Monday, 12 May 2008

More good things and pretty stuff

' Tranquility garden'

Karma is being kind. Good things have been happening of late, the first being that our nice newest neighbours whos cat I looked after last week, came round with some spare complimentary tickets to the Malvern Spring Gardening Show. I had only been watching it on Gardeners world saying it looked really good this year (I last went about five years ago)but couldn't justify paying out nearly 30 quid just to get want to spent at least that on all the goodies on offer!!
Needless to say I was over the moon.It's our little slice of fame in Malvern and being a gardener everyone expects me to have been and tell them all about it.

Our favourite garden at the show,lots of little rooms leading into each other,follies and gremlins! Gorgeous.

Well I shall be telling them how fab it was! The show gardens were really great.There were so many lovely stalls and gadgets,I didn't know where to start first.I always home in on the vintage tools and garden salvage stalls, I love old watering cans and my milk churn came from the show before. Not quite what you would expect to find at a garden show, but I came away with these little beauties..everyone was ignoring the pretty little French lined basket,

and gorgeous I got myself a couple of real bargains after a bit of cheeky haggling!

There was also a stall selling kitcheny things so I got these enamel bits too, the string tin was £2.50 and the bucket a fiver!!
I did get a plant too, one I saw last time at the show that had just been introduced but had sold out straight away, so I was able to get my unusual burgundy flowered Lysimachia 'Beaujolais' this time.I also bought a very boring but essential Australian gadget to help me strim nettles easier (oh the excitement!)
When you work around gardens all the time you become a bit blase when it comes to looking at garden centres and plants for sale, I go to them often, get what I need at the best price and go, so the other pretty stuff and show gardens are what I'm more interested in!
Everyone asks your opinion on plants/weeds and pest control at every opportunity too..(it must be how doctors feel at parties!)..If I had a pound for everytime I was asked how to stop cats pooing in your garden I would be a rich woman! So sometimes it's nice to switch off to it and just have a mooch at everyone else's hard work.
Well I'm sunburnt as it was a gorgeous hot day, my feet ache like crazy but it was a really nice and unexpected treat to be able to go, so I will leave you with some pretty photos....enjoy! (they should enlarge if you click on them)

This wisteria smelt divine!

loved this menacing chap in his bubbling well

We both loved this ingenius little waterfall coming down either side of the steps to the pool at the bottom.How about this for a way to recycle old bike wheels!
This was clever, but a lot of people didn't get side was a police station in the 60s and the other side, one today.The 60s side had rows of bedding plants and an old Morris Minor..I heard someone say.."well that's nothing special we had our garden like that"....hmm I think that was the point lol!

a little slice of the mediterrean.. all grown in sand.

and the entire crowd wanted to dip their toes in here..It was such a hot day!

Ps. I'm not sure whether it was talking about cats pooing or my use of the word 'pants' that has generated an advert on my googleAds for 'used pants' how bizarre! people actually buy parcels of used pants? I must have lived a sheltered life..I'm intrigued..please do let me know if you click on it as I'm not allowed to!!


  1. oooh you got some really lovely things. I really like that tapestry, how pretty.

  2. I love garden shows.... I used to go to Hampton Court but haven't been for a few years. Your posts have set me thinking.... maybe this year?

  3. Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing them. You found some nice things and great prices!

  4. All of that for looking after one cat! How lucky are you, I watched Gardners World on Friday and spent the hour oohing & aahing!

    Good to know you got some bargains along the way!

    Vanessa x

  5. Wow what a great garden show! The
    wisteria looks so pretty. I love the basket purse you got as well!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful tour.....hasn't the weather been perfect for this years show? The Mediterranean garden looks just right, bathed in sunshine,

  7. thanks for sharing your purchases and pictures of the lovely garden show. And as for the google ads...when i visited today the 'odd' ad was for panties vintage. HUMMMMMM, wonder what that means. *grin*
    kelley abeillemere at comcast dot net

  8. Looks like a wonderful day out but I do know what you mean about the entrance charge. I went to Chelsea one year and although I loved it I haven't been back I'd rather spend the money on the plants especially when there is such good television coverage, oh dear now I sound like a boring old couch potato!

  9. What a gorgeous show, and what great bargains, I paid £8 for my string tin - boo hoo!
    Love the 60's police garden more than the modern one - old fashioned gal that I am!
    Julia x

  10. Oh dear is it me that's going to have to discuss the pants?
    Apparently in Japan young girls (teens) can sell their 'used' knickers to men (who clearly like that sort of thing) who buy them....from vending machines - I saw a programme about it.
    The garden show looked fabulous. I know how to stop cats doing their business in your garden - have a mad spaniel run about doing his business in it instead:)

  11. I enjoyed your pictures so much, I feel that I have been to the show with you.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Racheal x

  12. Well I might have been feeling hard-done-to about being a pauper and not getting to any garden shows this year, but your lovely post and gorgeous pictures have cheered me up no end by giving me a virtual tour. Thank you! I was drooling on Friday watching GW. I love all the pictures, bargains and plants you highlighted, right up my street. We got press tickets for Tatton last year so maybe we'll be lucky again - fingers crossed!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous pictures. They have really cheered me up.

  14. Lovely photos, looks like you had a lovely day out.

    Any news on the house sale yet?

    Im so suprised it hasnt been snapped up already, even though the property market has sloweed down.

    Love your display on the last post, in the kitchen. I want some spotty mugs!

  15. What a fun day you had at the garden show. Great enamel finds, I paid a fortune for mine too - sob sob like Julia! The tapestry is lovely. I think the police garden is great and also like to 60's one best. I can see why you got all excited on arriving. Thank you for the tour.
    Carol xx

  16. Lovely to see this show through your eyes.. We went last year and it was a wash out..
    There is something so divinely Britsh about garden shows and I love them! I am hoping to pay a personal pilgrimage to Wisley RHS headquarters next weekend. Haven't been for.. XX years... a long time!!
    Beautiful photos.. thank you for your show and tell.


  17. What a lovely blog, and a delightful sense of humor!

  18. Hi Sairer, pop on over, you're a winner!
    Julia x

  19. Such a beautiful place and post! But the menacing old man was scarey!! later,Lori

  20. Lovely pictures of your day out!I love the Wisteria and the 1960's police garden.

  21. I love garden shows too - the Malvern Show looks wonderful. How nice of your neighbours to give you tickets :-} Love your little "string" tin.

  22. That looks like a fab day out what a nice neighbour!Was watching it on the tv the other day. Your bargains are very nice enjoyed the photos.

  23. A trip to Malvern you lucky thing. I only saw a condensed one hour on Gardeners World. Thanks for the photos, I am going to study them for inspiration. Can't wait for Chelsea on the TV next week. x

  24. Love love Tranquility gate. What a day it would be to have been there!


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