Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Blue 'oeuf' and the kindness of strangers

Not only were we excited by the tiny amount of snow but Violet our little grey hen who has seemed very fidgety lately,was so excited she popped out her first blue egg. Followed the next day by another in the most perfect shade of eau de nil. I much prefer the French word for egg 'oeuf' it at least shows some of the chickens' effort at laying it in the word.."ooooooo-ff"
So now she officially becomes a 'Hen', no longer a chicken.I've been in a jolly mood all week as the dreaded court case was thrown out..helps to show up if you want to accuse someone of something (what idiots) and I've been doing a spot of sewing, had a really nice Christmas and things are looking ok..not fantastic, just ok but that'll do me.

I have to show you something that Faye at Country Chic sent me,this was a really,really nice surprise, it arrived just before Christmas and was my only present on Christmas morning, (apart from some nice smelling deodorant from Harry,very practical..!) so not only did Faye make my day, she certainly cheered Pete up as he was feeling a bit bad that he wasn't able to get me a pressie. The box that arrived was full of lovely things, a copy of The English home, my favourite magazine which I had recently had to cancel my subscription to, a rose scented bar of soap all wrapped up in fabric and ribbons to go in your knicker drawer but far to nice to hide away, posh chocolate and this gorgeous toadstool that Faye sells in her beautiful online shop...'The country chic home'I do like spotty toadstools! Isn't that so very nice of her? What a lovely lady. I sent her a whole heap of good karma in return!
I was dreading this Christmas and it turned out to be one of our better ones, the things we had, we really loved and because there weren't many, we appreciated them far more. George got his Banksy poster, his much hankered over DVDs of some crazy bloke doing crazy things, Harry got his replacement bike helmet so that at least I can sleep at night when I find out he does stunts like this .. Pete got his electric jigsaw (many little jobs involving wood and possibly 'Stanley the dog' shaped cutting planned for him) and I got a pair of the prettiest Cath Kidston red slippers from my mother-in-law (she is just the best mother in law)..already looking well used ..and part pompom-less thanks to one of the cats..pests! As well a few other little Cath Kidston bits and bobs from my sisters which were lovely too.
In fact it made us realise and remember what it's all about really, sometimes it's very easy to get lost in the commercialisation of it all.
This morning I made a couple of London Underground cushions , thanks to a tutorial by this lady in easy peasy, infact I cheated and didn't even have to put a zip in as I just made an envelope opening so you just fold it and sew down the two sides.
Thanks for the tutorial Kathryn!I love things like this..making something different out of something run of the mill like a tea towel. I'd like to cover Georges boring drum shades with a map of the underground but I'm not getting very far with the pestering (maybe I should just do it whilst he's at college!)I'm going to make some more cushions for my little shop too, the Kate Forman ones I made for Christmas presents went down really well, so I'm aiming for a few more union jack ones and some flowery ones too..(well that's the plan)
Have a great weekend..and keep warm! x


  1. Looks like you had some love pressies in your house.
    I love the cushions. May have to get in the queue to buy one of the union jack ones.

  2. Congratulations to Violet on her first lovely blue egg!

    I love your cushions, they look so professional and well made. Glad you can look back on Christmas and remember it fondly - it's amazing how sometimes when we think it's going to be a gloomy time, for whatever reason, it turns out to be one of the best.

    Willow x

  3. Hiya Sairer
    I'm really glad things seem more positive for you (especially about the court case been thrown out)
    I love your CK slippers and the toadstool is very sweet..
    With Love from Ireland

  4. I am so pleased that you had an enjoyable christmas, and you are so right about people forgetting the simple pleasures and getting caught up in all the commercial stuff - Happy New Year to you - Natalie x

  5. I am so pleased that you had an enjoyable christmas, and you are so right about people forgetting the simple pleasures and getting caught up in all the commercial stuff - Happy New Year to you - Natalie x

  6. Oh, the cushions look fab!!! I'm so pleased you had a go - I told you all it was easy!!!!

  7. So chuffed for you that the sun is peeping out again, if you know what I mean (great news about the court case, must be huge weight off all your minds).

    Nothing like a back to basics Christmas, ours is like that and you do apprecite it all such a lot don't you.

    Looking forward to seeing your new creations (love the sound of the cut-out Stanleys btw! I'm intrigued).

    Have a smashing weekend and enjoy that eau-de-nil ouef!

  8. YaY for the blue egg! And also for the court thing going in your favor too! Glad your holidays went well! Very fun pillows! Hope you are having a good weekend!

  9. You sound really positive - well done Sairer! Beautiful egg too xx

  10. Scrumcious thats what your blog is!!

  11. So pleased to hear about the court case, put it behind you now, people like that aren't worth spending your energy on. Wishing you all the best for 2009, it's tough for lots of us so we need to keep our heads down and enjoy the simple stuff (and I rise to the challenge of living on a tight budget!)

  12. Lovely gifts, the toadstol one is it

  13. So lovely to read such a lovely upbeat post from you. I'm glad you had a good Christmas. Go have a look at my blog and you will see that we both got the same Christmas present. Now I know who made mine. Love the slippers and the eggs.

  14. I was wondering how Thursday had gone having been in that situation myself with youngest son! Glad to hear what happened. May the rest of they year ahead be in the same vein.

  15. Lovely gifts and i love the cushions! x

  16. I'm glad you had a good Christmas, and some lovely pressies, the toadstool is very sweet.
    Love the cushion.
    Have a good day.

  17. I love those beautiful blue eggs and your slippers are perfect.

  18. Lovely pressies! I understand about the slippers, its funny how pets beam in to things like that.

    The blue eggs are pretty, our Black Rocks used to produce big brown ones but I'd have loved to have had blue one too.

    You sound happier. Hope everything works out for you.

  19. Hiya,

    Thanks! I'm absolutely thrilled with my hair! It's very easy to do too, not the usual where it looks great on the day of the cut and then awful thereafter.

    How funny, those cups are so pretty aren't they?!

    Spinning is an exercise class conducted on bikes. It involves lots of pain, non-stop peddling for 45 mins but is great exercise and great fun!


  20. Hey Sairer
    Thank you for your lovely comment, it means a lot.
    My hubby is happy in Ireland, but then - he is one of those people who is happy wherever he can hang his hat!He is not too worried about where he lives (I know it sounds strange) as long as he has a job, & his family are safe & well!
    I on the other hand am very much the traveler & would move a couple of times around the world to find the "right" place.
    But you are right - is the grass greener on the other side? Not necessarily!
    I think each place has its pros & cons.I'm a bit of a dreamer!

    Take care & I hope things are going well for you

    Love Jas

  21. It was lovely to pop in again and read some posts on your blog. Keep on smiling and posting, both are good for lifting your spirit!

  22. Gorgeous all of it! I saw your kitchen here: and I ADORE it! Would you mind if I link your blog and put your kitchen photos on my blog? I SO want all of my friends to see it! It is to DIE for!! Love love it all!

    Sheila in Mt. Angel, Oregon

  23. I just adore that gingham Union Jack pillow. Very sweet. Glad you had a nice holiday. Sweet surprises are often where we least expect them.

  24. Love the blue eggs, your cushions are great too! My clear-out looks like a long-term project, reckon it might take the rest of the year!

  25. Hello!
    I've tagged you on my blog - have a look! I hope that you will want to join in!

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