Thursday, 3 May 2012

Spring stuff...

   Ooops I did it yet again, disappearing off without telling a soul. Naughty me.
squished bears
 Whilst I'm at home making myself poor by visiting eBay far too often (urrrgh hands up who else is sick of the flipping rain?) I thought I'd better stop by and poke my head round the door.
I have been busy with general stuff, visits from 'up north' sister..a sister who likes to walk and walk and walk (and then eat cake just like me) and a little brother who isn't quite so little anymore (dont know where he got his tall gene from) came to stay all the way from Canada.
There's been Stinky boy taking his RAF Airman's test ..and passing!
all new chickypoo pen
 There's been a spot of decorating and lots of repairing stuff (mainly the chicken run as I fell over in it whilst wearing my  pyjamas and spotty wellies, doing a spectacular roll in the mud and snapping off all the posts..Bald bloke found it highly amusing, being covered in chicken poo, I less so) Oh and our chicken run is in the FRONT garden....
Changing the little white car for a more 'manly' slightly bigger black one, (boys and their cars, honestly) I have the most 'manly' vehicle of all but nobody wants him as he leaks on you when it rains, smells like a wet dog  most of the time and has bright orange arches.
  Poor old thing, good job mummy still loves you Beastie truck.

 There's been the getting of super-duper new glasses after Bella decided to eat mine.
Bella likes to eat stuff don't you know.  Blind as a bat for 3 months, I was.
geeky chic?
 There's been some injuries, namely from over excited hounds smashing into my calf at about 30 miles an hour. It felt like no pain I had ever felt..ever. Like being punched very, very hard with a red hot bowling ball. Yow! The dogs were fine, incase you were wondering.   I wasn't.
Harry (looking a little bit deranged), Felicity and Patricia (he named them!)
 There's been Birthdaying, corrr I was very, very spoilt this year with lots of unexpected surprises, two new chickens to replace some dear old girlies and a Cath Kidston holdall filled with pretty stuff  and Bald bloke bought me a birdbath. Reeeeesult!!)
Just need a weekend away now
 And lastly there's just been the general dog walking and gardening that I do anyway.

Nothing much very exciting really but I know you like to know, just like I do on your blogs.
Spring is definitely in the air amongst all this rain because I'm getting that nesting urge again. I really do have distinct need to decorate at the moment (lack of the big funds unfortunately stops me) I would love to paint the hall and have new blinds, have those much longed for shutters in the lounge and knock a big hole in the wall to make our teeny lounge bigger. I have so many ideas I have to write them down in a book before I go to bed to stop my head exploding in the night. It's quite interesting looking back through it and thinking "oh I'm glad I didn't do that" or "yes I did that and it worked out OK"
I wallpapered a  couple of walls a several months back and I love wallpaper, really love it, but every time I use it, I have a uncontrollable urge to paint over it a few months later.
About 10 years ago our bedroom originally had Cath Kidston pale green and white teeny polka dot wallpaper, it was really lovely but I got bored with it and painted over it in blue on a whim, much to bald blokes dismay. (that meant different curtains and bedding, you see)
 Then I acquired two rolls of Cath Kidston Paris Rose paper. How I loved this beautiful rosy paper with its nod to the 1950's but I actually prefer the red version if I'm honest.
nope, way toooooo rosy

 I papered the chimney breast in the dining room but once again, not long after,out came the paint. The same thing happened in our bedroom, a couple of  lengths of rosy loveliness and then having just decorated and 'de-boyed' Harry's old room in readiness for my sister coming to stay, I splashed a couple of coats of  my favourite Farrow and Ball blue over Cath and her rosy kitschness.Well, the paintbrushes were out so why not?... CRIMINAL isn't it? Especially as you can no longer get Paris Rose. A new old mirror (99p from eBay..bargain!)  and a shifty round of 'stuff' and I can sleep at ease without the rosiness shouting 'LOOK AT ME!' all the time.
my 99p vintage mirror!

