Sunday, 18 January 2009

Why I love where I live..

When you are practically broke,you have to find entertainment that is free.
No fancy shopping trips and new goodies galore or fancy fairs to visit, no lovely holidays or posh meals out and restaurants to recommend.
Just the simple stuff.
Sometimes it's very easy to take for granted the area that you live in.You see it every day and go around almost blinkered to borrowed from21 top dog walks

When Malvern was recently voted one of the top nine destinations to take a holiday to in 2009 by AOL we all thought..what Malvern, this Malvern?
Then we remembered what Malvern is all about...

Elgar was inspired by them,The Queen drinks the water from them, people come from all over the world to walk over them and we live two minutes down the road from them.

The Hills.

So today we took a long walk up those big steep,grassy lumps of rock and I thought you might like to see what all the fuss is about... We started off at what is known as 'The Wyche cutting' about half way up and roughly half way along the range of hills known as the Malverns.
Each peak has its own name and we were heading for Jubilee hill.
Once you reach the ridge, one side is Worcestershire, with the town of Great Malvern and the surrounding villages;

..and the other Herefordshire, where you can just see the little village of Colwall. I think I prefer the Hereford side which is more rural and Hilly.On a clear day you can see 5 counties and even the Black mountains of Wales.

This hill is the highest..
but we're not going that way (lack off ) fitness doesn't quite stretch to the climbing the Beacon.

Just over this little one today..... and down the track on the other side.

I think our pennies could just about stretch to a pot of tea at 'The Kettle Sings"

And then it's off back home the easy way..Yep, I think I can see now why I love where I live.


  1. I also love your part of the world. Your pictures are lovely, they remind me of some of my most favorite vacations.

  2. It really is a gorgeous part of the world and you are lucky to live there.

  3. Hello...i can relate to this post, i have spent a super afternoon with A Thrifty Mrs and her OH and Olly, we had such fun!xx
    Thank you for your good wishes!

  4. Gorgeous, what a lovely day you had for walking, thank you for bringing us along.

  5. Don't we just, take for granted the amazing views and countryside around us. We often say on our bike rides how it has cost us nothing, who needs Sunday shopping! What a great area of the UK you live in. x

  6. I love where you live too.Thanks for sharing ;-)

  7. Beautiful photos. I love seeing parts of the country I have not been to...yet!

  8. You should - it looks so beautiful! The view from your walk are amazing!! It's bringing back memories of me walking all over "The Lakes"!

  9. What views and how perfect having a cafe called the Kettle Sings. Sums up a perfect blue sky day walk.

  10. Yum I think I could love where you leave too! Lori

  11. Very beautiful! Sometimes when I forget how beautiful my hometown is, I take a few pictures and remember.

  12. Fantastic scenery - and there's nothing quite like a good cup of tea when you're out in the fresh air, is there?!
    Willow xx

  13. Broke here too and with so many kids we do a lot of walking! I love it. Picnics will be great when the weather is warmer too. xx

  14. I love Malvern. I've said it to you a few times before My in laws live in Hereford and we always take a trip over your way to go for a lovely long walk and give out great big sighs at the views.


  15. Wow, what beautiful countryside, you're very lucky to live where you do.
    Enjoy your day.

  16. Love the Malverns - broke here too and the tumble drier has decided it's not working today. Oh well, your lovely pictures have cheered me up a little.

  17. Yes, I understand. Such beautiful views.


  18. Love your photo's and i do love where you live too !

    Its not to bad here either !!!

    Sara x

  19. Wow, wow, wow!

    What more can i say but WOW!

    Catherine x

  20. What a lovely county you live in, we so often don't appreciate what's on our doorsteps. Better then trawling around the shops any's tight for us too so I just avoid the shops and do things that are cheap or free instead. And I'm quite capable of cooking a tasty meal that's as good as any restaurant using one of my many cookbooks, so I don't miss paying a large bill for an average meal!

  21. This is such a lovely post. It was grand to take that walk with you.

    Over here in New York City, many of us also are watching our pennies, and finding ways to enjoy each day that comes our way, without feeling that it involves money.

    Truly, even this huge city has much (the beautiful Central Park, the pay whatever you wish to enter Metropolitan Museum) that will enrich anyone with time and imagination.

    I do look forward to visiting your site again.

    Happy New Year!

  22. Fantastic views. Sometimes we take for granted what is on our doorstep! x

  23. I've visited your part of the world a few times when I've been to the Three Counties dog show and always thought it a beautiful part of the world.

    I'm with you on avoiding spending money at the moment, too many mouths to feed in our house and not enough money coming in to pay for my addictions!

  24. Oh yes, i loved it there, love the midlands. When i first saw the beautiful malverns they looked like a flash from the gtound, standing alone, not like what i am used to seeing in wales. Spent the day in the area. Went to see the beautiful house where Elgar lived, listened to Nimrod, climbed up the very windy malverns, and sampled lots of spring water from the many natural springs.

  25. I was reading about Malvern recently, cant remember if it was in CL or Country homes and interiors. It looks beautiful there, id love to explore that part of the UK.

    Its very easy to overlook the nice parts of where we live, im always on the look out for new places of interest in Leicester and im suprised at how many i come across. Looking forward to discovering more once the weather warms up and my little boy is here God willing!

    Aqeela xx

    (Formerly raindrops2Rainbows)

  26. We live in such a beautiful country don't we that I think we do take it for granted sometimes.
    Such wonderful photos, I do love taking photos whilst out walking.

  27. Absolutely beautiful! What an amazing view to look over while having a cup of tea. Who's the lovely black lab?

  28. Hello..
    How are you>
    Thank ypou for popping in...and wishing me well!xx

  29. we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country, thankyou for reminding me-its ages since we went for a hike up the hills!
    I was chatting with a friend of mine yesterday who has been going through a rubbish time of late. Someone suggested to her that when she needs brightening up to look up, down, left then right and spot the beauty surrounding her. There will always be something to make you smile (even a little!) if you look hard enough. I tried it today and she's right...
    Your dog is gorgeous!

  30. Right that's it... we are going for a walk along the Malverns... How utterly beautiful they look and we only ever see them from a fast moving car along the motorway...
    Thank you Saira for introducing this unexplored paradise to me..

    Michele x


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