Friday, 5 March 2010

28 days later

Oops where on earth did February go?Maude

I was supposed to tell you about my mad sister jumping off a tower in Thailand, stinky boy turning 18, Pete's new job and my poor old Dad falling down a hole..oh yes, it's been all systems go in this neck of the woods so I better get started really..
First off my Dad fell down a boat hatch whilst staying in Thailand and broke his shoulder, got septicemia, very nearly popped his clogs and is now stranded in England with my mum at my other sister's house in Corbridge, now unable to get home as he can't drive back to France..poor old thing. So we were all very concerned about him.(I reckon hes milking it now he's on the mend but don't tell him I told you so) Hopefully I'll be heading up north to see them soon.

Jac, who lives in Thailand and is terrified of heights, zip-wired off the Pataya Tower on the 26th of Feb to raise money for Josie's charity..She did it on the 3rd anniversary of Josies death (I can't believe it's been 3 years..seems like only a week ago) She impressed us further by doing it in high heels and linen trousers (well if you're gonna go for it, go in style )!! Crazy lady! Oh and she's recently published her book called A Dragonfly Tale which you can now buy on Amazon, ooh err!

George has turned 18 this month now that is scary.Does this mean I can no longer call him stinky 'boy'? is he now stinky 'man' stinky 'person' or stinky 'bloke'?
He has been looking like he's done ten rounds with Tyson this week after having some very painful surgery on his lip. It's been almost year since that awful accident and he still has to have more operations. Do you know that b*%!$?* taxi driver, who changed his plea after 3 court appearances, finally pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and only got 6 points and a £110 fine.
I cannot tell you how angry the parents of the victims were. George has got six stitches in his mouth at the moment to repair his lip where his teeth went through it and tore a chunk out of his chin, his nose was slightly torn away from his face, broken and the septum damaged so badly that cartilage from his ear needs to be used to fix it again...the force of them hitting the taxi which was doing a u-turn made him end up in the foot-well of his friend's car, even though he was wearing a seatbelt. He also got dropped from his beloved rugby team.The fearless Flanker was finding it all too difficult with his ongoing injuries.

The elderly taxi driver is free to take paying passengers again.

So anyway, a calmer, wiser George lives in this house now, and an 18 year old ..18!!(sorry I mustn't keep on about it) and what did he want for his birthday? DRIVING LESSONS
Pass the Valium please...

And then there's Pete. Poor old Pete who's had the weight of the world on his shoulders for far too long.
He got his job, the one he really wanted with Eddie Stobart and it all worked out OK in the end. He's away alot and when I finally settle into this new routine of him being away all week and not eating biscuits for dinner because there's only me at home most of the time, you might find I blog more often and actually get round to replying to more than 3 of my messages.So if you see a large Eddie Stobart truck called 'Jenna-Louise' on the motorways, it happens to be my Pete driving her (probably looking rather pleased with himself)
Apparently Mr.Stobarts lorries get quite a lot of female attention, so I hear from their latest recruit anyway....
There's even a huge fan club (Harry's rabbit is named Eddie after the famous green and white trucks)
As for the rest of us well, I haven't finished my Summerhouse yet..there's still lots to be done. Crikey they take some painting! But, it has had a new slate roof and a black and white floor laid..twice in fact.I'm so glad you approved of my idea of a Summerhouse. Me and The Hound sat in it the other day, me in my socks, sat on the floor drinking tea and Hound in his doggy feet just sitting and looking out the windows.It was just lovely, the sun streaming through and no-one being able to see us. I can't wait for it to all be done and finished properly and for the summer to arrive...Then there's the ducks..those lovely cute,cheeky little ducks who lay one beautiful pale blue egg for me each morning.. Lovely Lily looking like she should have a blue bonnet and pink shawl like Miss Jemima puddle duck... hmmm yes..lovely adorable ducks...

