Friday, 31 July 2009

Kojak and the Argonauts

The stinky boy did something scary..not scary like this or even this thank goodness, no, the floppy long-haired one who's face has not been seen for about 10 years ..shaved his hair off to what can only be described as 'velvet length'.
It's quite strange seeing one's son for the first time at the age of 17 and a half, quite strange indeed.
I see that he has two eyebrows, pale blue eyes and the longest most beautiful eyelashes EVER (jammy devil).
I must admit I did moan about him getting his hair cut but I didn't really mean him to have it that short.
Hmm that'll teach me to keep my mouth shut!!

So now, in this house lives: 'Kojak' (that's Pete's nickname who seems to think he's more Vin Diesel (that's Vin below) than Telly Savalas (that's Telly above)..) er-hum, moving on swiftly and remembering to clean the mirrors more often, they must be seriously filthy in this house...

Action man circa 1977 (complete with authentic scar) that's stinky George;

(photo from toypincher on flikr via google!)
and Prince Harry..that's him below ..well he looks a bit like our Harry, so people tell us anyway, although our Harry's hair is more sandy coloured (just don't tell him it's ginger for goodness sake or all hell will break loose)

Me? well New Tricks is back on the TV so that means they'll be a whole rash of people saying I look like Amanda Redman.(but only if I have my hair down)woo hoo!! that'll do me thankyou very much indeedy..and I really dont care that she's 10 years older, no sir-ree!

So what I 'd love to know (because I'm very nosy) is just who do people say YOU look like??? go on do tell...!

ps.thanks for your messages, I promise I'll show and tell the (still unfinished) dining room..oh and show some pictures of the deckchairs,that is when Summer,oops, no, I mean 'Monsoon season' finishes and I can actually use them!
Enjoy your weekend! xx


  1. Amanda Redman has a toy boy boyfriend.....
    These days my hair looks like my dogs ears!but that is about as close as it gets.

  2. On a bad day I look like a very tired duvet and on a good day I used to get compared to Swing out Sister (when I still did the bright red lips thing).

    Must have been a bit of a shock going from floppy to velvet. Bet you want to touch that soft head all the time though.

    Lisa x

  3. Oh, I can't resist running my hands over hair that length! But that was when I was a teacher of 6 year olds, not at his age, I admit! In fact, my boys have very sticky-out ears and tend to have their hair cut longer.

    I shall now imagine you as Amanda Redman and you can imagine me, if you wish, as Miranda Otto (that's Eowyen in Lord of the Rings). She's older than me too, but you would never know it.

    It's very good to hear from you again.

  4. Hello honey - sorry I havnt dropped by for a while, you know I love ya ;)
    I have added you as one of my favourite blogs in the new 'Blogging for Bliss' book - just thought I would let you know as we go way back :)

    Sorry again I havnt been over here for a a rush now..its way past my bedtime :)

    speak soon honey xx

  5. I'm always getting that I look someone or other's neighbor. But whenever a Jim Carrey movie comes out, people stop my husband.

  6. Oooh, you lucky strumpet being told you look like Amanda Redman.

    I don't get told I look like anybody.

    Apart from Angelina Jolie of course.

    But that's just the voice in my head.

    Yes. My mirrors are filthy too!

    Missed you

  7. Apparently I'm the spit of Great Aunt Sal who I never met and wished I'd never asked what she looked like - "like your grandad in a headscarfe" was the charming reply (think Kojak!!)

    I'll settle for not scaring the traffic on a good day!

    The hair sounds fab; very mole-like.
    Have a great week.

  8. Sissy Spacek...

    Yep thats me!

    Sam xx

  9. yay! You're back, I have missed you!
    I get told I look like Kirsty Allsop, and also Kelly Osborne. Not sure if I'm delighted by either. It just goes to show how much weight I've gained in the last ten years-when I first left college i used to be compared to Jackie O and Grace Kelly! Much more flattering, I think you'll agree! Bugger. Must stop eating salt and vinegar chipsticks.


  10. I don't think I look like anybody famous:o( But I just had to leave a comment on your blog to say that your son looks gorgeous with that short hair. Lovin that white t-shirt and bulging biceps, chest.....ahem very nice. Loving your blog too, I just found it.

  11. Oh sharon..he wishes!..that's Vin diesel in the photo!

  12. Great funny post. My sister used to say I looked like Kim out of Emmerdale but with dark hair.

    Before he lost weight the hubby looked like Mr Blobby but now he's lost his weight and got a 6 pack i can't call him fatty anymore.

  13. OMG how funny I am so embarrassed lol. I have no idea who Vinn Diesel is but he's nice :o) I am giggling to myself here now...snigger....

  14. I obviously look like someone else's daughter as I am always being mistaken for someone else.
    I wish I looked like Juliette Binoche.. I can kid myself I look half decent and still 18 years old.. until I look in the mirror then that illusion is sadly shattered.. and so is the mirror!


    Ps I have a Harry who looks a bit like Hugh Grant.. I hope he keeps going in that direction.

  15. Well, when I was younger & thinner & had very much longer hair I was often told I looked like Jane Seymour (the actress, not the dead queen!)


  16. Ppl say I look like the girl out of a program called medium....I think its cos we have the same sort of snaggle tooth...LOL....
    Must stop wasting money and get that tooth fixed!xxxxx

  17. I get told i look like Liv Tyler or Sophie ellis baxter - i guess i look a little like both but maybe more so when i was a stone lighter (pre-marriage!)

    Aqeela xx

  18. Hee hee, lucky you, she is gorgeous! I have once been told I look like Liz Hurley (I nearly choked with laughter) and someone recently said I look like Princess Mary of Denmark. Sadly the only similarity is dark hair. My freind's boyfriend is the double of Jemaine from Flight of the Conchordes.

  19. Mee again, Ive been told I look like Sharleen Spiteri (I can see the resemblence in the video of 'I dont want a lover' but I was extremly young and skinny and had the same hair do!! ) Cindy Crawford - again many many moons ago, god what I would for someone to say I look like her now she is still stunning and the most recent one Liza Tarbuck!!! I have put on a lot of weight since the Sharleen and Cindy days.....what can I say!!!


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