys too... LOL!

    P.S. I owe u an email gonna reply soorrrry :( BUT thank you for all your info. Glad your back to blogging :)

  9. She is very sweet! Because I live in the countryside, 80% of my shopping is done online. I love that feeling of unwrapping the parcel as it arrives! Especially if it is something pretty and decorative!
    Isabelle x


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