Thursday, 10 September 2009

talking Japanese

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh how I wish I could speak Japanese. wish ,wish, wish I could.
This lovely parcel of vintagey fabulousness arrived today.
Eye candy indeedy.
Fans of Paumes books will already know what I'm talking about but I was, until 5 o'clock this afternoon, a Paumes virgin.
Oh my, what have I been missing?
...I'm so excited I might have to have a poo at Paul's house. (I'm sorry but that advert makes me laugh SO much!)
Anyway, take a look vintage fans.
You may need a sit down and some hot sweet tea after taking in all these lovely images ....Now this little book seems to sum up everything I love.
Fifties stuff, vintage stuff,pretty stuff, shabby stuff ..STUFF in general.It is just Fab.

If you are already hyperventilating and feel the need to get one too, go directly to the Paumes site, you can pay by £'s in paypal who convert it from Yen. Mine arrived very quickly all the way from Japan for about £16 including postage.
I rather think a new obsession has arrived don't you?This page must be dedicated to Julia!...
p.s Betty says thanks for all the egg appreciation, it shocked her so much laying such a whopper she decided to loose her feathers early (it's molting season) so the hen run now looks like an exploded feather pillow. (Her big massive egg made a lovely spinach and red pepper frittata though..yum)
I have so much to tell and never have time lately...I have been away to watch 'spiderman' ride a wave,(more on that one later) A first visit to a massive local fleamarket where I got some brilliant finds (including that lovely vintage paper lantern in the photo above) and next week I have two whole days off as my mummy is visiting me from France.Whoopeeeee!!
No doubt girlie shopping, cake and copious amounts of tea will be involved...roll on Tuesday!!


  1. Poo at Paul’s – I keep saying that every time I need to ‘go’….now that I’ve shared my toilet habits to the world I will turn to those books – do you know Yvestown sells them?
    Japanese craft books are very similar – a kind of unreal perfection that bewitches and sucks you in…..

  2. OOh - I will have to go and have a look at this! Have a great time with your mum.

  3. Oh you are soo funny...I read the 'Poo at pauls house' saying to Fred and he nearly spat his drink out with laughter!!! hehehe...I love it over here honey, you crack me up honestly! thanks for the paumes link - I had always wondered how to get one of those books - they look total inspiration - wonderful! hope you have a great time with your Mum :)

    Speak soon

    Love Happy :) xxx

  4. sold!! I have wondered if I would like the Paumes books.....methinks yes!!
    As for poo at pauls house - that has become our phrase at just off to pauls, ooh think I may need to visit paul before we go of boys what can I say!!!
    Thing is my ex husband (and eldest 2 boys father) is called....yep you got it ;) confuses our 4 year old no end!!!

  5. Now look 'ere, don't go tempting me with another "must have", this house is teeming with crap as it is, plus I don't actually have £16! However, the children can probably live off baked beans and crusts for a couple of days, so.......maybe!
    Who's nabbed my name then? I'm liking the look of the blue tea set on her page.
    Pleease let me know where this fantabulous flea market is, we're getting a bit bored with our local one, a change of scene would be nice.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Julia xx

  6. Love love love the lantern & all the Japanese Vintage.
    Great pics!
    Have a fab time with your mom & enjoy all that tea!

  7. Pretty pictures!
    Your blog is such a joy to read and look at!xx

  8. Wow, I love the books and went and checked out the site. I wish I spoke Japanese also, but the pictures are wonderful. I love your blog, it makes me homesick!!

  9. Hi again..thanks so much for your comment.Lovely to be in touch again.
    Take care

  10. Hadn't heard of Paumes before though I've had really good fabric and books from Japan - and it all comes so quickly through the post. Love the lantern, I can see the flea fair and (anything else at 3 Counties) in the distance from my study window which can be frustrating! Have a great time with your Mum.

  11. I just dropped in to say hello and tell you what a gorgeous blog you have.
    The book looks really interesting, at least the pictures do anyway. A pitty I cant read Japanese!

  12. Paumes books are great. But you should buy them from Yvonne at Yvestown. Always better to support a fellow blogger. Fabulous looking books by the way. I've got the Paris appartments one and it's full of beautiful pictures.

  13. Oh WOW, this is a great post & you have the most gorgeous site here. It's all perfect !

    Thank you and best wishes....

  14. Oh poo! ( but not at Paul's) I might have to buy that book now.

    Thanks for your lovely pic of the Chinese lantern. I have a deep love for Chinese lanterns.

  15. That book is so cute! Certainly wish I could speak Japanese in order to better appreciate it, but those pictures seem to say more than a thousand words!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE that book!! Thanks for sharing it!!
    Cute lanterns too hun x
    Annie x

  17. never heard of Paumes & i def want to get my hands on a copy..i adore all things 50s & vintage too!!

  18. What lovely book! I have just gone online and see that they publish many other gorgeous books. Thanks for the info, I love discovering new books.
    The lanterns are so pretty!
    Isabelle x

  19. I only found your blog today - gosh I spent a happy hour here (oops no housework done then!) it was like finding a free subscription to a good magazine - thank you !!

  20. PS - so so sorry about your niece - I had seen her on TV and was so sad when they reported she had since died.
    God bless,

  21. as usual I've been utterly rubbish at message replying ..but thanks guys..especially to Lynn at the end x
    I do love getting them and they really are appreciated!


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