Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wardrobe Waffle

Hello again ..remember me?
Well that was a whole big heap of gloom and doom now wasn't it?
Thank-you SO very much for all your lovely messages and emails about losing my much missed kitty Maude (she had quite sudden kidney failure) and waving goodbye to Florence too.They were really lovely and more appreciated than you'll ever know. x
(Lovely Lisa in Oregon..don't worry Basil and his buddies are doing just fine, as you can see from these photos they have been having lots of cat conferences putting the feline world to rights)
mind you, all hell broke loose after Ethel dared to stretch out a kindly paw to her mother!
 It all became a bit too much to bear to be honest so I spent some time in my spotty wellies wading in self pity and lots of tears..there were lots and lots of those...I was a little bit broken hearted I can tell you. I also had to leave my job in the little shop for various reasons which I wont go into, so Pete and I went away for a while to Devon for some blustery blue sky days to blow away the stresses and clear my head before I end up getting carted away by the men in white coats.

Well 'Old Flo' has gone to her new home, not far from here up in the hills. The chap was really pleased with her and will tow her behind his 1958 Landrover. He promised to email me photos of her renovation, so if he does, I'll let you see. He was thinking of painting the lower half of her in a pale 1960's turquoise-teal blue which funnily is the colour I was thinking of too. Great minds think alike hey?

(this was the curtaining I had bought for her..Hen I think you have some of this fabric too?)
I must admit I had a lump in my throat when she trundled off up the lane giving me a crafty wink with her half hearted brake lights.
The nice little bit of profit helped take away a bit of the pain though, pity £300 quid of it had to pay towards for the pointless damage done to my little car but hey ho,I suppose that's life (well, my often pants life anyway!)

Last month,as Florence's farewell treat to us, Pete and I went to Shakespeare country, namely Stratford-upon-Avon, for a drive out and a mooch about the shops and a properly British, award winning cream tea.The best cup of tea ever actually, they had a six page menu just for the different types!

I managed to find myself some pretty clothes to buy whilst we were there.Normally I struggle with clothes shopping as I can never find things I like, they always seem to show the bits I want to hide or I'm worried about looking like some old piece of mutton dressed up like a spring lamb.
Years ago the stinky boys wrote to Trinny and Susannah to try and cheer me up with a new wardrobe of girlie stuff..( I'd got a bit lost in the wardrobe stakes having put on quite a bit of weight and suddenly not fitting in my vintage clothes and favourite Levis) Whilst clearing out yet another stash of 'stuff' I came across it again:

  I found the letter and there was no way on this earth I would stand in that 360 degree mirrored cupboard in my bestest big knickers for all the world to see... or have Trinny poking my tits (or 'giblets' for that matter)...nope, nooooooo way so even though it was very sweet of them, it never got posted. How sad is this bit.."she buys party shoes but never goes to parties"
cheeky buggers!!
I was quite impressed with George's handwriting though!

Anyway..this pretty top I found at Stratford, has little birdies and fish on it, it looks lovely with that blue and green swallows necklace Pete bought me back in April. And a first for me, a couple of woolly berets to match my bargain found-in-the-sale Spring coat.(even though its now Autumn!)I confess to feeling a bit of a berk in a hat, like I'm wandering around with a large sign on my head saying 'lookey here folks at the size of my enormous bonce' but I'm sure I'll get used to wearing them.

I can't understand why I haven't been in White Stuff before last year.. I've never walked into a clothing shop and loved so many things, nearly all the styles are right for (hiding) my shape but also, most unfortunately, very wrong for my budget.
One thing I have discovered a love of again recently is leggings.
I wore them in the very early 80's with tulip-shaped wiggle dresses or ra-ra skirts and big turban-like bows in my hair and a strange fashion of black plimsolls with 'fall-down socks'..(remember those? they were like white surgical stockings without elastic at the top) Later I went on to the black phase much to my parents horror..loving The Cure, black hair,black clothes, black lipstick and studded punk belts before trundling off to Art college in another old-man mac, stripey tights and Doctor Martin's with my trademark bright red lipstick. Art college is where I found a new best buddy and the next wardrobe phase..the era I still adore but my 26 inch waist has had quite a few more inches added and everything is heading south doesn't quite cut the mustard when you're 41 and a half, I'm more Hattie Jacques than Diana Dors these days!

