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Hello again, sorry about the loooooooong gap between my posts of late, I feel like I can finally breathe's just like we have been holding our breath for one whole month waiting to see what will happen with jobs, the house and all that horrid boring, scary stuff. Then of course there was the snow too, that really threw a spanner in the works...
looks like someone went mad with a foam fire extinguisher!

Pete has just this week, started a job doing something he was doing when we first met 20 years ago and has interviews lined up this month for better ones he'll hopefully be doing in 20 years from now. I can't tell you how many application forms have been filled in and phone calls made.It has been one long nightmare. I've always said it's better to have a couple of strings to your bow so that there's at least another skill to fall back on when you need to...and believe me, as much as he didn't really want to do that job again, he needed to.
Apart from holding my breath and turning blue and my brain trying to escape daily from my head, (and the horrid hospital visits as well) some nice things have been happening too.

I'll let you in on a secret....

My lovely Grannie who passed away last February left me a bit of money and it took nearly a whole year to arrive at my door but boy, was the timing perfect. The mortgage was paid just one day late, the bills were paid and the scary telephone calls I was going to have to make were put off just in the nick of time. It was like she had waited until we really needed it, until we had no more doors to go through and no more answers.She allowed us to breathe again. Big deeeeeep breaths of relief.
I felt sad at the thought of not being able to have something to remember my Grannie by, I have the memories and the photos, but I really would have liked something to look at every day and know that my Grannie had given me the pennies to buy it with. I had known for some time about the money and had months to think of things to spend it on.
I'm not a posh jewelery person, I dont wear a wedding or engagement ring and the necklaces and the rings that I do own are like those huge big chunky ones like Trinny wears (gardeners hands..I'll never be dainty, see) so it got me thinking of other things, a vintage caravan, some some vintage pretties, a trip to the seaside...oooh the possibilities of flittering away pennies on pretty things were almost endless!
Then the shit hit the fan when Pete lost his job and all these fantasies were gone in a flash.
I did however have enough left for one thing and it only came to me whilst staring out the window across the garden whilst wondering how we would ever have got out of this mess if it hadn't been for her thinking of us and the perfect timing that made it all be ok.

summer 2008

The rose arbour at the bottom of the garden had completely got out of hand, huge 15' whips of evil thorny lengths were dangling half way across the neighbours garden and it became so big that it had broken through the roof of the arbour, the fence and the wooden rail that it rested on.It became somewhere we no longer sat under without getting scratched or bits landing on you from above. Beautiful as it was with its little pompoms of pink and white, it was just too big for the space. Such a shame, but this garden is always evolving, so out it came.The poor, now rotten arbour that Pete had built came with it and made some very welcome firewood.

I am now the proud owner of a summerhouse.
Put up by Harry and Pete on the coldest day ever inbetween flurries of yet more snow (I made tea and supervised the doings)

Harry in his mad hat and his Dad's boots

It was something Grannie always had at each house, something we often got told off for mucking about in, or spinning around in the case of the Victorian one at her beautiful Manor House and something she had once bought as a present for my mum too.

It still needs quite a lot more work, we will 'vintagey-fy' it and put proper slate tiles on the roof like we did with the chicken house, paint it green and cream and I have a garage full of spare furniture to decorate it with.The garden will be rejigged, the awkward to cut hedge has gone, the pond will be moved and a trellis-topped (and honeysuckle covered) wall will be built out of old bricks (by Stinky George if he ever stirs from that permanent teenage sleep) but at the moment in the constant rain, it all looks rather awful and very muddy.
I can't wait. Roll on Spring, roll on Summer.
I'll sit there with my cup of tea,with no doubt a few creatures around me listening to radio 2 on my Roberts radio in my vintagey-fied summerhouse with its bunting up and be in utter bliss.

Thankyou Grannie. Thankyou so much.


  1. Hi Sairer,
    Good to hear Pete has found something, will keep my fingers crossed for that job he really wants to come along. Can't wait to see what you do with the summerhouse, I know it will be fab. Lovely idea to remember your Grannie by.
    Hen xxx

  2. What a great idea to buy a Summer house with the money left by your Granny.The people who lived in our house before us had put one in the garden and we use it all the time.It was that orangey wood colour and I've since painted it blue and cream,put bunting in and hung some of my jug collection in there too.My OH keeps trying to use it as a shed and dumps the garden tools etc in there...grrrr!
    I hope we have a lovely Summer this year so you can really enjoy spending time in there.


