Sunday, 10 May 2009

A rare day out..

You may remember last year we were lucky enough to be given some free tickets to the Malvern Spring gardening show by a lovely neighbour.I was only watching Gardeners world and thinking how good it looked again last night and a pity that our nice neighbours had moved, when stinky George produced an envelope with two tickets in for the show." from 'thingy' " he says, "who used to live next door, they called round yesterday" (they have since moved to a new house but still own the house next door)
So off Pete and I trundled in my old truck to visit the show only 10 minutes from our home.
There was definately a bit of a vintage/reclamation theme going on this year if you ask me, maybe I'm wrong,but there were more sellers with antique gardinalia and vintage garden bits and bobs and more lovely show gardens featuring old tools and vintage sheds than last year.Lots of alliums, which I always admire, and plenty of themed colourful gardens, I love the combination of dusky dark leaves and vivid oranges that seemed to be used this year...(sorry,the photos are a bit blurry,oops!)
but then again, I love purple flowers and circles used in the garden too, whether its alliums or box balls..or stone balls!But you can't beat a bit of vintage in my eyes, I just love this cute potting shed, with it's old tin signs and antique tools..This lovely greenhouse was just my cup of tea too!I did manage to get some nice old bits and bobs, only a few plants as I thought they were a bit pricey to be honest.Some much needed planters for my lollipop Bays; which have been crammed into their original pots for far too long and fell over if you sneezed near them! an old enamel bucket in the most delicious shade of blue and some Camassias to plant in them, this bargain of a big galvanised trough (£7!) which will weather down nicelyand yet another bargain item, a rusty metal obelisk for my clematis to climb up.It certainly pays to make an offer to the sellers, especially on the last day! last but not least I had to visit The Allotment shop again where I found this little packet of replica gardening ephemera.. It's just fab! I have no idea what I'll do with it all yet, but what a cute and interesting collection of vintage papers, pamphlets,cigarette cards, posters and seed packets.There's all sorts of bits and bobs in there!
You may like to check out the company that makes them...
(I think I might get the seaside holiday one aswell)
So anyway that was a rare day out for us and a really good one, so for now, if you'll excuse me I have some balls of my own to trim...(box ones of course)


  1. oh your last sentence soooo made me laugh, wiping away tears as I type!!

    Great post as well, thanks for sharing!
    Bh x

  2. How funny- I was watching GW too and wondered if you guys were going again this year. I am so envious!! I have never been (thats what comes from always working at weekends) and today we had to visit relatives in Wales. Seeing your photos was the next best thing. Maybe next year. Your garden is so beautiful, really lovely.
    Hope your balls trimmed up nicely....

  3. Wow! , you lucky lucky thing! I too was drooling over the Show when featured on Gardeners World. Looks like you had a great time, and brought home some real goodies. Just love Vintage-y seed packets and whatnots.
    x Vicky x

  4. How wonderful of your neighbours to have remembered the tickets!! It looks like a fab day out.

  5. I love the lollipop trees near your door! SO CHIC!!

  6. Your garden is a sight to behold Sairer.. I love the cottagey look!
    I am afraid the nearest I got to Malvern Flower show this year was watching it on Gardener's World.. much cheaper but not nearly as much fun.

    Michele x

  7. That sounded like a fun day out. Might have a look at those websites you mentioned, all those items are right up my street.

  8. It looks like a wonderful event - thanks for all the photos. How lovely to get to go there in such an unexpected way! You had some good buys, too.

    I've got a French/Scottish giveaway running at the moment if you'd like to have a go...

  9. I went on Saturday and bought the same shade bucket! I was also going to buy an obelisk but couldn't carry it as I was laden with plants (and my walking stick didn't help matters). It is my favourite day out of the year - I'm already planning next year! Your garden looks fabulous too.
    Cathy X

  10. Hi Sairer:
    Just wanted you to know I started a Flickr group for Cornishware and wanted to know if you have any to post I would love for you to join. It is for any colours other than the blue.

    Lisa xo

    Oh, here's the link:

  11. OH my goodness, i think i should close my mouth now as my chin is on the floor, all such lovely stuff, would've loved to go to a show myself but i will have to save up as the pennies are tight!
    Managed to get lots if garden things at the bootsales this weekend though so my garden is looking lovely too, i just love your little patio, the planting looks wonderful, not to mention the table and chairs!

  12. Oh how i would love to go one day it looks fabulous....and i just love your last picture of your garden its stunning!
    Love Kristina XxX

  13. V, v , green with envy! It looks much better on your blog than it did on Gardeners world. Your own garden looks beautiful!

  14. Hello - love your pst and your bays! I have just emailed the wonderful Mempack site as they havent got the gardening on the options to buy yet and am ordering the bargain packs of 6 - cannot resist the 50's and 60's childhood packs and so many others. Some are going to be Husband's birthday presents

  15. what a really nice day out,
    i have a few those vintage packets,the childrens 1960s,household 1950s and the british seaside pack,there really good


  16. What a nice neighbour you have, and the weather looks great.

    What a fab day out, and you came home with some great purchases.

    Vanessa x

  17. A lovely post Sairer.
    Maybe its that whole recycling/ make do and mend/reclaiming thing that so many of us have been doing for years ;-)) that's finally catching up with the gardening world? I'd always rather have an old time-worn hand fork or trowel, than a brand new one...
    I have some of those rusty obelisks, they really add a nice feature to a nostalgic style garden, don't they?
    Glad that you had such a lovely time...

  18. Vintage, pretty and shabby says it all! I love your site and your creativity. I am adding it to my blog and clicking your "Follow" button. Please visit and if you like what you see after browsing a while, please be sure to click My "Follow" button and also add me to your blog for continual updates and inspiration!

  19. What great pictures! Looks like a wonderful day.

  20. SUCH a lovely garden! I'd happily sit there with a glass of plonk! Hope your balls are all neat and tidy now. t.xx

  21. The show looks really your purchases - how pretty is your garden!
    Margaret and Noreen

  22. This looks like a great day out. My son surely would have forgotten to give us the tickets until a few days after the event! Love the "ephemera" pack!

  23. What a super day out! Lovely, really enjoyed reading your post today.....missed being here, must make more time to pop in!xxx

  24. This is too long of a break woman! Where are you?

  25. What a lovely blog, gardens are just stunning.

  26. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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