Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cool caravans

Ok, ignore the bit where I said I would be able to blog more often! I've become a professional 'moper'. Moping around with just the hound and the cats for company eating cereal and biscuits...mmmm soooo healthy. I'm a tad lost without that husband of mine,even though we don't say loads to each other really, it's just nice when he's around, there to tell me to stop eating those biscuits and to have something more sensible for tea and I miss mucking about and being utterly silly with him, something that doesn't quite wash with the stinky boys (who are far too wrapped up with girlies to care what the dog looks like in a human outfit or the hilarious cringy 1970s trololol man on Youtube.
So, everything gets put on hold until the weekend..including the summerhouse, the wall, the decorating, the sewing projects..I could go on but that's quite enough about boring old me...
I've been ploughing through my book shelves and I thought you might like to have a peep at this book about a particularly favourite subject of mine...Vintage caravans.
'My cool caravan' has oodles of pictures of them from the 1930s to the 1980s and only a smidging of text..a brief description, a bit of background as to where it came from and it's owner and then some style notes on the other page (my kind of book!) The interiors, which are really inspiring, range from kitsch to retro to being completely original and their owners tend to match their quirky styled holiday homes on wheels perfectly.
It features British caravans, Dutch ones, a VW, a converted horsebox, a boat and a child-sized one that once belonged to the Royals.There is also a whole section dedicated to those fantastic gleaming silver palaces from the States.Even 'Constance' is in there in all her gorgeous retro glory.
This is one of my favourites..They tow it behind a 1940 dodge pick-up. How incredibly COOL.

If I had one criticism.. and there is only one little one, it's that some of the photos are a little bit dark, the rest of it more than makes up for that though.
I've added it to my 'bookshelf' in the sidebar as it's on a good offer at the moment if you're interested...160 pages of pure eye candy to dream and drool over.

Oh and Donna, should you happen to pass by and you didn't know already, your listed top of the list at the back in the sourcebook section!

I never got my long hankered after vintage caravan, but the birdies did;a Christmas pressie last year from my mother in law which I had to wait a whole year for, for it to be back in stock. The blue tits can't decide between the beach-hut or the vintage caravan but they keep checking it out so hopefully they'll go for a bit of kitsch camping in it.
This year we seem to have lots of birds in the garden, they must have realised that the cats are all in double figures now, getting old and lazy and really cant be arsed with all that tweeting and eating nonsense. Long may it last.


  1. Love all the caravans.
    I always joked about getting a red double decker bus and turning it in to a mobile home. I can see it now with it's red gingham curtains and a bit of CK to make it really special..x

  2. Hello I Love these caravans I can really see myself in one or something else mobile like a narrow boat.. how inspiring . I think I may have to buy this book.

  3. Good to hear your voice whenever it pops by Sairer. There are only so many hours between biscuit fixes after all. It's all I seem to eat most days (oh and a mars bar too).

    Thanks for sharing the book. I'll have to wait until tonight to see the pics properly as my light has gone on the screen. Somehow at night it all gets nice and bright again. Perhaps it's me not the pooter?

    Take care x Lisa x

  4. What a brilliant post! My fav picture is the one with the m&m cookies and the lunch boxes. "Can of Ham" is soooo funny! My neighbor has one of those "American versions" and is really into them. She couldn't come to my big old afternoon tea because she had to go to an association meeting. woah. Best of all, though, is the thought of birds going camping! Thanks for the cheeriness. I've wondered, here and there, how you were doing. It's nice to hear from you!

    Love, Kate

  5. I love the interior of the first caravan but then I really am into anything covered in chintzy fabric! Hope you get some birdies nesting in your pretty caravan birdhouse.
    Have a great Easter.

  6. How lovely to hear from you again! Such a lovely post too! I do love caravan and camping holidays, Hubby's not quite so keen though!
    Some of those caravans are gorgeous!
    Wishing you a Happy easter!
    Rachel x

  7. I love vintage caravans and the thought of the open road, but husband had a caravan obsessed father and, having spent too many hours in one as a child, turns very pale if they're mentioned!

