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End of an era..


98 years is a very long time, when you think of all the events and technology,the things we take for granted that have appeared over the last 10 decades, it's really quite surprising.

My Grannie saw many of these events during her life. She was born at the tail end of the Edwardian period.To put it in perspective at the age of one, The Titanic was in the news after that tragic maiden voyage and Charlie Chaplin was the comedy hero. She witnessed 2 world wars in which her father and husband both fought, witnessed television being invented at the age of 17, Saw Kings, Queens and endless Prime Ministers be in charge of the country and it would be 58 years after her birth that man eventually walked on the moon.

I wonder if she watched in awe at the Royal wedding as I did at Charles and Diana's at a similar age..

and I wonder if it influenced her wedding to her childhood sweetheart 1o years later? 1933

In the 1940's she saw wartime England first hand,1944 with my mum

and tragedy when her young son was killed in an road accident.

Joy again when her 3 children married,producing children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

at my mums wedding in 1958

I recently read an article my Grannie did for the BBC, her story was about mothers during the second world war..I love the part about the woolly hat, you can read her story by clicking here.

She was an amazing part of my life,all our lives, a truly wonderful lady who was always impeccably dressed, always had make-up and her earrings on, had an impeccable English accent and always rolled her 'R's. It is this Grannie who gave me an absolute love of social history,the head of our family, affectionately known as Dodo or Grannie 'Bunch'. Who spoke French to Grandpa when she didn't want us to overhear something.
The person who always signed her letters 'with fondest love'

and who's 'Rive Gauche' scent I shall remember forever.

This wonderful lady, my dearest Grannie, sadly passed away this morning.2008
Thankyou for 39 years of wonderful memories Grannie, it really feels like an era has come to an end today but I know you will be with those you so desperately missed and for that reason I'll try not to be sad. x

Dora Madeleine Wicksteed

Faure's requiem in paradisum


  1. Saira - an absolutely beautiful tribute to your grandmother and her life. She sounds an amazing and lovely woman.
    Best wishes
    Lisa x

  2. what a wonderful lady she sounds deepest sympathy to your family kind regards laura hobbs

  3. A fantastic tribute to your grandma: so well written. She sounds like a truly remarkable person: I am sure that you will miss her lots but think of her often. x

  4. Wonderful words about a truely wonderful woman. I am going to go and read what she had written.

    Great ladies like this will be sadly missed.

  5. That was lovely to read and such beautiful photos, thanks for sharing that with us. Sorry for your loss.
    Hen x

  6. Beautiful, heartfelt words about your Grandmother - what a pleasure to read all about her life. I'm sure you will miss her very much.

    Willow x

  7. What a fantastic age to live to, and a wonderful tribute to her. She had a very interesting life and one you can treasure and remember......Claire x

  8. What a fantastic and interesting life your Grannie must have lead! A lovely tribute... My Nanny passed away just before Christmas as 86 years old... I miss her every day, she will never be forgotten.


  9. Such a beautiful tribute to your Grannie, she would have been very proud. I am sorry you have lost this wonderful person and I hope your treasury of memories will help.

  10. All condolences on the sad passing of your Grandmother Sairer. She sounds like such a wonderful woman to have known and loved. Hope her memories and legacy go some way to filling the gap she has left in your and you family's lives.

    Thinking of you.

  11. I am so sorry to hear that your Grannie has passed away. Thinking of you and your family at what must be a hard time.

    Thanks for sharing her story and those beautiful images.

  12. I was heartbroken when my own beloved Granny died but with the cycle of life it was her time to depart.
    Be comforted with the fact you obviously had a lovely relationship with her and you have wonderful memories of a lovely lady.

  13. so sorry for your loss. A beautiful tribute you have written. BH x

  14. I am sorry to hear of you losing your Grandma. My Grandma just turned 97 last weekend. I too have thought about all the things she has seen in her long life! Amazing really when you ponder on it for awhile. I wish I could of heard your Grandma's rolling R's. I bet it was lovely. :)


  15. So sorry about your grandmother. She sounds like she was a remarkable lady and much loved by her family. Thank you for showing the lovely pictures and the film of the King and Queen's wedding. How romantic.

  16. God bless your Grannie and you too! Rachaelxo

  17. What a wonderful post about this great lady. I am sorry for you and the others she has left behind but happy for her that she can once again be with those she loved and lost. The photos are all so beautiful, you must be so proud of her. I am thinking of you and sending you all the best wishes I can.

  18. Such a wonderful story Saira and the pictures truely beautiful of Dora.
    Gosh these women could teach us all a few things, even more so the very young ladies of today.
    You noticed then!! in my picture!!!
    Yes we did re-light that fire, did us both a whole lot of good.
    Carol xxx

  19. I am sorry to hear of your sadness. It is so hard to lose a beloved Grandma - they are truly a blessing. Your post is a beautiful tribute to her.

  20. Saira so many happy memories to have of a lovely lady. My Nanna died when she was 99 and I still think of her every day. She died about 4 years ago but I still miss her so much. I have a woollen rug (throw) of hers and no matter how many times it is washed it still smells of her face powder. I spent so many happy hours with her and she remains in my heart in a very special corner. Enjoy your memories and keep them alive - why not write them down. I did and it helped me laugh at them and took me through the grief

  21. my deep condolences for your Grannie.
    such a beautiful tribute

  22. I send all my love, hugs, and condolences to you xx
    What a wonderful gran!!

    Sharon xx

  23. So sorry to hear about your Granny but what a really lovely tribute to her and what a fantastically long life she had. My Grandmas was born in 1911 too but sadly passed away just over five years ago. Going to read what she wrote right now. Sending love and condolences to you and your family. x

  24. What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure she would be very pleased with your lovely tribute to her.

  25. echoing what others have said, but what a beautiful post, very touching, and the pictures also tell a lovely story of what sounds like a fantastic life lead.
    best wishes to u

  26. I'm so sorry, I've only just seen your post....I'm so sad for you....she was a wonderful special to have shared so much as a

  27. Thank you for sharing such a special life with us.

  28. Hi Saira, what a beautiful post about Grannie. She was a ripe age and she would have seen so many wonderful things in her life. Take care, Kathryn.

  29. A beautiful bride and woman, my deepest sympathy. Lori

  30. What a wonderful lady. I so enjoyed reading her story too. How sad that you have lost her but how lucky you were to have had your granny in your life for so long. (My father always used to sign cards and letters to me 'with fondest love' too.

  31. What lovely and loving memories of your Grannie.
    Margaret and Noreen

  32. Its so nice that you have such wonderful memories of your Granny!
    She seemed to have been a W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L LADY!
    Debbie Moss

  33. Oh, this is a nice blog. I really like your decor, good inspiration for my impending extension. I'll be back.

  34. What a beautiful and touching tribute. Thank you for sharing, and my sympathies.

  35. Lovely tribute to your grandmother. She personifies what I think is a English lady. Even her name. Just finished reading "Nella Last's War" and have several other WWII non-fiction books lined up. Fascinating times.

    And thank you for the wonderful youtubes on the Edwardian era. Funny how Hollywood movies never seem to get it just right.

    My mother was born in 1914 and I always loved hearing her stories about the old days.

  36. Oh, I am sorry.....she sounds like a wonderful lady & your memories will be very precious.


  37. What a beautiful lady she was and always will be. Thanks for sharing her story x

  38. With heartfelt sympathy to you Sairah, and your family. Your grannie will be greatly missed. Some fabulous photos of her, and memories to cherish. She would have been so proud of the tribute you have given her. x


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