Friday, 25 July 2008


Why is it things seem to happen in threes? It's all very strange. If your washing machine plays up you can bet your bottom dollar that your toaster,kettle or fridge will too in a short space of time!
Anyway, we have had quite a few 'threes' this month but before all that, I'd just like to say a massive thankyou to all you lovely lot for your messages and emails,I've only recently been able to read them and I have appreciated each and every one of them.
If there is one sure thing in this's that boys fight and will fight for as long as there are boys on the earth..its an animal thing and boys are part of the animal kingdom,(stinky hairy monsters if you ask me!) the only difference nowadays is that the other boys parents will wants to sue in courts and all that.A previous Friday was spent in a police station for 3 hours being told so. We're talking about boyish 'fisticuffs' here, nothing more..but the less said about that the better.

I hadn't meant to be away for this long, my computer decided to be ill...very virusly ill, ill to the point of it having to go to the computer hospital and have a very expensive operation that I'm yet to find the money for( how guilty am I feeling now about all my recent purchases!! arrrgh!)

My lovely, lovely eldest sister gave me a spare laptop as a present only for me to trip on the wire and watch it drop onto the wooden floor..I was mortified...MORTIFIED..Beside myself that I had had this wonderful gift..given just for me to use and then go and break it the very next day. It works when it decides it wants to and when it doesn't it's very stripey and bleepy and does all sorts of other scary things that someone as computer illiterate as me finds terrifying. Today it wanted to work with a bit of twisting and several restarts so here I am..for now..but I may disappear again!

I sometimes think there must be another 'Sairer' living a fun filled easy life in a parallel universe somewhere!
I've just had a sad end to a nice start of the week as a lovely lady I garden for, had to have her second Great Dane put to sleep this sad, Parker was a beautiful boy as was her other Dane,Dexter. It was done whilst I was there and was very upsetting to say the least.One of my little grey hens died last week too, for no apparent reason ..poor little Violet is lost without her friend.I think that's why death is so sad,whether it's a person or animal who departs this world, sad for the ones who are left behind..the ones who are left feeling a bit lost.

Gosh, I'm sounding a tad morbid now..let's get on to some nicer stuff!

Monday saw a visit to this wonderful place..Eastnor castle in Ledbury.

Its a fascinating place and although it looks medieval at first glance, it is actually early Victorian, a Gothic Folly that's belonged to the same family since it was built and lovers of William Morris style or Pugin will really appreciate it. It's the only castle I know that is a real family home, dogs are allowed inside and on the grounds and modern-day family photos are scattered amongst the suits of armour and victoriana, it was a lovely day out and the grounds are super,especially as it wasn't that's only 5 minutes from Ledbury..and Mrs Muffins tea shop..yum!!! I've also had an award and a tag..(well three awards actually...but I didn't want to boast!!) one from Sharie at sharies view to the hill one from Lisa at knitty ,vintage and rosy and the other from Carol at Katherines dream..thanks so much you guys, this big sparkly award is very much appreciated!
If there was an award for the most appreciated e-mail then I would give that to Carol and she knows absolutely why!! thanks Carol x

The tag is from Julia at Vintage Heaven for 5 random things you didn't know about may wish you didn't ask,Julia! so here goes.. .

1. My real name is Sara,but I changed it to Sairer when I was 10, I spent my whole life before the age of 10 telling people my name isn't pronounced SARA (like Zara) but SARAH, it made it easier to spell it phonetically...SAI-RER.
It stuck.It's on all legal documents and my passport. Now I spend my life saying "no, not Sarah with an H, but an I and an E". hmm..only the logic of a 10 year old.

2. I'm the only one in our house that likes tomatoes.I could eat them til the cows come home,but I'm also the only one who hates cucumber, I can't have it anyway near anything as I can pick out the taste immediately. yuck.It's the devils food

3.I have a tattoo of an orange tiger-lily (just like this one!)..but shhh, that's a secret.I hate it. luckily it's somewhere where I can hide it!
4.I once fell down a manhole in Birmingham.(A little worse for ware I might add). Red and white tape around a hole means stay away..well away.

5.My best friend committed suicide when I was 23. I had known him since we were 8. we did A'level art together and were inseparable for many years.I will never get over it. Ever. But he is currently grinning down at me from my pin board and knows I forgive him. He would have loved all this blogging malarkey and Internet stuff. (I swear he has been reincarnated as Gok Wan)

So there you go..a bit more about me! I'll have to have a think about who to pass that tag and award on to...

I'll leave you with this quote sent in an email from my big seems very apt at the moment!

"Whenever God closes one doorway he always opens another,even though sometimes, it's hell in the hallway"


  1. Love the quote from your sister - it really made me smile :)

  2. Gosh, what a rotten experience for all of you...hang on in there.
    And you've lost another of your girls must be due a big pile of good luck by now Sairer..fingers crossed anyway!
    Eastnor looks's nice when places like that seem 'normal'. We got married in a castle in Scotland that is also lived in by a young family and they use all the rooms and wander about whilst you're there - lovely. Deb x

  3. Hi Sairer,
    Sorry to hear about everything going on in your life at the moment. I hope things will start looking up for you very soon.
    Thanks for the "5 things", strangely, I became obsessed with tomatoes after having Jack, couldn't bear them before.
    Eastnor is one of our fave places to visit and Ledbury is the place I'd love to live.
    Hope your weekend is a bit less fraught.
    Julia x

  4. Sorry to hear that you've been having a 'bad time'. I think we all go through these bad patches at some time or other BUT there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel and I'm sure you'll have lots of splendid things happening soon.
    Look at it this way , at least you don't have to cope with Carpet Treaders as well as everything else!