Just look at my blinking lawn!!!!! arggggh! pests!and my flowerbeds!!! (what's left of them) (sorry about the pants phone photos..cameras on the blink)

Before I go and disappear to eat my biscuit selection accompanied by a large mug of tea for dinner, and get back to reading 'The Lovely Bones' I thought I'd better just say...

Katie Noelle...dont worry I read it just how you intended it..yikes, boys hey?!!
Yaz sang 'the only way is up', Siobhan....ahh the 80's!
Thankyou so much Deborah for my sunshine award, how lovely I must pop by and accept it properly x
and lastly MRS WOO (that's my shouty voice) its about time you came and saw me for a cuppa and dont call me Fudgeflaps!!!!! (it's all to do with my surname ladies..nothing else, I promise)

Cheerio for now xxMiss Daisy


  1. Oh Sairer, you make me laugh with your tales about your family life, I love how you have made your poor dads accident sound funny..........honestly I know its not but you have the best humour ever. I do hope your dad is on the road to recovery!
    Wow to your sisters jump, well done to her!

    Have the ducks really done that to your lawn, I thought boys were bad enough :)

    The summer house is looking fab so far!!
    Max my eldest had a fixation on Eddy Stobart lorries as well as other not so classy ones when he was younger!!! Great news for Pete!!
    George looks v cool, bless him, he's been through it hasnt he. Hope he had a fab birthday!!

  2. You have had a trying year, I think you all deserve some good times. We put our summerhouse up yesterday, the painting started today. I thought yipee its got georgian windows until I realised the painting, oh the painting....lets hope for a good summer!

  3. Crikey...your poor Dad...scary, glad he is on the mend.....

    love the new Summer house, we have had some nice sun, ben good for a change...makes me feel more positive...

    Time passes in a strange odd way when some one dies, my dear Brother will be one year gone this May......I think of him everyday....

    Love Melxxx

  4. What GORGEOUS pussycats you have!! Lovely post,hope that your Dad is back home soon and fully recovered.
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  5. I'm glad to see your post - I was actually wondering how you were doing. I'm so glad your guy's job is working out and isn't it funny, I JUST spelled "VALIUM" in Scrabble...

    Love, Katy Noelle

  6. P.S. Your summer house is adorable - I love the color! I am ABSOLUTELY AMAZED and impressed that your sister could jump off of a building and, having grown up on boats, I know how often the ground falls out from under you - ouch! I hope your Dad heals super quickly. Happy Birthday to your son - When I hear about Tom's bright ideas and mishaps when he was young, I'm just amazed that he lived long enough to marry me and tell the tale - phew!

  7. oo im glad your'e back.. i love reading your blog.. infact yours was one of the first that i started to read.. and i just use to look at pics of your house for inspiration all the time.( im not a mad stalker by the way!!!)..
    sorry to hear about your dad.. that must have been worrying.. and imagine being stuck over here when you could be in france. i know were id rather be!
    your poor son really has been affected by the crash he was in hasnt he. i actually winced when i read about the teeth in lip thing so cant even imagine what he felt..
    good news about your hubby... mine looked at stobarts but in the warehouse.. but the training would have meant him being away for about 4 months and we just couldnt do it with having two little boys.. so if i see the lorry i'll wave.. ( saying that we always wave at stobart lorrys.. i love the way they have a shirt and tie on!!)
    oh and one more thing. i love your summer house .cant wait to see it all shabbied up and pretty!!!

  8. I actually know a Jenna-Louise, weird coincidence! Well done to your hubby for getting the new job.

    Your summerhouse is lovely, am I allowed to be jealous?! Heehee

    Sounds like your son has been through an awful lot, I hope karma will catch up with the old git responsible.

    Mel xxx

  9. What an awful ordeal for your family.It seems that the victims suffer while the perpetrators get off lightly...grrrr!
    Your Summer house is looking good!
    It took 5 coats of paint to cover the orangey wood on ours,but it was worth it.Now the felting on the roof needs replacing...a job for Mr Boo when the weather improves.Have a good week.

