Monday, 14 July 2008

Pretty...Reds favourite walk

There has been a bit of stressful 'stuff ' going on at home at the moment with the oldest stinky boy that is giving me a few sleepless nights to say the least..It seems we have been down this road before...and just when I was begining to really like 2008 after all the stress of the last 2 years, something would go and happen to spoil it all... if I dissappear for a bit, you'll know why.. So when the stress gets too much..we go for a walk here...quite often, as it happens.
"you're going the wrong way,Red"I said "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!.."(hes a bit deaf)
Three quarters of the way up one of the hills is a lake. I love this place,especially when the tourist have gone home (we know who they are as they're the ones that dont say hello) and it's just me,the dog ,the fish and the birds....Bliss.
It was one of the many dissued quarries that were used to quarry the Malvern stone which makes up many of the Victorian houses around the area. The silence here is eerie and any sounds echo around the stone cliffs surrounding this rugged little beauty spot.
Red did a spot of swimming (he's paying for it today though..not as young as he used to be) and the resident mother duck with her troup of babies watched on..
Even on a damp, dull evening, I love it here...

...and so does Red.


  1. Sorry to hear your stinky boy has been worrying you. My 12 year old son worries me most of the time and I'm sure it will only get worse as he goes through his teenage years. The pictures of your local walk are great. It's given me the idea to do the same as we like to walk along the local canal(and I like to peek through cottage windows which is a bit naughty!) Hope you have a good week.

  2. Sorry to hear that your feeling stressed, what a lovely place for you a red to walk and try to chill out a bit. I hope things get sorted, or easier, and that something nice happens to cheer you up this week.

  3. Sorry life's a bit stressful again, I'm not surprised you escape to that beautiful place. Just to add to it I've tagged you, feel free to join in but don't worry if you can't be a***d!
    Julia x

  4. Hope things brighten up for you soon. It looks like a very beautiful place to get away from it all, red looks like good fun for company.
    Take Care

  5. Hope things get better soon, and I really hope you don't disappear for a while - we would miss you! - natalie x

  6. Oh, I do hope you don't have to take a break as I have only just found you and enjoy reading your posts. Sorry to hear life is a bit stressful of late. I worried far less about my daughter than I do about my son (now 19) and I thought it would be the other way round. Your walk looks so lovely and peaceful, just you and Red.
    Ruth x

  7. This looks like a wonderfully beautiful way to destress. I hope it worked. Children can be very stressful at times. I'm not into the teenage years yet but I'm told we never really stop worrying about them.
    The walk reminded me of my time in the Lake District in my 20's. I used to love it when the "tourists" went home - I'm sure the "locals" thought of me as a tourist for a long time. But after 3 years it felt like home and sometimes now I feel this pang of homesickness at not beig there any more. Kathryn.

  8. What an amazing area you live in!!!

    M ^..^

  9. Sorry to hear you're still having problems with your son. I hope everything sorts its self out. Looks like you have the perfect place to go and de-stress though. Take care.

  10. OH, only recently I got to find your beautiful blog and I`ve been quite excited to read more...
    I do hope you come back soon!
    But, most importantly I hope that you can sort your problems first!
    Kisses Kisses

  11. Sorry that you are feeling a! Red is alovely looking lab and what a great name, I am sure he gives you a lots of love and pleasure. What a beautiful place...I must say that we always say good morning - wherever we holiday...we're not grunpy old farts like some people!
    Take will pass.
    Carol x

  12. How wonderful to have all that on your doorstep to give you a break! how wonderful that your labrador can fulfil his need to wallow in water without aiming for the nearest muddy ditch! As for the tourists - i recommend this quote "smile at a stranger - it'll worry them silly"! t.x

  13. How wonderful to have all that on your doorstep to give you a break! how wonderful that your labrador can fulfil his need to wallow in water without aiming for the nearest muddy ditch! As for the tourists - i recommend this quote "smile at a stranger - it'll worry them silly"! t.x

  14. Hope things work out for you and your family soon.

    Glad that you managed some time out in a beautiful place. Must be strange to come across a lake after climbing a hill - but a lovely strange!

    Take care,

  15. Teenagers can be a nightmare at times can't they? But what a beautiful place to escape too! I see Red is a typical lab, sees water and has to jump in. We had one that always jumped into the park duckpond and wouldn't get out for ages lol!

  16. As lovely as it is Sairer, I do hope things improve and you don't have to go on this beautfiul walk to relieve the stress too often. Hope you get to go just for you. I'm dreading my two boys growing up, why can't they stay tiny forever?
    Thinking of you.

  17. Hi Hun,
    just to say I think you deserve another award fro your blog and so I've nominated you over at my site. If you'd like to call round to collect it, whenever you are ready,
    best wishes

  18. What a lovely spot for a walk with your sweet lab Red. He looks just like my Ben.

  19. hey sweetie- sorry you are not feeling great. Things will get better, I promise.
    In the meantime, where is that walk??? Is it a million miles away from Evesham?
    Look after yourself x

  20. Hi just popped over to see what was happening with you and am sorry to find out you are stressed and worried. I hope things improve soon.

    Take Care Keely

  21. Hi, It's Kathryn here again. You have been tagged! It's a bit of fun, just follow the links to my blog post to find out what you need to do. Don't feel obliged to participate though. I hope things have settled down a bit for you and the stinky boy. Cheers, Kathryn.

  22. Teenagers are such fun !! Shezzie has hit teenagerness in a big way so i really do feel for you and i hope it all sort itself out soon !!Off to catch up with some more of your blog , i have been such a bad blogger this past week or so !!

    Sara x

  23. I hope this is just a brief phase that your son is going through this time and you both come out of it unscathed..
    I am bracing myself for the next few years as my darling boy has discovered attitude this last year.. still and angel compared to some but who know what lies ahead..
    Think nice thoughts when you can and a cup of tea after that beautiful walk will do you good!
    Michele x

  24. Will they ever grow up??? My oldest child got his driving licence and a car about three weeks ago. Yesterday he wrote his car off and it was his fault!! Thankfully no one was hurt and hopefully it will make him think twice about arguing with his girlfriend whilst driving!! The pictures are lovely and sometimes we need that solitude just to stop our heads from exploding! Hang in there. I know how you feel!

  25. Hi, like the others, i am sorry you are feeling stressed, particularly with your son. I have a teenage son and it is indeed hard work! Your walk however looks the perfect place to relax, what a beautiful place it is. Your dog is a sweetheart too!

  26. want to swap a stinky boy for a PITA girl???

    it is a good job lab's are so lovely and easy and freindly etc, everything a teenager should be!


  27. Sorry to hear things are getting you'll all come out in the wash I'm sure.
    What a lovely walk with Red (why?!) Jack would probably have enjoyed a swim in that lake in his youth but as he can only just walk to the bottom of the garden, I think his swimming days are over!
    Take care x
    (ps. Thanks for the lovely holiday/birthday wishes!)

  28. I have recurring problems with a teenage stinky boy too- just when you think things are starting to go well....I'm thinking of you.

  29. Hi,
    Hope the sunny weather is helping to calm your stress and that you are feeling better soon. Red is just a cutie! You take care.


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