Monday, 19 May 2008

Vintage,pretty or shabby?

I've decided once a week, on a Monday (if I remember to!) to blog about something either vintage, pretty or shabby, after all that is why I started this blog!

I've been terribly *lazy/disorganised/scatty/sad/busy/stressed out (*delete as applicable) this week in leaving return messages on blogs that have visited me or I have visited..oh the shame!..anyway thankyou as always for your messages, and I will get round to visiting new blogs as well as old favourites..hmm hope that didn't sound a little wasnt meant to!
The sad bit, if you are wondering was losing my dear old hen Mavis..she of the bosomy eggs,to old age. My first rescued hen, she outlived many to the ripe old age of 4 (this is a good age for an ex battery hen) Bless you Mave, you were a real sweetie.x
right, lets get down to business..vintage pretty or shabby?
eeny meany miny mo...


ok lets raid the posh vintage china cabinet!

This is an old Edwardian oak bookcase that I painted originally blue then green.I prefered it blue but I think if I paint it once more the drawers may never open ever again. All the china in here is vintage and thrifted, mostly at boot sales and the occasional charity shop..I'm not bothered about shows it's been well used in the past to me, so most of these things have crazing or cracks and nothing was really expensive.
I love the colours used from the 1930s and 40s...very spring like and the flowers are always so pretty..foxgloves,roses, pansies or buttercups. In times that must have been hard during the war,to have the table laid for tea with a pretty hand embroidered cloth adorned with pretty china like this must surely have brought a smile to any housewives face.
By the way you'll be pleased to know after my rant about packaging..the whole lot was recycled to post Harrys bike that he sold on eBay.It does seem Amazon are very erratic with their packaging..books arrive in a cardboard sleeve..usually with a bashed corner and then you get so much packaging for a mug it's ridiculous.It wouldn't have broken if an elephant happened to be passing and accidentaly stepped on it.(you never know in Malvern) The White company are bad for that too. I had a box for a lampshade that was sooo massive I could actually get the dog in it..yes we did try..he was ok about it. A treat just happened to fall in the box..and he is after all, a labrador retriever :0)

"I'll get in it.. but only if you give me another treat"


  1. Did I spy Carltonware in amongst your gorgeous china? A woman after my own heart! Thirties china is SO pretty - it can't fail to cheer you up. Speaking of which, I am so sorry about Mavis. I have been there. Losing 'one of the family' is never easy is it? But you gave her a longer life than she would have had otherwise.
    Ps. Hope you got my reply Sairer - email was playing up!

  2. A woman after my own heart, what a beautiful cabinet filled with delightful thrifted treasures. I don't mind a chip or crack either, its the pattern and shape that attract me.
    So sad to hear about Mavis, what a shame but sounds like she had a wonderful life with you.
    Have a smashing week,
    P.s Your garden is looking fantasic, very inspiring and reminds me that there's much to do in mine!

  3. Sorry to hear about Mavis, at least she had a much happier life than many others.
    I love all your vintage china, I have two matching teacups to your carltonware jug, they were one of my very first vintage purchases about 15 years ago and I love them.
    Looking forward to Mondays from now on!
    Julia x

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  5. What a lovely cupboard. So calm and serene. I love Royal Winton and Carltonware, such beautiful colour combinations.

    Have a great week.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  6. Should I call the RSPCA? - dropping biscuits into a carboard box sounds like the kind of thing I do:)
    Poor old Mavis - well she had a lovely happy life once you found one another but it's still very sad when our little animal friends die.
    My bric a brac is still packed away....but maybe for not much longer.

  7. I love your little display cabinate and did spy at least one item that I also have! You have put me to shame, my display cabinate looks awfal by camparison.
    So sad that the Hen of famous eggs has passed...she must have been a very contented and happy Hen.
    Carol x

  8. oops forgot to mention this before.
    You Banner is beautiful, I am guessing that it is your garden? very neat and batpretty.

  9. www.bigbucketgirl.typepad.com21 May 2008 at 07:16

    I love those hound eyes! We had black labs when we were growing up and one got her head stuck in an ornamental chimney pot because my sister dropped bonios in one!

  10. I love your display, very pretty, and its nice to see one which isnt filled with cath kidston, emma bridgewater etc all at £30 per piece, id go with the 50p items any day! (Though maybe not if i was a millionaire?? No actually, even if a was a millionaire!!)

    So sorry to hear about Mavis, its always sad isnt it? I dont think il ever get used to it. Opal is like my baby so when she goes (hopefully another 5 yrs at least) i will be a right mess. I know my hubby wont understand, but i will really feel like ive lost someone so special. Oh dear, dont want to think about that now!

    I vote 'shabby' for your next blog title. See what you can find, i bet you will struggle more than you thought you would!

    Lindsay XX

  11. I love visiting your is a real treat for the eyes.. so many things that make me go..'oooh or aaaah' !
    My oooh this time is the new banner with your oh so prettty garden... Now why did you have to go to Malvern when you have that gorgeous patch outside your door?


  12. Sorry to hear about Mavis, we only have 2 ex battery girls left so have just extended our flock with 4 young ones, 2 Amber Stars and 2 Black Sussex. The girls were not impressed!

  13. You've been tagged - check out my blog to see the rules!

  14. Meant to add, sorry to hear about Mavis.

  15. I love the glass cabinet. (And the china too)

  16. So sorry about Mavis, she looked like a beautiful hen. We have 6 ex batts and if any of them make it to 4 years old I would be very happy indeed. Great blog!


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