    Bellaboo :o)

  10. So glad you are stil smiling through the good and bad. I hope then next 28 days are good ones. x

  11. so glad you are back after an eventful month - will look out for the lorry as I love them

  12. Your poor old dad! Glad he's on the mend now!
    Your sister is so brave! Ooh it make my legs wobble just looking at the photo!
    Hey well done to your hubby on his new job!
    Your poor son too!Hope he has all his surgery sorted soon!
    Love the summerhouse, that is the poshest floor I have ever seen! Love it!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  13. Sairer

    All wonderful wonderful news. Your voice sounds so up and happy at last. Life takes us to the edge before it gives a bit of slack doesn't it.

    Awed by how brave the high heeled zip wirer was.

    And your beautiful garden - I used to be so impressed by it as ours is a mess of mud, poo and stones chucked wily nily over the chickens shoulders. You must love them ducks lots.

    Enjoy your biccies
    Lisa x

  14. So pleased to see you back you are a better blogger than me! So glad your husband is happy and working and appalled at the courts attitude to the taxi driver I really think they have a very jaundiced view especially when young people are involved - hope George gets through the ops OK - his looks will be important now.
    Love your summerhouse but not your lawn!! I thought mine was bad - apparantly my neighbour tells me that grass is the same as when he arrived 26 years ago no wonder its like a mountain range - just another job. Just so pleased your money worries are eased a bit now - you all deserve it.

  15. Hi hun,
    SO glad Petes got his job and he's happy! George turning 18 - OMG where's the time gone? it doesn't seem 5mins since he was running into my house for a cuddle and us putting the world to rights over many cups of tea hehe! As for your lawn - well!!!!! Get the mugs ready i'll be round this wk i promise!!!!
    Loads a luv to you all XXXX

  16. Hi Sairer
    Your poor pops! Glad all is okay, though. Lovely to hear about your hubby's job! ;-)
    I love the Summer house, the whole idea of it!I bet you cannot wait for summer now, although the weather is definitely picking up here in Ireland already.
    Take care

  17. HI, just found your fantastic blog, I got so lost in it ,I forgot to pick my 16 year old son up from rugby practice!! could I ask you about your lovely fox terrier on wheels, where did you get it, have you had it ages, how old is it , I would love one, so adorable, i need one! I will be back as we seem to share share so many loves ,likes and passions.and once again , great blog

  18. Oh my word Sairer - what a month!! Poor George, there's no justice is there. Unbeliveable.

    Well done on your sister, I bet Josie would be super proud.

    And your poor lawn! At least you don't have to mow it though - I hate mowing, as thankless a blummin' hoovering if you ask me.

    Have a lovely weekend and Mother's Day. Hope your dad is on the mend sonn.

    Take care
    (Wow what a glam picture - love your hair cut, beautiful!)

  19. Goodness your family have had an eventful time... I'm glad everyone is on the mend and yes my baby turns 18 in a few weeks too and driving lessons are on the birthday list. Perhaps we can hold on together.

  20. Ever since I read this post I have been seeing those trucks passing me on the highway!
    Obviously they operate here in Ireland too!
    Hope your hubby is enjoying his job & that you are keeping well.

  21. ooooh your summer house is just beautiful - I would so love to get one but fear I would have to get at least four as the plan would be to put all my craft stuff in them - I would need 1 for sewing, 1 for knitting, 1 for painting and the other for all the other crafts I have on the go. How funny would that be - I could paint them all different colours like beach huts .... hmmm I think I'm onto something there. Love your ducks too - I want to get two this year but need to sort out a pond for them first. Take care M x

  22. Hi
    Love the Summerhouse, can we have more piccies please? Your sister was very brave, and very stylish. I hope you have a better year this year, the only way is up!
    Have a great Easter.
    Jo xx


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