  3. Hiya, so glad that Pete has found something even if its a stepping stone to another job!! My Steve is still looking, searches the job sites every day and sends off endless applications just like Pete, its a night mare isn't it although loads of unfinished jobs are getting done around the house so not all bad!!!
    I truly believe that things happen for a reason and yes that money from your wonderful granny did come at the right moment.......what a wonderful idea and I can't wait either to see the finished result as it will be beautiful!!! Roll on the nice weather so you can enjoy it!!
    Claire xx
    ps my word verification is 'sip ti' xx

  4. What a lovely summer house. Glad things are getting better for you. ((((hugs))) Pixie xxx

  5. So glad things are looking up for you - its scary isn't it.
    Glad Grannie is looking after you - we had something similat when Paul was out of work for a few weeks.

    Vicky x

  6. A SUMMER HOUSE! What a perfect idea and it's perfect that the idea has so many connotations with your Grandma. That WILL make you think of her in the most sheltered, peaceful, moments. It's just brilliant thinking!

    Right now, my "garden" is completely torn up (with no shape to the land at all) by the John Deere tractor that my husband got last year. It looks lovely covered in snow though! You're inspiring me out of the groan that I'm in.

    Best wishes with the job hunt!

    Katy Noelle

  7. Yay! I'm so pleased that Grannie came up trumps in the nick of time.
    Love the idea of a summer house, I'm sure she would have loved it too.

  8. Glad you are coming out of the end of a nasty 2009, and glad your grannies gift came at the right time. Heres looking forward to a lovely summer and look forward to seeing your do over of your summerhouse. Best wishes Betty countryrosecorner

  9. Me again, just a query, is it easy to add the adverts onn your side bar? Doy ou think its worth it? XX

  10. I'm so pleased that things are on the up for you. Pete will find something more suitable soon. I can not believe the timing of your Grannies money, she must of definately been looking down on you. The summerhouse is definately a great reminder.

    Vanessa x

  11. OOh Sairer how wonderful a Summerhouse...and 'heaven sent' as they say.

    And even my wonderful news that your hubby has found employment
    again...onwards and upwards YAY!!

    love n god bless julie & co ax

  12. sorry... ***should say***
    even MORE


  13. Glad to see you back my lovely, and with good news as well. Hopefully this is a sign of a good year to come, you deserve it!
    Very exciting news about the summer house, can't wait to see it in all it's vintage loveliness. Ian has just agreed (until he sees the price) that I can look into having one put in our tiddly garden as a 40th present, so I'm sure I'll be nicking all your design ideas! What a fab way to remember your Grannie.
    Have a lovely weekend, Julia xx

  14. Glad things are looking up for you now! I'm sure your grannie would have loved to see your new summerhouse! Can't wait to see it 'prettified'!!
    Spring is just around the corner, and I'm sure you'll spend lots lof lovely, leisurely hours in your summerhouse! It's something I'd like, when I move. I do have a large garden, but there's no point, if I'm not staying put.

    Take care : )

    Sharon xx

  15. Thank goodness for your granny looking after you all Sairer. Completely know what you mean about coming to the end of options and then to be saved in the nick of time. I'm so pleased for you. Glad you got the summerhouse. Great reasons behind it. Get rid of the snow and then you can go there and while away the hours.

    Take care. Big hug Lisa x

  16. Sounds like you deserve an award!
    I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Please follow this link to get your Award:

  17. Even in the hardest times - I find a new project can be distracting enough to keep one cheerful! (can you tell I have been reading 'cranford' recently?)

    now a summer house would keep me distracted a long time!

    can't wait to see the progress reports on it - and glad things are smoothing out some for you.


  18. You see, "The only way is up" (can't remember who sang that song). Sometimes life has a way of taking care of us. I know we are put through the mill sometimes but we can come out the other end! It must have been really horrid for you. So pleased that things are turning for you and that Pete has got a job and possibilities of others. Love your summerhouse - what a great idea.