  8. Fab to see a post from you, Sairer, you are missed. Loving that book, I think that might have to make its way to the HenHouse, I can imagine a certain small person here just loving it (that could be a good excuse for buying it...) In fact, we have booked a stay in one of those lovely shiny American ones later in the year which we're very excited about. Have a good Easter. Perhaps you could replace the biscuits with mini eggs now for a "balanced diet"?!
    Hen x

  9. I LOVE Constance!I'd like a caravan... and a beach hut on the Norfolk coast...but have
    you seen the prices of beach huts these days...crazy!!


  10. You've still not finished your summer house? Neither have I! Painting, more painting, more painting over the painting, then....more painting. I know you know how I feel. If i ever see another paintbrush....Keep chanting 'it will be gorgeous when its done' Take care, Amanda x

  11. gla dto see you back - love the caravans

  12. What lucky birds to have such a stylish home :)

  13. how funny, I bought that book a couple of weeks ago when I went to the caravan show at the NEC. The authors were there and we got chatting-the stand they had was beautiful, covered in bunting, and very funky. There were some wicked caravans at the show, including the airstreams (have always wanted to go in one, and it didn'd disappoint!) How is that garden room coming along?!xxx

  14. sorry Sairer, was logged in as my hubbie in case you wondered if you had a secret admirer!!x

  15. That book looks truly scrummy, will have to add it yto my bulging book collection. Lovely blog!
    Jenny :)

  16. First of all I love how you guys call them caravans. So much more civilized than campers or trailers. I really need to think of a name for ours. It is new and not vintage, but she still needs a name. These are all so darling.

  17. Hi there!
    Lovely to read a post from you again.
    Sorry to hear you have been without your dear hubby, I know how you feel. Mine travels a lot lately, & we are the same - don't say that much to each other, but when he is not here, he is very missed!!
    Oh, I love that book. I would love to get it for my book shelf!! Vintage caravans are an interest of mine too, & I often find myself swooning over pics of them & dreaming.
    Your little bird house is just so cute.
    Chin up hon - Take care

  18. Previous comment from Jas at Vanilla press

  19. love the pictures of the caravans i would love one in my garden :-D

  20. Cute cute cute and cute....oh thank you for sharing this little I NEED that book, rather like I need a hole in the head but I still I need to my favourite bookshop online...they know me well.
    Have a great day,
    Kiss Noises Linda

  21. i NEED that book... may have to take a trip to thanks xx

  22. oh, oh, oh! Sairer this is so fantastic - we bought a caravan (not vintage sadly) last year and it's been sitting on our drive ever since as we try to get organised and actually go away in it. It's been the most expensive Wendy House in the world!!

    I'm desperate to tart it up in this sort of style but needed a bit of inspiration. Off to buy the book right this minute. You're a gem.

    Have a fab chocolate filled weekend. Thanks so much for sharing such fab pictures.
    love Stephxx

  23. Thanks for sharing this lovely all the caravans..very idylic. Your bird hut is great! it's great fun watching the blue tits come and go about there business.

  24. love it - thank you for sharing!

  25. Dropdead gorgeous little homes on wheels. So many lovely things to look at.
    Sorry to hear you are feeling lost without hubby around during the week. I know the feeling, when my 'boys' are away, so I put on some loud music (Abba, sometimes!)crank up the sewing machine and create. Takes my mind off me and gets me sorted.

  26. I have just been looking at your flikr stream. Your house and garden are just fantastic!! I love it all so much I'm going to put a link to your blog on my sidebar.

  27. Wow! I was wanting to buy the book but had no idea I was mentioned in it. Thank you for letting me know. I simply must buy it now ;-)

  28. I've been slowly looking through your blog, taking my time, because it's so lovely! I love your ducks and your pretty kitties so much. You're definitely living the good life there!

  29. Love the caravans. They are cute in there own way. :D


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