Monday, 26 January 2009

The Americans have landed!

Hooray!Remember I told you I had spent some of my Christmas money on a something from America? well theeeeeeeeeeeeeeere heeeeeeere( that was meant to sound like the little girl of poltergeist incase you were wondering whether my finger had slipped on the 'e')I love these two cushion covers..they're so quirky and chickeny and vintagely fun,
I have no idea where they are going to live but they just had to fly over here and live with me, no matter what.But I really wasn't too pleased that *?@#*(you can insert your own adjective there, mine's too rude) Royal Mail decided they would charge me an extra £15 tax to deliver the parcel, £8 of which is their 'handling fee'..pah! (this is the Royal Mail that refused to sign my paypal posting certificate and then told me snootily that they are 'doing me a favour by posting my parcel')..
Needless to say I now need to go in a car to the nearest post office, skwiffy hormones, Quality Street withdrawal symptoms and annoying stuck up post office ladies do not make a good mix) So unfortunately these have turned out rather more expensive than I had first envisaged..oops.

Well I love them, they may not be everyone's cup of tea but they are certainly mine..hooray for chickens in America and their vintage feedsacks!
They will eventually sit with a vintage Union Jack flag cushion I'm yet to make for a bit of an international mix.Now, I don't know about you, but I'm really terrible at managing my time, I really shouldn't be sat here in my pyjamas blogging, the furry tumble weeds are back in the hall, Red needs a walk and the chickens need cleaning out, let alone the sewing, bed making, message replies, parcel posting and general everyday stuff that goes on inbetween the proper work.
I almost go into a pause mode, like I can't get on with the everyday things whilst something else is going the case of last week it was more hospital appointments involving lady prodding, endless bills to sort out,Pete's job and eBay sales.. and those lovely red slippers having to go back to Cath Kidston in Birmingham, which involved lots of cars hooting and scary roundabouts and me feeling like a country bumpkin driving in the city with a traumatised mother in law in the passenger seat. It turns out the cats were innocent, the falling apart was due to them being cheaply and badly made.
I do think two banana skins would have lasted longer on my feet than those pretty red slippers, so they were swapped with a much hankered over green spotty bag (which I have since changed my mind about and it's on eBay..If I'm honest, I had wanted the other spotty one really with the longer straps and the even more ridiculous price tag!)..
My mother in law decided the slippers must have been too delicate for wearing round the house and should have been worn for getting out of bed and looking 'pretty'..pretty? getting out of bed and looking 'pretty' does not happen in this house, Caffeine starved cavewoman in Simon Cowell's pyjamas is not a pretty sight, even with 'delicate' slippers upon her feet.

Maybe I should wear my 'man boots'..yes, man boots are definately more appropriate in this house..
hmm.. anyway a lovely lady in Australia (hello K!) told me about this is to die for and I'm going to share it. I love their style. LOVE it .
Now I want to live in a Victorian house with sash windows and white walls..(funnily enough rather like my first house) and fill it with quirky colourful vintage goodies.
I also would need small cute stinky boys again and wads of cash but hey there's no harm in browsing is there now? ahhhh drool.
Have a fab week x


  1. Terrific cushions, they are utterly gorgeous.
    God Royal Mail and the Post Office wind me up no end.

  2. Oh I love the cushion covers, very fetching and my sympathies on the tax, that Royal Mail handling fee is a killer, such a cheek.

  3. I love the cushions!
    Shame about the slippers, so far mine are ok....eeekkk...hope they don't go wrong!

    Love the man boots!xxx

  4. I absolutely love your new cushions. I might even put up with the PO winding me up to get them. I also like your green CK bag. I like her designs but think they are over the top on price for the quality you get. I'm moaning as usual!


  5. Fabby cushions. I am with you on the P.O. charges, what a rip off. I had to go and collect my fabric on Saturday and pay nearly £14 and that's the second time in as many weeks. Not helpful!
    Hen x

  6. ooh i love the cushions

    its a shame about the slippers


  7. Lovely post to read. Time management made me laugh, know what you mean as you sound like me. It feels like being in a pinball machine richoceting from one job or idea to another. Sit down at the end of the day exhausted and think what really happened today?

    Feed sacks are fabulous. Naughty Mrs Kidston about the slippers. I think she's getting a bit overated now anyway, despite me having the same bag.

