Monday, 4 May 2009


SOMEBODY is in my bad books. No names mentioned but he's furry, rather old and ginger..(and rapidly using up his nine lives)
He had every test going at the Vets because he was looking ill, not eating,depressed and scruffier than usual.
£180 later...(£180 !!!) one puss cat is returned home with a clean bill of health from the vets.

The reason?
turns out SOMEBODY didn't like the new cat food.
and if he thinks he's having that 'sachet ' cat food for posh spoilt Princess cats every day of the week, he can think again.
hmmmm pesky cat.
Still love him to bits though.x


  1. I must say, he is the epitome of health now, isn't he? As a matter of fact he does look a wee bit like the cat that got the cream or is that just me?

    Lisa xo

  2. Oh, but how could you possibly deny such a face as that? So happy for you that it was not more serious. Such a lovely cat.

  3. bless him

    cats have such a hard life dont they hehe.

    my cats are just the same,fussy little things

  4. So obviously pleased with himself, hoe could you resist!
    Julia xx

  5. What a lovely funny post Sairer, apart from the expensive bit. Don't let him tell the other cats about this posh food he's heard off, you'll have a mutiny on your hands.

    When we adopted Pip recently she was a very fat cat. She would look at the food on offer, sniff and walk off. She broke first though and now is slim and leaping around trees, probably for the first time in her life.

    Lisa x

  6. LOL! Our cat is just the same, he will only eat branded cat food, how strange is that, a snobby cat! We have tried him on different foods, but he would rather starve than eat it, so we have to buy him the good stuff, or he wont eat! Animals are so funny! xxxx

  7. Your adorable cat is so obviously prefers the finer things in life, unlike my self all shabby, shabby, shabby ;)

    Have a good day


  8. Cats are so manipulative, aren't they? But that's never seemed any reason not to love them, in my opinion. I kind of admire them for it, secretly, although like you that doesn't mean I'm giving in! Our current cat is French, and was given the name Chanel by his previous owners, presumably because he wears a very stylish black and white suit. He has half a tail - I've promised the story (the 'tale'?) on my blog one of these days.

  9. Oh dear, cheeky naughty puss.
    Beautiful cat though!

  10. Oh he is a cutie. We lost one of our cats this January. Peaches was 24 years old!!!!!!!! I think her 'catitude' helped her live so long, and maybe some special treats along the way. They are part of the family and we love them no matter how they treat us at times.

  11. Oh HA, HA!! Your'e right it's not funny,Just think of all the lovely treats you could have both had. Typical man, if only he had communicated his wishes to you, for posh princess cat food, you could have talked it through with him!
    I called a vet out once to one of our donkeys that couldn't stand up'(HE SWORE TO ME HE COULDN'T)
    As soon as the vet went near him he got up and ran away!!
    That cost alot too!!

  12. bless :-)

    he is lovely!
    altho clearly has expensive tastes!

    Rose XXX

  13. That made me laugh!
    I was directed to your blog by Floss :)
    Awh, Mr Fluffy is *just* as finicky and oh-so-spoilt. My fault, I admit.
    His tummy protests whenever we switch (down) to cheaper kibbles and wet food. These cats...

  14. I just got the strangest email to say that you'd had a comment update. It was all in 'foreign' but it's not in the comments here so I wonder what all that was about??

  15. Im not generally a fan of cats ( they always poo in my garden) but he is really cute ( and expensive!). Love him in the basket!

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  17. Oh but look at him...I'm afraid I couldn't resist!!!
    He is beautiful xxx

    Sam xx

  18. Go on spoil your lovely cat they are only here for such a short time. Our ginger tabby, Buffy, disapeared last week. We have searched and searched and miss her so much. So appreciate him he is very worth it.

  19. your post made me laugh - how fussy can cats be!!?? Extremely expensive taste obviously!!
    BH x

  20. I had to stop by again to look at him!
    I just love cats!!


  21. Oh you have to love cats !!

    Not long after we got fistral she became really poorly so we called the vet (on a sunday too ) we went through toxic this and poison that but within 2 yes 2 hours of seeing the vet she was running around like a mad cat again !!!!

    We get the whole scrappy floor thing if she has different food from normal !!

    Sara & fistral x x

  22. He looks decidedly pleased with himself doesn't he? Don't let him near the computer or he'll be telling all the other cats how to get fancy-pantsy cat food too!

    Thanks for your get well wishes!

  23. He looks slightly worried in the basket...maybe he thought he was going on e bay so mummy could get her £180 back.
    Hope your well otherwise,
    Love Kristina XxX

  24. awww - I know exactly what you mean but they look so cute with it though!
    Josie x

  25. Ah yes... we have one like that. One day he is all over me because he is given Sheba for a treat.. then it's stomp off in a huff the next day because he decides he doesn't like that brand any more...
    I ask you!

    Michele xx

  26. Oh my goodness £180 and there is nothing wrong with him. This post made me laugh out loud. We have elsie cat and she looks in disgust at me when I give her some foods. The look that says if you think I am eating that you have another thing coming and i will just meow all day until you give me something else!


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