Friday, 13 February 2009

D is for Dog

Well I stopped faffing about and painted those two wooden dogs last night. They do still need a bit of adjusting as I don't like the ball and the eyes and some of the furry lines,but hey-ho they are only test dogs.
This is Archie..the bigger bossier dog and he wants to play ball..(Except his ball looks a bit like a pumpkin at the moment!)
I would really love to keep those little vintage blocks at the bottom;but, I'm too precious and didn't want to ruin the set so they are bluetacked on for now, making him a bit like a peg rail.
Then I had the idea of these toadstool pegs I used to hang my Christmas cards from last he becomes an instant notice hanger-peg thingy for all those important postcards.Then this is Wilf; long lost cousin of Stanley (his claim to fame)He too may end up with pegs..although his eyes need to be sorted out, he looks a bit worried if you ask me.
I think it's all down to this book, My favourite from when I was little and we visited my other Granny.A rather well read 1949 edition of Ginger's adventures that belonged to her.
Little tan and white scruffy dogs are just so cute.Oh dear, someone's feeling left out..and big stinky black dogs are cute too.yep, I thought that would make him smile.


  1. They are so nostalgic... I'm sure I must have read books like your grandmother's, even though I don't remember them. I was more of a cat person when I was little...

  2. They are so brilliant! I love them, you are so clever!

  3. Oh my goodness your creations are perfectly wonderful! And your black doggie is sooo sweet!
    Gosh I love old books like that -the illistartions are so yummy!
    Have a wonderful weekend~Smiles~Tam!

  4. Those dogs are brilliant - not sure which one I like best - oh I like them all. You are being your own worst critic, I couldn't see one problem with them, but I understand your perfectionism.

    Lisa x

  5. Those dogs are brilliant - not sure which one I like best - oh I like them all. You are being your own worst critic, I couldn't see one problem with them, but I understand your perfectionism.

    Lisa x

  6. Hi Sairer,

    I love your dogs - really great! Your big stinky black dog is adorable; reminds me very much of a big old labrador we had when I was young.

    Thanks for your lovely comments and watch the post next week!!

    Have a great weekend,

    Clare x

  7. Hello
    Discovered you site quite by chance... You are a v.talented lady. Loove the dogs and your black lab is gorgeous too. I have a real life Stanley the name inspired form Cath Kidston's own lakeland terrier, ours is a mini-schnauzer. And his Stan My Man lol!
    When are you gonna sell these???
    I will be first in the queue to buy, perfect to hang Stanley's lead on! And btw your house is to die for it looks like it should be in a Country Living magazine.
    Glad I found you
    your new fan Julie x

  8. Hello Again,
    They are wonderful and very cute,my Max and Beatrix would love one of these for their leads if you ever stop faffing and just sell them woman lol.
    Love Kristina XxX

  9. I like the test dogs very much indeed but a smiling lab has to be better!

  10. They are all amazing! You're amazing! I can totally see why you can't part with the little blocks but they do look lovely.
    As for stinky black dog, well, I'll have him! t.x

  11. They are fantastic!
    And as for Ginger!
    (Have you read my blog-posts about Ginger?)

  12. Oh I remember reading Gingers' Adventures when I was a child..then I read it to my daughter..happy days!!Love the wooden doggies.. Sue S

  13. oh my goodness! another ginger's adventures fan! it was one of my fave books as a child, except I called it gingers 'reventures' - i was just delighted to see it here in your blog! :) it made a big impression on me as a kid, looks like ginger inspired you too!


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