Thursday, 10 July 2008

Make hay while the sun shines?

How about "Make cushions whilst it pours down with rain"?...

Don't you just love the weather here in good old Blighty at the moment? hmmmm.... not good news when your a gardener and your mower decides to pack up in mid-mow because it's got too wet..grrrrrr

Maybe if we all wish hard enough the sun might come out.... well, we can live in hope can't we!

I've made a few cushions for my blogshop... I'll be making a few more but have run out of some essential bits and bobs at the moment but they'll be added as and when I make them! (if it keeps on raining there may be lots!!)

Have a great weekend x


  1. Hello, Ive just discovered your blog and have to say your house is really lovely. I had a chuckle at your blog entry about calling your pets by their nicknames, ours are 'Baba Nutkin' for Shandy, 'Moo Moo Mog' for Merlin, 'Tinks' for Tilly and 'Wizzy Woo' for Izzy. And like you we also have a old Land Rover called Betty and one called Disco and another old one called Sugsy.... oh and a car called Margo LOL!

  2. I love the new banner pic. All those pretty mugs! and bits.
    Yeah, where has the sun gone....please come back I am going camping in two weeks ! help!
    Carol x

  3. Your cushions would be just perfect in a "posh" beach hut as we sit and watch the rain pour down wouldn't they.
    Lovely work and so British.

  4. I kind of know what you mean about the Time Traveller's wife - I loved her character and the story - the genes bit appealed to my inner geek! I didn't like his character much though!

  5. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog today and I must say I love your cushions. The union jack theme is great - I can imagine my living room with some... Having English heritage, it makes sense!

  6. Gosh these cushions are lovley Sairer. I love your new banner, one day my dreary old kitchen will look like this (she says confidently!)
    Hope you dry out a bit soon!

  7. Oooh..lovely, wish I could do that!

  8. Hi Sairer, bum..I went to your blog shop and it has sold already! Can you make me one exactly the same please? I hope it keeps on raining now!!! Kathyx

  9. Beautiful, beautiful cushions. Well done you for finding an upside to this awful weather! We'll be attending yet another soggy fete! I can't bear not to go to local fetes as so much work goes in all year - only to be ruined if no-one comes at the last minute! So we'll be out, rain or shine, spending our spare change on cakes and coconuts and tractor rides! Hurrah! Good old Blighty! t.x

  10. Sairer:
    Thank you for leaving the sweetest comment on my blog. You have given me the nicest comment I have ever received just by saying "English style".

    Although "Cosy, English Clutter" is probably more fitting ;)

    The pillow is absolutely charming. I have coveted one ever since I saw yours on your blog. Delightful.

    Have a great weekend.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

    PS Congrats to Stinky Boy!

  11. I know what you mean about the weather! Where is summer? The year started off with so much promise and then peetered off into a rain cloud.....

  12. Super cushion!

    PS: Did you get my email?


  13. Hi again, Thankyou for commenting on my blog. Would you mind if I added you to my favourite blogs list? Im not sure of the etiquette on blogland. If you would prefer me not to then thats no problem. Regards Mandy

  14. I have to confess that I have coveted those gorgeous green storage tins for some time.. they do look most attractive as does your beautifully patriotic cushion.. Rule Britannia.. in gingham and lace preferably !


  15. I so love that cushion!
    I`m not surprise that it`s sold already!
    Kisses Kisses

  16. Your creations are just so so charming! I adore all of them!


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