  5. You are so upbeat Sairer with an 'i' and an 'e'!!

    I think I would be crying in the corner!!

    I am very lucky that my lovely neigbour can sort out my computer so when ever it decides to have a hissy fit I just take it next door!!

    I am not a fan of cucumber and will pick it out of salads too....

  6. Life is certainly throwing a few obstacles in your path these days.. Thank goodness you have a wonderful sense of humour and probably a great deal of inner strength to see you through this challenging time..
    You also have the support of a lot of sympathetic bloggers.. me included.

    I hope the tide turns soon..

    Michele x

  7. P.s Why oh why did I give my Triang fox terrier on wheels to my mother to sell when she was a dealer of vintage toys?? Mad dogs and mad englishwoman goes out in the midday sun.


    P.P.s... I missed those tins but have a second chance!

  8. *sigh* not only has my monitor gone on the blink, but my hated sewing machine finally gave up the ghost! £350 later I now have a heavenly Babylock sewing machine. Just waiting to see what the third thing is (oh wait, my car's going in for a service soon ... pooh!)

  9. Oh bloody hell do I know what you mean about things coming along in three's!
    You have my utmost sympathy.

  10. you have my sympathy too honey, bad luck definitely does attract the number 3, hope things rapidly improve for you x
    Loved your list, and your sister sounds like a wise lady to me! Take care of yourself, and watch out for those wires!x

  11. Life is poo sometimes I'm glad to see your ok keep you chin up Sairer that quote from your sister is brilliant and say's alot! Love the fact that your changed your name when you were ten I think it's lovely the way it's spelt. Take Care

  12. I stumbled onto your blog via flickr... it's really lovely!

  13. Hello from across the pond. I've enjoyed flipping through your blog so much. Just wanted to let you know.

    I'm so sorry to hear you're having such trying times right now. I truly hope things start looking up soon!


  14. Sorry you have had so much bad luck recently, but it was lovely to read your tag and find out a bit more about you - Natalie x
    P.S - My middle name is Louiese (pronounced Louisa) but I am always having to spell it, and even when I put it on forms, they always change it to Louise, thinking that I must have spelt my own name wrong!

  15. Sorry your having such bad luck but things can only get better!
    The castle looks beautiful.

  16. Hi Sairer - sorry to hear things are a bit grim on the son scene. Lads have always fought since we walked upright but the world has gone mad. I too have been there and its awful - its the waiting that is the worst finding out what will happen. Everyone that knows my son will always know him for what he did he did when he was 14 - not for the fact that he is a lovley lad working hard at an apprenticeship and getting on with his life. Chin up I am thinking of you

  17. Oh honey! What a poop time and what a sense of humour you have! There was a medieval belief in the cycle of life - that when things were at their worst, at the bottom of the cycle, they could only get better and turn upwards to the top- of course, being me, I always wonder when things are at their best - when will they turn towards the bottom!! HA! Hang in there for the ride! t.x

  18. Sorry life have been tough for you lately but as the song goes, things can only get better. Great to read your tag answers and congratulations on your award too. An outing or two makes you forget your troubles for a while at least. x

  19. I so loved reading this post.
    Hung on in there, better days will come.
    Thinking of you...
    Kisses Kisses

  20. Hiya, Sorry I made your toes curl!! The memory of that night will live with me for a long time.
    You are not alone with the 3's. Last week within 2 days our fridge and washer give up the ghost and today while hoovering in a long skirt I bent forward to pick something up and somehow my skirt was sucked up, there was a smell of burning and then my fan belt went!! LOL!

  21. Hi just wondered how you all are - and the stinky boy!!

  22. Hope you are doing well and are coming back soon. We miss you! Twyla

  23. You sound a bit better to me! at least you made me smile...interesting the change of your name...I was Christened Carol...called Kate by my family and work friends until I had a baby girl and called her Katie! now I am just Carol..hate it!
    Well you are rights about the 3's...I have had one hell of a fortnight! still over it now...and getting on with my sewing.
    I just love that push along Dog, where did he come from?
    Carol xx

  24. Hi Sairer, gosh boys are buggers aren't they. I have two (7 and 5) My 7 year old has the most horrible temper - I can imagine him getting into all sorts of trouble later on if we are not careful. I love your sister's quote too. It just seems to sum life up some how. Chin up gal,Kathryn.

  25. I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a difficult time. When things get like this I like to imagine I'm using all my bad luck up, in preparation for a long spell of excellent fortune!
    Sending lots of love and strength from one Sara-without-the-H to another...


  26. Hi again, I know I commented your latest post, but when I read this, I just HAD to comment you again -
    In the last week or so, my washing machine completely broke (was only 18 months old too!), followed by my toaster a few days later, and my microwave completely gave up within an hour of the toaster breaking!

    Those old wives tales have more substance than I ever realised before haha - have you heard that when you get hiccups, its supposed to mean someone is saying something mean about you, and if you guess who it is out loud, then your hiccups will go?
    Well, after we read that, my fiance and I just had to give it a go the next time we had hiccups, and its worked!

    Strange or what????

    See, grandmothers, mothers and wives are always right :P


  27. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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