    Have a great week too.
    Mrs Bun

  8. Love your cushions, they're great. I'd be gutted too if I had to go and pay all that tax to the P.O.
    Take care.

  9. How perfect are those cushions for you, of course you had to have them!! Poo to PO, saying that I had a parcel I sent to Mel which got lost returned to me on the weekend, I'm surprised they didnt charge me the pleasure :)
    I saw your fab feature on the Cookie website, your house is so beautiful, I know I keep saying it!! Have you checked out you do have to register but then you get to drool over gorgeous houses!! I got the tip from Lulu Carter blog!! The best ones are on the country and shabby chic sections!!
    Claire xx

  10. Those cushions are lovely! I can see why you bought them - it's a pity the ******* Royal Mail had to spoil all your fun! I have never mastered the art of looking pretty in pjs or slippers, which is a shame seeing as how I am spending so much time in both! Take care

  11. I love the cushions, they are really wonderful. on the other bhand, I can not bear Royal Mail and their ridiculous rules, their shabby (not chic) service and the fact that even if you purchase their extra insurance they wont pay out when they break your special delivery items. I had to fight with them for months in order to get a partial refund on an item they broke even though i had it fully insured. Oh, wow, sorry about that rant, dont know what came over me...

  12. Hellooo!

    Ooo the same thing happened to me and a CK bag - I got it home and I thought ..mmmm its just not me!

    So I sold mine on ebay!


  13. Hi Sairer,
    From a fellow chicken-lover, I can see why you had to have those cushions! Shame about the extra tax :(
    - as if the Royal Mail don't make enough out of us all...

  14. To have a magazine subscription in France isn't cheap. I'm lucky that they do have Country Living sometimes and it's €4,95 which is no more than a french mag would be.
    Sometimes they have Country Homes & Interiors but it's always more expensive, €7,90 or something and I can't warrant that.

  15. Oh Sairer you're hilarious! I'm in stitches, you should write a newspaper/magazine column - fabulous!

    I nearly bought your CK bag when I got my flowery one. Couldn't part with it for the world now but you're right, the straps are definitely a bit short.

    Adore the cushions, can see why they just had to be yours. Hmmm, must go and look at that website now - oh dear the furry tumble weed is rolling in here as I speak!

    Have a smashing week.

  16. I love the clock! It's such a strong metal, and yet, such a dainty design on the inside.

  17. I LOVE those cushions, so unusual.

  18. Great and quirky cushion covers, can see why you had to have them ;-)
    Royal Mail did that to us too, charged us a fortune for an item the dh ordered from abroad. Whats worse is they make you go into the collection office, stand in a queue to have the pleasure of paying it.

    LOL the rigger boots are more suitable in my house too!

  19. Talking of CK slippers... I bought the check pjs and floral dressing gown. They shrink every time I wash them! The legs must me 6 inches shorter now! Won't buy anything else from CK! Very dissapointed.

  20. Well *@%?x to the Royal Mail!

    They are very nice cushions, worth every penny.

    Thick wooly socks is as glam as I get in the mornings, perhaps Mrs CK wears them instead of her cheap slippers? who knows?

  21. Sorry about shoddy CK stuff. What you need is a good old-fashioned pair of tartan slippers with a collar and pompoms!
    Go take a look at Fabric of my Life blog which is lovely Donna's. She not only has a passion for feedsacks but also has a website where you can buy loads of super goodies - if you don't already have enough that is! [How much is too much exactly?]

  22. Your Royal Mail mishap is just one of those annoying 'spot checks' that they levy in the name of tax laws or whatever. I bring in YKK zippers from the US and about 1 in 15 parcels gets 'dinged'!

  23. Nice cushions, shame on the mail people! I have seen a gorgeous CK bag I really love, but its 65 pounds which is like $190NZ dollars -eek!!! Rachaelxo

  24. Hello
    Just wanted to let you know that I have given you a blog award, I have always loved visiting your blog and its a personal favourite of mine!

    Hope you are well this blooming freezing Saturday!
    Love Sam xx

  25. Thanks for your kind comment about my lovely Tom ... yes, he is a handsome boy, isn't he?! Hope you're coping ok with the snow!

    Willow x

  26. Love the blog!! As to the CK items, you expect more quality, when you pay that much!
    Just alittle question, how much would the total cost be of a 20 piece rosebud tea set including p&p? I saw this in your shop, and hope I'm not too late.
    If you only have odd bits left, could you let me know what you have, THEY'RE SO PRETTY!!

    look forward to hearing from you : )

    Sharon xx

    email address -

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