Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I love the word 'gubbins' a word to describe 'an amount of nondescript (and presumably useless) bits and pieces'
Yep that'll do to describe this post.
Firstly..thankyou for all your messages, you know I appreciate each and every one.
I've been away for a while.. up to Kettering for a funeral with a family gathering that would make the Mitchells on Eastenders proud and as far as funerals can be, this one was lovely,sad but lovely.My mum read out part of this post which got everyone talking about, and reading, my blog. In turn this made me go all shy..crikey, I waffle on about all sorts on problems , wayward wombs, naughty boys. It was quite nice being anonymous before and off loading 'my stuff'! I suppose I got a bit stuck for words and not knowing what to write.

Then I went up to Northumberland my second 'home', just stinky grumpy men.. for a girly weekend with my eldest sister, who still won't ADOPT ME, much to my annoyance.
Watching amusing chick flicks (which rang a bit too true!) with my gorgeous nieces and some girly shop 'til you drop retail therapy for clothes for my NEW JOB...eek! No more muddy man boots on a Monday and's posh stuff from now on for my new job in a local gift shop for two whole days a week.(Just in time for Pete to be laid off without pay for another 5 days)
So you may see why I went a bit quiet for a while, I was doing all this stuff instead..
I'm practically having to tie my hands down in the gift shop, I have to remember I'm not a window dresser anymore or a visual merchandiser and fiddling about with the pretty housey stock and lovely sparkly goodies is not allowed..well, not too often. I was very lucky to get the job, times are so bad that a PA, an architect and a law person apparently applied amongst the hoards of others too. For two days a week. In a shop. Scary hey?
I've met some nice people and some grumpy people, some people who love to shop (who doesn't?) and some who really would rather be somewhere else rather than choosing a gift for 'the Mrs'.
I do miss my comfy gardener's man boots though..boy do my feet ache after two days in posh shoes.

One other good thing that happened before all this was that we surrendered a small insurance policy, mainly to clear some debts and have a little spend for ourselves.Pete and I went for a day out to Cath Kidston in Cheltenham..(ooh that was dangerous) a pretty bag came home with me and a few other bits and pieces.and I visited a few of my favourite online shops and treated our little house to this lovely union jack cushion (from Louise loves) and this pretty tea mug (from The Vintage home)I hope the house felt the same warm and fuzzy feeling of joy that I did when they arrived in the post!

Pete had some of these ..(ooh how exciting..)so he could re-lay this;..just the middle left to lay of our tiny back garden patio in a herringbone pattern, the frost totally ruined the very old bricks which he used before, they just crumbled away.

I don't know about you, but money burns a hole in my pocket and it scared me to be able to spend a bit of money on clothes and some extra pretties, I felt very guilty even though it was ok to do so....ok ,that is, until Pete had his laid off news which put a swift, sharp stop to all that pretty quickly.
Do you ever feel like you take one tentative step forward and several big ones back? hmmm.
Never mind,back to square one, value beans and cheap pasta.
I'm sure our day will come when we can breathe a sigh of relief.

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the Spring sunshine..they say the snow's coming back this week!!


  1. Lots of luck for the job, I think they'd be very fortunate to have you make over the displays! I know I couldn't go back to the days of "proper shoes" now that my crocs are hardly ever off my feet!
    Lovely new purchases, glad you could treat yourselves. Sorry to hear the more recent news of your husband's job, that's rubbish. You are so right; one day things are looking up and then the next... Hope things keep on improving for you.
    Hen x

  2. Great you got the job, shock to have to get out of jeans and stuff though.

    We live on a day to day basis now to keep sane if that helps. Treats have become buying some lovely flowers or the like. Used to buy whatever I wanted, but I actually prefer thinking about what we buy. Just wish it was because we wanted to, not had to.

  3. Lovely purchases.

    I know what you mean - I always feel guilty about spending - there is always a bill that I think it should be going on instead.

    But then I think if I get hit by a bus tomorrow I've had more pleasure from my treat !!!

    Hope things work out with Petes job and well done on yours.


  4. Thanks for all your news, good, bad and shopping! Best of luck with the job - it sounds like a real change from the gardening!

  5. Well done on your new job nice that you get to look at lot's of pretties bet your itching to make up pretty displays I used to work in a shop and used to love doing that bit they should take advantage of yuour skills no what you mean about treading on peoples toes though.
    Hope things improve for you this year love your purchases don't feel guilty you deserve a treat!

  6. Hi Sairer:

    I'm so glad for you and your job. I guess it breaks the monotony as well?

    Lovely, lovely Cath bag.

    I don't know how I would react if all my relatives and friends knew about my blog. Other than the hubby and the kids, very few know about it. It must have been a bit awk, I would imagine?

    Oh, have you spoken to your brother? We are suppose to be at 10 C by Sunday ;)

    Lisa xo
    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  7. Well done on the new job! I would feel strange dressing up going to work too - I'm in jeans most days at home.

  8. Congrats on the new job.
    I know what you mean about the one step forward thing, life seems to be like that sometimes.
    On the bright side, what some lovely things, I like your leather chair very much.
    Take care.

  9. Oh poo! Im so sorry about hubbies job!! Congrats on yours, its not the shop that has one by me is it, otherwise you WILL be in serious!!
    I think I would become a hermit if I thought my family read my blog but none of them are computer freaks so I think I'm ok!!
    I am exactly the same when I have pennies to spend, I will never be rich and hubby is just the same as me....not a good!
    LOVE the Cath Kisdton bag, it was the first thing I noticed when the new cataloge came out!!
    Take care......claire xx

  10. i am new to your your beautiful photos....i am a cath kidston fan as well...harder to get her cute things in Canada..i will check in again!!!

  11. I'm so sorry to read about Pete losing is job, I hope he finds something soon. Your garden looks stunning, I love the circular patio, so pretty.

  12. Have a super weekend!
    Love the bag....the door is idea!

    The mug is fab....I'm going to treat myself to one, as my new job mug...!


  13. Hi Sairer,

    Congratulations on your new job - I imagine you would be able to work wonders with the displays! Sorry to hear about Pete's job - keep smiling, I'm sure all will be fine for you - you have such a positive attitude that karma is bound to kick in!!

    Thank you for buying a mug; hope you enjoy sipping tea from it! Have a great weekend!

    Clare x

  14. Good luck with new job. I would be in my element faffing around with the of my favourite passtimes!
    Lovely finds too.
    Wishing you all the very best.
    Carol x

  15. Hi Sairer! Good luck with the job - am so with you on posh shoes (would def rather wear the boots!). Can you send Pete over here to do our patio when he's finished yours????????? Ha ha.x

  16. Am late here, but congrats, it's not easy getting a job in these times! Would just like to wish you good luck with the new job. Love your door.

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