Monday, 9 February 2009


I'm faffing about again, doing things that I shouldn't be doing when I have so many other things to do, more important boring things.
As a break from the endless amount of paperwork and sums I've been doing this past week,(as well as trying to make some curtains for someone with far too little fabric).. I've been faffing about with wooden know I have a bit of a 'thing' for cute little old fashioned dogs.
I doodled this chap on the back of a cereal box,
(ignore the scraggy leg bit)
and Pete went into the man-shed full of scary tools and spare balancing furniture and made me this;
.(the ball needs work but this is a test dog )
and then this one which will have hooks or pegs I think, now I need to do some painting and gluing and 'prettifying' and we will see what happens with these little wooden dogs...I'll keep you posted.

One thing good about selling stuff on eBay, is that after they take their horrendous fees off, you get spare pennies to play with..especially when its Paypal pennies, as we all know in the land of shopaholics, that's not real money.. it's a bit like Monopoly money..(although the said 'Monopoly' money did come in very handy when the car tax was due)

Isn't Monopoly money pretty colours? It's like the colours found on old maps or toy tin globes.
I just love those colours.

So with the click of a Paypal button, presents arrive at your door..curious unseen 'gifts' from far and wide..wonderful 'gifts' for lifting the soul and cheering up the monotony of boring everyday stuff..(although these havent arrived yet, so I've borrowed this picture)

An increasing amount of kitsch has been finding its way into this house.You can't beat a bit of kitsch.

I can feel some of your toes curl looking at him in horror..but I think he's really rather lovely!
These gorgeous books are to blame, I'm often found dipping in and out of these for a bit of kitsch eye candy, especially American kitsch 1950s eye candy.. they were just the best producers of that kind of thing.I have a few bits of 50's kitsch stuff up in the loft, I must fetch it down someday.I know I have some pink china flamingos somewhere, now you can't get much kitscher than that!
(oh ok, maybe a pelvic rotating singing Las Vegas Elvis to go on your dash-and no, I dont have one!)

Anyway, thankyou for all those really nice messages about my Grannie..she would revel in all that attention and yes, she was a lovely lady who thankfully kept all her 'marbles' right to the end.

Thanks also for some really lovely awards and some tags..which by now I think you must have gathered I'm a bit rubbish at doing.. sorry, I 'll hopefully get round to it soon ..maybe when I've finished faffing about with bits of mdf and paint!


  1. A bit of kitsch never hurt anybody!
    I know what you mean about paypal. I look at it's money I never had, so it's ripe for the spendin'. I wish more websites took it though!
    (As I'm not blogging much at the mo, I've just read your last post. So sorry to hear about your Gran. Mine would be 106 now. I wished I'd talked to her more about her early life and now, sadly it's too late)
    Deb x

  2. Great doodle of the doggie (very talented) and well done to your husband for creating the wooden cut out. I love the old terrier pictures too but stick to my breed as I feel I'm betrayng them otherwise, LOL.

    Hmmm, the dreaded ebay.... sometimes I wish I'd never discovered it and paypal but you can get some glorious things on there ;-)

  3. Paypal money isn't like real money is it? It's so easy to spend with a click of a button!
    Looking forward to seeing the completed doggy projects.

  4. The more kitsch the better!
    I love the wooden cut fact I love it all.
    I was also so sorry to read about your Gran.

  5. Great doggie doodle & I love the idea of turning it into a cutout! It will look wonderful painted :-)

  6. I always wished the £500's were pink. They are such a yeachy baby poo kind of orange. LOVe the doggy hooker. Want to see those flamingos and it's ok; this is blogworld. We don't mind if you admit to owning the plastic hip swinging Elvis - in fact it might be good for a laugh on a long commute home! t.xx

  7. Sorry to hear about your gran.
    I love the word faffing, it is, unfortunately one of my favourite things to do!
    The kitscher the better in my opinion.
    As for paypal and monopoly money I know exactly what you mean, although I do remember monopoly money being even prettier when I was younger ...
    Take care

  8. There's nothing wrong with faffing when you produce a masterpiece like that!

    I'm loving the kitsch stuff at the moment, I am on the hunt for one of those lovely little bambi's.

    Vanessa x

  9. Our bambi has the egg cosy on his head at the moment to keep him warm. Dogs looking good already - anyone being able to use a jigsaw amazes me. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Oh and could I borrow the flamingoes to make our flooded garden look more attractive. I had threatened to get some the other day.

  10. These are great! I hardly dare show them to my 10-year old son, for fear he'll want all of them - he's my Kitch King, in a home where the rest of the family veers towards the simpler side of country style.

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  12. Hi sorry was me, wrong mixed up...LOL, Hello are you?xxx

  13. I'm loving the cute!
    Looks even sweeter next to the toadstool and candle stick!

    I know I'm totally bonkers!
    Folding clothes, cooking tea and looking at mt blog.....I need more arms!xxx

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  15. Hi Sairer...Pop over to my blog and pick up your award :)

    Love Happy xx

  16. Ah bless you Sairer, you are sooo kind...I love what you do over here...I just don't seem to get the time always to catch up with you...but you know I Love ya! xx

    Speak soon Honey xx

  17. oh what a lovely dog, i like the look of the books aswell - off to look on amazon now........

  18. Your drawing of the dog is very good think you have a hidden talent there! And Pete has done a mighty fine job of the cutting out what a clever pair! Those books look really nice and your Kistch deer looks the part in your display.

  19. Love the dog, and can't wait to see him painted!! I wish I could use a jigsaw as well as Pete can!
    Just to let you know, I received the tea set yesterday, all in it's correct 20 pieces!! IT'S LOVELY THANK YOU!!! If you look at my blog , you will see it in it's glory. It must have taken ages to pack!!


    Sharon xx

    ps Sorry I forgot your blog name!!

  20. I'm a bit of a faffer at the moment, love the deer, of course Bambi springs to mind.

  21. I had forgotten all about that little lady bird book - I had it when i was little!! (Plus I'm a ginger!)

    Now I'm on the hunt for a copy!


  22. Oh I have to agree a bit of kitsch mixed in with CK and shabby chic makes a great combo. I love your goodies and I totally agree oaypal money is not real, well this is what I tell hubby lol x


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