Friday, 14 August 2009

get yer tats out

Dont worry, I'm not being roooood. (or talking about potatoes for that matter)
No ..Love them or hate them, I'm talking TATTOOS.'Kojak'..sorry, that'll be Pete, has been saving up for another tattoo for absolutely ages.Ages.
Donkeys years even.
I wasn't keen on him having another, I love seeing them but I'm still unsure about the old-age thing (parting the wrinkles at 90 to have a peep at your 60 year old 'ink' so to speak)
that and the fact that we are not quite exciting enough people to get away with amazing tattoos like this one or the one above;pretty stuff..(from flickr)

Every time he managed to save a bit, putting away his Christmas and birthday money every year, we ended up dipping into his 'tat fund' for important but boring stuff, like food.
Thankfully now (without wishing to jinx things, so I'm touching wood and crossing everything as I say this) things are much,much better than they were, so Kojak..Pete, had his first sitting of his new tattoo the other week.
It's going to take a good few sittings for this one.He's wanting a 'sleeve' (I'm really not keen on quite that much but It did enable me to use lots of jokes about 'puff-sleeves' or 'leg of mutton sleeves' )
He certainly did his research.The style, the artist, going through endless photos and inspirations.He likes the 'old school' stuff.Bright and colourful with a big emphasis on the 1950s.Pete's tattoo artist is a big hairy, tattoo covered biker..with a Degree in fine art.

These are his inspirations..a starting point really because the artist will add lots of his own artwork to make it unique.

This is what you get with a really good artist..

and this is what you get with a bad one!... (his first tattoo which will be re-drawn and re-styled)

oh look one of Nicky's cute, innocent bunnies is in the background!! lol!

I'm so impressed with it all so far I even thought of having (my tattoo that you dont really know about..) hidden under a new one with a little bird and some cherry blossoms.
this is phase one..lots of twiddly bits like birds and stuff still to be added and of course,the colours.
He says it itches.
But it has made him soooooooo happy.


  1. I'm with you Sairer. I Love the idea of tatoos, but still haven't summoned up the oomphh to get one done. Me because I keep changing my mind and not easy to rub it off and change the image. Keep hoping I'll settle for one. Mr Bun said it hurts like hell too, that didn't help either.

    Pete's looks like a lot of pain's involved as sounds like a few more visits.

    I like your cherry idea.

    Lisa x

  2. Hi Sairer

    Its Jasmine from Vanilla Press.
    I'm back in blogland...trying once again to keep a steady blog (life always seems to get in the way!)
    Anyway, I have always loved your blog, so thought I would drop in to say hello!


  3. When I was growing up my mother said (of tattoos) that only ‘common’ people had them and they would probably be sailors, gypsy’s or tarts…..
    When I met my husband I was horrified to discover a tattoo on his arm (a drunken mistake apparently) …..but reader I married him anyway.
    I know these days they are considered an expression of individuality but I don’t like them.
    My brother joined the Navy and as far as I know he is still tattoo free….
    Don’t get me started on body piercing…………

  4. Hi S,
    Your old man must be very excited after all this time, to finally get his new tat. I look forward to seeing the end result (hope it doesn't hurt too much). x

  5. This is a great post!! I love tats - I've got three. And I know what you mean about the difference between a good artist and a bad one. My favourite tattoo is a tulip on the inside of my ankle, and even though it's beautifully sketched out, the colour is wonky. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of Pete's tat when it's all said and done!

  6. looks good but ouch, ouch, ouch!
    t x

  7. Before I got to the bit of your postage about "old school" style tatoos, I was going to say how I love the old ones! I think his is awesome, very cool. Im not keen on the sleeve thing but mostly because it is overdone these days, but that pic of his is really special. Now I want to see yours! ( I have a sneaky one too)

  8. Yay! Yay! Yay! A fellow appreciator of the tats! Thanks so much for this posting and I am very excited for your husband's new sleeve...I can't wait to see it. I hope you document the progress and post piccies. I'm covered in tattoos and I remember when I had my sleeve done. It was such hard work both physically and financially. It took 6, 3hour sittings over a 6 month period. I went to a well known artist and it wasn't cheap...but I don't regret it because the line quality and colours are still very fresh...even 7 years later!

    I know some folks are still dubious about tattoos thinking that only riff raff have them...but times have changed a lot. Aquiring well designed tattoos from respected artists is a form of art collecting and there is nothing dodgy about it at all. In fact a well executed tattoo can often represent success...both from the wearer and the artist. Good tatoos aren't cheap and most sleeves and larger pieces are custom pieces (meaning not off of the tattoo shop wall)...which is unique to the wearer.

    ok...I stop rambling now...thanks for this posting doll...your the best! x

  9. Gina Lee, you gorgeous are exactly the type of 'exciting' person who wears a tattoo perfectly.
    My parents are horrified by tattoos, they are from that era where such things were frowned upon.
    The Americans (maybe led by sailor Jerry) in my eyes, do it best.
    Theres a chap in Brighton called Steve who does amazing birds, beautiful pieces of skin art. I agree with you that a good tattoo is a work of art,It's just down to taste in the end and we would be pretty boring if we all liked the same stuff.
    Petes artist lives in a barn conversion in the countryside, has a degree in fine art and still gets looked down upon by the 'yuppie' locals in his village pub..just because he has drawings on his skin aswell as his walls.

  10. Awww thanks...I know exactly what you mean...I get judged by my appearance a lot. We live in a very conservative middle class 'village' in London and Wayne and I get the snub all the time from the locals. I've been doing this for a very long time and I'm pretty used to it but sometimes it bothers me. On the other hand...there are lots of creative arty types that live around here...and they like it's cool. Hugs x

  11. His looks good! Show us yours!!! the one we don't really know about....ssssshhhhh- Rachaelxo

  12. I'm not a tatoo fan but the artwork looks fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished sleeve.


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