Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A Dragonfly tale...

There once was a family of water bugs living happily in a pond.
One day they noticed some other water bugs climb up a lily stem and disappear,never to be seen again.
"where do they go?" asked one of the water bugs,but none of them knew.

The family understood that one day each of them would have to climb up the lily stem and leave the pond,so they made a promise to each other."Whoever leaves first will come back and tell us where they have been" they all promised

A little while later one of the water bugs found himself climbing the lily stem.He didn't want to leave his family but couldnt seem to stop himself.

At the top of the stem he rested for a while and slept.
When he awoke he felt very uncomfortable.Then he had a giant burst of energy and suddenly he broke out of his old skin. Something amazing had happened...

He had become a beautiful Dragonfly with shimmering wings that lifted him up to the sky.
The world was full of bright colours,the air was warm and light and he felt happier than he had ever felt before.
As he danced above the water he looked down and it was then he saw the rest of his water bug family.They looked sad. Then he remembered his promise to go back and tell them what had happened.
He tried to dive into the water but he couldn't. his body had changed and now he just bounced off the water.
Another dragonfly saw him and came over to help.
"Don't worry " she said kindly "they will all be with you one day and will understand everything, just like us"
The dragonfly looked around and smiled at his new friend.
She was right,one day his family would find themselves climbing the lily stem and finding their way to this heavenly place.
Then the two dragonflies laughed and danced in the air for a while before flying off to explore their new world.


Today it's Josies anniversary, it will be two years today that this beautiful young girl left us after her hard battle with leukaemia.
I'll be wearing my dragonfly bracelet all day...I'm needing a bit of strength ,courage and happiness at the mo (I think we all are!) and those three words are inscribed on the little tag.

I'm thinking of you Jac, over in Thailand and sending you a big kiss xxxx (or four)

Josies dragonfly

Josies la la land

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  1. ((Bigs hugs)) I truly do know how hard it is x

  2. What a lovely story, and what a beautiful girl. My thoughts are with you today xxx

  3. Thiking of you, Josie and your family, the braclet is a beautiful memory of her! Take care.......Claire xx

  4. Can't imagine what it is like to lose a child, but my thoughts are with you. Take Care Dev X

  5. Hello is a big hug((()))
    Thinking of you all...xxxx

  6. How nice to be associated with a pretty dragon fly. Love watching them hovering around the water in summer.
    Sending you all the courage you need ((hugs))

  7. My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care.

  8. I remember this being on the news. What a brave and wonderful girl Josie was. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  9. I've listened to Josie's very moving words on La La Land. Josie was indeed a brave and intelligent young girl. The dragonfly tale explains death in such a lovely way, and is perfect for any age group who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. I shall certainly remember it. x

  10. gorgeousophie@yahoo.com1 March 2009 at 22:38

    Wow! Have clicked on all your Josie related posts and can't help crying, which is very silly since it is a tale of hope, inspiration and beauty. Thank you for sharing it with us.I am truly hoping to get involved now and look at life in a different fashion. Blessings upon you and yoursxxx

  11. I missed you posting this so sorry I'm late with my comment.

    I remember looking at Josie on your blog and she shines through - a truly beautiful girl. Each day is hard, but anniversaries are even harder. I wish you and your family so many blessings.

    Lisa xxx

  12. Beautiful!!
    I've loved dragonflies since i was a kid (saw one very big one for the first time, when i was visiting my aunt and uncle, and i'll never forget that moment).



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