  19. Wishing you happier times ahead and every time you sit in the Summerhouse you will think of your Grannie- how lovely..
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  20. good to see you back and things on the up......cant wait to see what you do with the summer sure your gran would be thrilled at all the things you were able to do with her 'gift'

  21. Hi fudge pants its me hehe!!!

    It was SO lovely to see you guys last week - it really made my day :-D Glad you've decided on the summer house - a fantastic idea for your gorgeous garden(must pop round and sit in it with you and have a large mug of tea). Kate is pesting me to come and see you too - so get the kettle ready hun hehe!
    loads a luv to you all

    Jaki (mrs woo) oh and little woo too XXXXX

  22. So pleased that things are looking up for you and your family. The summerhouse will be wonderful for you. What a great summer you will have.

  23. Ah bless you, I really hope that you and Pete have a bit more luck (good timing about the money though). I do know some of how you feel. I have to sell my car and down grade as I have so many debts to pay off, the house needs a lot of work, but it's just going to have to wait for years. Sometimes people in blogland either give the impression that life is easy and that bills don't affect them, or they really have got it that easy! What I like about you though is that you are so honest and real.

    I've said it a few times I'm sure, but you have such a great sense of style that's quite individual I think you could set up your own interiors business. You only have to look at the flikr pictures and all the lovely comments to know that you have got what it takes!

  24. Oh, the lovely scenario with tea and radio 2 in your summerhouse, I'm absolutely with you, sounds blissful!

    I'm sure your Grannie would be delighted with your choice. A few years ago my Grandmother too left me a little something with which I bought a garden table, chairs and parasol. They're getting a bit vintagey now - through neglect rather than design - but I wouldn't part with them for the world.

    Keep smiling.


  25. Hi Sairer , glad your Granny has helped out at the right time for you , funny how things happen isn't it . Hubby got a job ,things must be on the up !
    Take care , i lost my job on tuesday too < no warning at all , so i guess more crochering for me it is ! speak soon luv Helen xx

  26. Hi Sairer
    Lovely to read your post. I am so glad that things are looking up for you, I know it has been a tough time.
    I love the idea of a summer house, just gorgeous.
    My poor garden is looking very sad after all the snow, frost & freezing temperatures we have had in Ireland. I am beginning to wonder if it will recover.
    Take care & keep warm

  27. I've just been rooting around in your blog and came across your boy problems. Hmmmm .... how do I say this? Try being the pastor's wife and having your eldest son blurt out during sunday school song time, "DRUNK as a baboon!" Even better yet, try being a pastor's wife (always under scrutiny) and have your second son then repeat about 10 times (think gorilla voice), "drunk as a baboon, drunk as a baboon, ahem, etc. All this whilst youngest son has mouth open and is shaking head back and forth making strange sounds. Honestly, they'd slept well and we didn't have sugar for b-fast or anything. Stand your ground mom, stand your ground! Beautifully humbling isn't it? Come to find out, all 3 have aspergers. The "AHA!" a titch too late. AH well! It makes us stronger!

  28. Oh Geesh! As per usual, the next day I realize what I've said. Not suggesting atall that my son troubles are harder - they're just young tikes still. I'm only saying that I can relate to that, "here! Give me your kids and I will fix them!" - thing. It will probably turn out that your son will change the whole world for the better!

    Hoping you understand!


  29. Your Granny sure has good timing!
    I'm assuming a summer house is just big enough for a couple of chairs, like a gazebo. It sure will be fun to decorate, like your own doll house, huh?

    I just had a look at your home, in flickr and it's so beautiful!

  30. Don't know how I missed this posting when I've been wondering if things were getting better for you. So glad Pete's got a new job even if it isn't the one of his dreams. Summer house sounds great.

  31. So pleased a new job has happened-R started his a week ago as well.
    I love the idea of the summer house-It's great that you had enough money left to buy something that you will really benefit from, but also remember your Gran when you're using it.
    I can't wait to see the piccies of it being vintage-ified!

  32. I think your Grannie's gift of the summerhouse is going to be a gift to all of us too, in the form of lovely photographs. I can't wait to see it all unfold!

    So glad things are looking up for you all.

  33. Hello...I'm so glad that things are looking up.
    Sad that your Granny passed away, I'm sure she will be happy that you have a lovely summer house to sit in and remember her, she will be there in spirit I'm sure.....

    I popped by for another reason....:>))
    Might you want to show us your old CK booklets......A few of us, since I did a blog post today, are interested in seeing what she did a few years back....but only if you have time....I don't want to force you....



  34. Hiya

    I love your blog, and I hope you do not mind, but I have added it to my blogroll. :) xx


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