lovely curvy Hattie
Luckily for me I have a husband who prefers the 'extra padding', it's just me and the rest of society who doesn't! Well,anyway,I know the rule of wearing things a second time round, but I braved leggings on the approval of both the stinky boys' rather gorgeous girlfriends and have fallen in love with them all over again, this time though with biker boots and tunic dresses. Dresses and skirts are something I haven't worn in donkeys years, probably since my wedding in fact.I didn't possess either...
I love this eclectic look for the Autumn; (not sure what the tea cup is all about though) I was a little bit indulgent and that lovely leafy tunic and some fairisle wrist warmers came home too.
There is nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer you up is there?
You do get to that point of wondering whether you're too old for some clothes though, it takes me ages to deliberate over things.. but I'm not ready for my blue rinse just yet so I think I might like to grow old just a little disgracefully..

Clothing is such a personal thing but I do love peeking at what's in other people's wardrobes...It must be the long past dream of being a wardrobe mistress in me.

Is there anything you've indulged in or discovered a love of again lately, I'd love to know?


  1. Oh it's so lovely to hear from you again.

    I too am having a little 'wardrobe rethink' - I got to the point where I was wearing jeans so much that I felt ridiculous in anything else! No point in trying to have an air of mystery with young children though - my 9 year old daughter proclaims very loudly for the benefit of the entire playground whenever I turn up at school in a skirt or dress! :-}

    I bought the same leafy tunic from WS (different colour though) and can't decide if I look a bugger in it or not, teacup accessory or no teacup accessory!

    Why is it such hard work being floaty and feminine ...?!


  2. So sorry about Florence, Life can be a total bummer sometimes can't it...X
    I love the White stuff too, but it would be nicer if it was a bit cheaper I agree....Em x

  3. So glad to hear from you again - I even went into the shop in case you were there but now I see you've left so I'm glad i didn't ask.
    My daughter is trying to persuade me into leggings but I'm not really sure - I do love all the tunicy things around at the moment though.
    I'm so sorry about Florence - I'll look out for her around the hills. Where is the teashop you mention? Have you tried the one in Winchcomb run by a Japanese family?

  4. Hi Sairer , see you are well. Sorry to hear about all the things that have been going on but onwards and upwards as they say ! Wish i was slimmer too , life kids etc etc ! Anyway keep in touch and glad to see my crochet blanket in good order take care , best wishes Helen xx

  5. I hate shopping for clothes because I'm the wrong side of size 14.Those brightly lit changing rooms with the mirrors that show your lumps and bumps from every angle just make me want to run out screaming!
    Glad you've had some nice 'treats' to help cheer you up.
    Chin up girl! :o)

  6. Those berets go perfectly with that gorgeous coat! I love wearing hats and have far too many. I agree that they have lovely things in White Stuff but are too pricey for my meagre budget, altho I did treat myself to a £30 top a few months back. I say grow old disgracefully!!

  7. Hi lovely Sairer, great to hear you again. Sounds like a few downs and a few good ups. Glad there's been a better balance of the two. Hopefully the good will kick the bad stuff up the bum and it'll leave you alone now.

    I haven't bought any clothes since Spring and I love buying clothes so it's been like giving up fags all over again. I'm now patching over the patches on my favourite jeans. What I would love right now would be colourful Fly ankle boots, legs with great knees that would look perfect in a wee tartan dress and bright tights. How's that grab you? Meanwhile back to the tatty clothes that I'm getting bored wearing.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week.

    Lisa x

  8. Glad your trip to Stratford cheered you up! I grew up in a little village outside Stratford and spent last week back there staying with my mum (needed a break from the stinky city and wanted Baby Plum to get some country air, and have also just lost out second kitty this year...) and feel so much better for it! Did you have a look in "Aspire" - it is a lovely shop a couple of doors down from White Stuff...full of lovely pretty things!


  9. Well how lovely to have you back! and I hoped you enjoyed your well deserved rest down here in Devon. and what a better way to cheer you up then a little bit of retail therapy - like you I haven't bought much from the high street lately mostly on-line - none of those trying on ares only to realise that it either doesn't fit or you just look silly. Glad you found some lovely clothes.