 I just might wallpaper the inside of the wardrobe doors with the leftovers though, we'll see.
Now I know I must turn away and not be seduced by pretty wallpapers. I'm a plain and simple paint person and that's all there is to it. However I did see some fabulous pink 70s wallpaper on a trip to Tewkesbury recently and it keeps popping into my head niggling at me like a Labrador wanting it's dinner. Hmmmmm, I wonder..

cheerio for now x


  1. Helllooo Sairer
    How wonderful to hear all your catching up. Fantastic about your sons RAF entry pass whoop whoop!
    You have been busy! LOVE the bargain mirror.
    I am here in London for the week.
    Desperately trying to flog some stuff on you do...
    I can't believe I had to buy a pair of wellies and a rainmac from Primark! (nICE RED AND whITE POLKA dot) oh and I picked up a red and white polka dot mug the ones we bought from woolies you have your daffs in them lol! for 50p today in a charity shop well chuffed as I broke one in Sweden. Whats happen to the weather here? I hear SNOW is forecast on BH Monday, glad I'm flying back then it;s 21 PLUS in hurdy gurdy land at the moment.
    The sofa is calling me to sleep. Here at my Dads it;s a mad house my brother and his 4 teenage children 14-19 have been camped here for 6 weeks whilst an extension on their house is being built and the 2 labradoodles Oscar& Alfie are camped outside the living room door. Didn't help that I had an asthma attack and had to be nebulised on Tuesday morning... alls well. What a mad life we lead Sairer.
    By the length of this comment I need to FB you more often lol!

  2. hello
    Lovely to hear whats going on. I cant believe how lucky you are on Ebay, that mirror is beautiful. I too love wallpaper, it has a lovely warm feel about it. But I loathe scraping the stuff off. So Im a lazy paint girl. Happy belated birthday.

  3. Helloooooo! Lovely to catch up with you again,and a belated Happy Birthday to you!
    Ha,ha...I had a car like that.Ooh,nice glasses missus.
    Talking of dogs eatings things...Our Bella scoffed a packet of sandwiches which she scavenged while out walking,complete with the plastic bag.I won't go into what happened later at the other end!
    Hope you've recovered from all your injuries.I always head for the nearest tree/wall/fence when Bella meets other dogs.Why do they always head straight for you when they've got a huge field/beach to charge around on?
    I'm drooling over that wallpaper..sorry I couldn't bring myself to paint over it,but I like what you've done and that mirror is a gorgeous bargain!
    Take care and please don't leave it so long Sairer...I love your blog!
    Love Bellaboo X

  4. How de doo de. Sounds criminal to paint over paper when you've been bothered to paper it first, but I know what you mean if it looks crap I have to do the same. Mind you I've two rolls of Pink Paris (or whatever it's called) that have been sitting waiting for five years to do the landing by the girls rooms. I can't wallpaper so my mum said she'd do it (still waiting acually mum). Mind you there's the stairs only half done and our then the whole hosue to start on again - aargghh better get cracking.

    Love your new ladies, what a fabulous present. You have good men in your life I think. Visits sound perfect too to keep you busy with all this wet stuff.

    Hear from you soon I expect or we'll be asking questions you know! X

  5. Good to hear you are well, Sairer. I love that mirror, top find. eBay, oh don't get me started. While we were 6000 miles away on holiday over Easter, I still managed to buy an old enamel sign and a trio of rosy Worcester Ware tins (I blame you for the WW tins by the way!) It made getting home fun but I think the other half thought our holiday would remove me from shopping temptation for two weeks!

    Have a super weekend, don't leave it so long until the next post pleeease.
    Hen x

  6. I saw some lovely wallpaper in the Little Greene catalogue but I can't find anywhere to put it (and husband hates wallpaper) - it's still haunting me though! The wind and rain here in Malvern is definitely getting on my nerves - especially howling round our roof at night as our bedroom is up under the eaves. I love to decorate but it's really difficult when you have an elderly person's routine to fit round - you just get the paint out when you've got to down tools to make yet another drink or meal. We're having someone in to paint our bedroom next week which seems incredibly decadant and extravagant but we can't stand the peppermint green we inherited from the last owner any longer!

  7. Hello good to read your words of wisdom!am loving your blog as you always make me smile! x

  8. Ha ha ha - your writing makes me laugh! Sounds like you've been super busy. Totally understand the 'nesting' instinct that comes out when Spring is in the air - my husband tends to disappear from the house when he can sense it! Paula x

  9. Happy belated birthday!

    I love the paris rose....I can only dream of wall paper like that!
    However the change us good....liking the blue!xxxx

  10. "Fortunately" for me, my old old plaster walls are too lumpy to wallpaper, because I too change my decor rapidly. I'll just put it this way: I love other people's houses. I'm sorry to hear about the dog collision injury and your roll in the hen pen, but otherwise it sounds like things are going well for you. I always wish you the best...

  11. Hi hun, I expect your veeeery busy enjoying all this gorgeous weather but can we have some kitten pics pleeeeese!!!!!!!! ;o) loads-a-luv Jaki xxxxx

  12. Wonderful website. Lots of useful information here. I’m sending it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious.

  13. all that decorating talk has exhausted me. now show us yer kittens . . . .

    1. ooh-err! Your wish is my command Ms Maraldo....


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