Sunday, 16 August 2009

hit the decks

weh-hey the sun came out... it's time to hit the decks!
These are two of my four revamped deckchairs,the 'newer-old ones'..a housewarming present from Pete's mother 19 years ago. I remember she couldn't get over the fact we wanted old fashioned wooden deckchairs instead of a metal padded garden recliner!
Handily the deckchairs doubled up as our first chairs for the lounge too..ahh those were the days.

They are a bit 'Cath' so if your not a fan look away now ..

The boys managed to get the original red and white stripey fabric covered in oil (they were probably used as a convenient hand towel whilst repairing bikes in the garage..which is just the sort of thing teenage boys do) So it was time for a change.
A staple-gun, spare paint, one and a half metres of cheap, heavy duty, spotty fabric (no, not Ms.Kidston's) and a few minutes sewing in a straight line..the best kind of sewing!

I did however, like the impatient numpty that I am, manage to staple the fabric on the blue one to the wrong side of the bottom bar, so guess what I'll be doing in five minutes time...

See the big new cushion? well being a bit behind the times here in middle England, we had a new store open called Homesense which I no doubt guess you all shop in already and I'm just the dimwit who had never heard of them.
Amongst the trinkets and lamps and lovely things,they had a proper Jan Constantine cushion in there for £35 instead of £73.
A big union jack blue one.A rather lovely big union jack blue one.
Just the one left.I nearly peed my pants.

Domestic bartering ensued.
Pete gets a bit more tattoo than I hoped he would and I got a proper JC cushion.
Oh well it's his arm after all.And yes it is lovely and soft and hand embroidered!

I'll show you the other two deckchairs another time, they have the original scruffy 1950's paint which I love.
Cheerio for now x


  1. Gasp...they are did such a nice job!

    (those granny square blankets are mighty nice too) x

  2. It's all soooooo fab! I have never heard of Homesense before ... am now off to search for my nearest shop!!!!

  3. I've never heard of homesense either! Love those deckchairs though they look great.

  4. Lovely deck chairs. I must bring the one home from my FIL's and pretty it up.

    £35 for a cushion??!! Nope I still couldn't do it even if it was reduced from £75, but it does look lovely ;-)

  5. Wow, wow, wow! I have been looking for some deck chairs to re-do for two summers now, and not had any luck... Yours are fantastic. I bought some lovely soft blue fleece at a Vide Grenier a year ago, and now I think I may have to make a cushion a bit like yours... No JC label, but still worth a try!

  6. love them..they look so bright and cheery.. great for sitting back and sipping a gin and tonic in with book in hand!!
    well done ..lovely job there!!!

  7. I know Serenata.. that's exactly what Pete said '£35 for a cushion???' I still succumbed to its soft woolen charm though.
    (I must say I would never have paid 73 quid for it, pah,not in a million years!!)

  8. You clever thing! The chairs are gorgeous as are the cushions too!
    Rachel x

  9. Hi Sairer,
    They look brilliant, hope you got some time to relax in them. £35 for a cushion - BARGAIN! Well done, girl, I say...
    Hen x

  10. These are darling. They would look fab in my garden. But they look wonderful in yours too!

  11. They look gorgeous.Lets hope you get to use them!
    BTW thanks so much for your lovely comment the other day.I really appreciate it. x

  12. Wow they look gorgeous and cute and very CK ;)

    I have not long posted about the pair of vintage deckchairs I bought from the booty, £7.50 for the pair, bargain :)

    Good reduction on the JC cushion, well done :)


  13. I am very proud to say that Jan Constantine is a friend of mine and she has worked so hard to get her business to where it is now. She is the sweetest lady in all the world too (sorry to be a name dropper but I don't get the chance very often ;-) ) She would adore what you have done and so do I.

  14. Yay...I love this post, so colourful and happy!
    What afb bargain getting that cushion....brill!
    Have a good week!x

  15. It's everything so beautiful.

  16. Those deck chairs are to die them you clever thing you.
    Swoooon...I want the cushions too! they are just fab and look great on your chairs.

  17. Love your deckchairs!!! I have been meaning to do the same for ages, just another thing I haven't got round to do doing ... During the Festival here in May one of the Open Houses has a garden full of the most brightly coloured deckchairs covered in beautiful vintage chintz, I just sit there and drool!!!
    So glad you liked your recent purchases from our shop, thank you!

  18. Love, love, I am smitten!
    I live in the north east and I have never heard of that shop?
    Absolutely Fab!!
    Love Helen x

  19. Lucky you to have found the J.C cushion at such a discounted price! I still wouldnt be able to spend that much on a cushion though - unless it was ooak with beautiful embroidery, and even then id be shaking as i hand over the money!
    Where are the crochet blankets from? Theyre great, they dont look hand made, so maybe that means i may get chance to buy one?!

    Aqeela xx

  20. How cute!!! I have a weakness for that red, white & blue ;)

    m ^..^

  21. Gorgeous!Looks like something out of Country Living magazine. Well done

  22. Homesense is the sister store of T K Maxx - Just thought you'd all like to know.

  23. They look great. The last deckchair I revamped I didn't make the fabric long enough so the chair wouldn't lie flat! Silly me. I've not heard of Homesense.

  24. Can't decide which I like best!Just fabulous - and just in time for a hopefully sunny Bank Holiday. Genius timing, hope you get some good lounging in!


  25. Daughter and I found new Homesense in Worcester - the day before it opened. How frustrating! We're in Malvern too so can't wait to go back for another look or try the Gloucester one. Love the deck chairs - did I see that spotty material in Dunelm Mill?

  26. Well done with covering the chairs. The cushion is gorgeous but I'm afraid I'd have passed ont the price!
    You can make such beautiful ones anyway - I've seen them on your shop blog

  27. At least you didn't have to sell your soul for the cushion! Rachaelxo

  28. There is someone selling some cool vintage inspired union jack (with birds in middle) at Columbia Road (London). .. not too expensive.

  29. These are pretty cute! And I'm loving the 'Cath' look. Very nice!

  30. Hi, just had to leave a note for you to say what a beautiful blog you have here. Interesting, creative posts and great pictures as well - perfect ! Thank you for sharing them and best wishes...

  31. Your revamped deck chairs are fabulous! Love the pillows & colours. What a happy spot you've created to sit & enjoy your garden ♥

  32. Hi, I popped over from Happy Loves Rosie and love your blog. Full of eye candy. I LOVE your deck chairs, esp the blue and pink spotty one. Yum!


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