  10. Lovely post! Love the letter to T & S! White stuff is great. I was in a shop yesterday and could have bought most of it. I have been doing a lot of the nostalgia thing lately and am really getting into retro china. Never before had a thing for it, but it reminds me of my grandparents and buying little bits I remember they had seems to bring on big smiles and lots of comforty thoughts. Completely mucks up my china shelves now, but hey!!!!!!!

    Best wishes Vanessa xxx

  11. Glad you're back!
    I'm having a major wardrobe crisis having just lost 4 stone (and still losing). I's still wearing clothes that are too big because 1) I can't afford new stuff and 2) I have no idea what fits, what suits, what's in fashion, blah blah blah! You'd think clothes shopping would be fun, but sometimes it's downright stressful!
    I've just knitted a pair of fairisle wristwarmers. Can you show us a photo of yours, please?

  12. Just stumbled across your blog, i love it!! Life's just pants sometimes and it's a struggle to make sense of it all. I usually find solace in a car boot or charity shop. I too have fallen in love with leggings, they act as tights in the winter and an alternative to linen trousers in the summer. Always with tunics and a boyfriend cardy, hides the 'orrible bits!! I subscribe to the 'it will be allright in the end, if it's not, it's not the end'

    Sharron x

  13. Oh god, i am a walking advert for White Stuff-It is the only shop I walk into and feel comfortable. i could honestly wear anything in there and feel like 'me', rather than how I think I should look. They have got so much more pricey recently though, which is pretty rubbish. I like Fat Face too as v.similar stuff. I don't like bulging out of jeans and tend to wear a lot of leggings with long tops, short-ish skirts with leggings and tunics and chocolate brown Fly boots which are like wearing slippers. I love winter clothes! no need to expose any flesh.
    Glad your little bit of retail therapy has brightened your day x

  14. I wouldn't worry about being a little less than svelte - you have by far the prettiest face in blogland!
    By the way, Hattie has a huge fanbase of gentlemen of all ages... we more lusciously proportioned ladies have our admirers you know! It's only 'fashion' designers who like to get twelve frocks out of a yard of material who really like skinny minnies, you know - there's just more profit in 'em!

  15. Sally!! you are making me blush!! x

  16. Hi Sairer So glad you are back on the blog! and glad you got a break away with your other half. I was so sorry the caravan had to go. I have a dream of being a granny (aaargh not yet) with a little caravan at the bottom of the garden where the grandbairns could go and hide and play and I could furnish it like a little house with everything litle person size - bliss. I could have done that with your van. One day - eh my husband has 168 days until he retires! and I am 10 years younger than him so will have to work so much longer than him ie 11 years now the retirement age has gone up! I don't want to be old but I wish I could have more time at home.

  17. Hi! just started following your blog so thought it would be rude not to leave a comment. I too believe in White Stuff retail therapy and that home would be incomplete without a cat. I am a 50 something housewife who dabbles in silk painting and sewing when I am not being a supermum. xxx

  18. Thank you for entering! You do have a lovely hubby for buying your tickets. :-)

    Best of luck!! :-) x

    I've got a few white stuff things in the charity shop. I've picked up loads of amazing clothes lately in the CS. Got a new Laura Ashley wool coat (stunning bright colours) for £20.

  19. it must be this age we are at because i too have been thinking about these things alot. Gaining weight has also stopped me from wearing my vintage clothes which i swore i would always wear and really they are the only clothes I truly love (besides some EXTREMELY expensive designer stuff which I could not afford anyway). I do wonder though that if I lost weight and was really thin again, would I feel better about wearing some of the younger quirky styles and the vintage stuff that I love so much? I have decided that I WILL NOT let society tell me what to wear, I will wear what I like (lets face it, you see lots of young, thin girls in the most awful outfits!)....when i can fit into it of course...hehehe

  20. Lovely post - so nice to see you back! (I identified with the Hattie Jacques reference!) SueXX

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  23. I too adore, white stuff, also Fat face. But both are way out of my budget, all I can hope for is to find something from them in a charity shop! Really like your blog.

  24. ALL THE BEST FOR 2011!
    SOON... I HOPE!:-)



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