Thursday, 22 May 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by the thrifty Mrs and her incredible bargainous here goes
1.what was I doing 10 years ago?

Working as a window dresser for Beatties in Worcester (now house of Fraser) and working in the evenings as a 'Meeter greeter people seater' in a restaurant (yes really that was the name of the job) living in a brand new Bryant house that I really didn't like..but the front was used for their adverts in glossy magazines.

Had been married a year and had a pair of naughty little boys aged 5 and 6.

2. five things on my to do list today...

make three lampshade covers, 2 out of vintage fabric, 1 gingham

Hoover the fur-balls up (every creature in the vicinity is molting)

Get some rabbit, dog and cat food 4 pints of milk and a loaf of toastie bread.

ummm oh, and collect the eggs and fill up the water hopper for the hens

and lastly pin up my bunting properly that Julia sent me(more about that on another post!)

3. five snacks I enjoy...

oh dear maybe that should be five I don't!!

CHOCOLATE..the route of all evil invented by a man to bribe women with..has to be white or Galaxy, but if I'm desperate I'll eat any (not dark though... bleugh!)
Cherry tomatoes..I eat loads of them everyday..have to be firm else they make me feel sick when they pop.

houmous with red pepper on a toasted wholegrain seeded bagel ..just having one now for lunch.

Cheese..I love cheese..not the ones with blue in but any other.I heard that Johnny Vegas lost weight by giving up cheese..think I may need to follow his advice.

last one I suppose is american muffins.I like a muffin.

4.Things I would do if I were a millionaire...

Rescue loads of chickens from the battery farms..I would have fields and fields of happy chickens.

buy the entire contents of the Cath Kidston catalogue

donate lots and lots and lots of it to charity,especially those close to my heart.

Send all my blogging buddies a nice gift.

Have the honeymoon we never fact have a holiday it's been 10 years since we had one.

Visit my mum and dad who live in France to see their old house there that i havent seen yet and my brother in Toronto to see my nephew that I haven't met and visit my sister in Thailand.

Nip and tuck here and there.New nose.

Nice old house,new old car. Sorted.

5.Places I've lived...

Theydon Bois, Essex.

Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire.

Leicester Forest East.

Loughborough, Leicestershire.


Halesowen, West Midlands.



I did spend some time in Switzerland too which was amazing..Not for very long though but long enough to go to school for a bit out there.

and in a puff of smoke Sairers air of mystery vanished..this is 'moi' a few years back!

(had to change that photo from before it was driving me mad..I really hate my nose and that's all I could see.. nose and chins!!!!)

Right 6 victims!....oh theres so many to choose from !

Hayley at Happylovesrosie

Lindsay at Raindrops to roses

Claire at Serendipity loves new york (but I know shes a bit busy)

Louise at Home is where the heart is.

Natalie at Summer by the sea

Deborah at This vintage life

I'll get round to leaving a message on their blogs and doing the links in a bit,but I really must go and do the things on my to do list!

oops I've now just realised I've tagged Natalie who's already tagged!


  1. nice to see you x
    you look happy, kind and friendly - just lovely!
    t x

  2. ooooh, so much loveliness with all that china and gorgeous furniture!
    The cherry tomato thing is a little strange - unlike the chocolate (although I would kill for good dark choccy)
    I love your blog!
    ooh - wanted to comment on the chickens as well, I really want rescued chickens too, and donkeys! I also want somewhere to keep them...


  3. Tsk! You naughty girl - that may take me some time! I'd rescue lots of chickens too. And goats. And donkeys. And greyhounds. Am I to believe you have a 15 and 16 yr old? I think that picture must be years old! Deb x

  4. Thankyou hunny for the tag, you made me laugh with the busy bit on your post....I will try and get it on mine sooon.
    You've a very pretty face and love your lipstick
    Now I'll have to start remembering things for the tag, don't you find the more children you have the less you remember or is that just me....Claire x

  5. Love the new banner. The garden looks gorgeous.

  6. Hi, I love reading your blog and all about your hens. My dad supports the Battery Hen Trust as it is based near where they farm, he has had loads over the years, and has currently about 30 ish of them! They are just brilliant layers but it breaks his heart everytime he has some new ones as they are so timid and don't know what to do being a real hen. However, they soon shake their feathers and get out and about! We don't have any chickens at the moment but am hoping to have a couple soon. You look really pretty in your picture a really kind and friendly face. Kathy PS Haven't tried hummus on a bagel yet...mmmm! PPS. Would really like to order a lampshade from you, how do I?

  7. Loved the tag, ive just done mine now. And its so lovely to see your face, i always wonder how other bloggers look!

    Lindsay XX

  8. Hi Sairer, briliant and very funny post. Please feel free to donate all your unwated dark choclate over here and I'll swap you my white (bleeugh!)
    Fab to see you, what a lovely picture! I could do with taking it to my hairdreser to say "do my highlights like this lovely lady's and stop leaving a gap at the front!"
    Have a smashing weekend,

  9. I enjoyed reading this post, thanks for sharing all those things about your self.

    Racheal x

  10. I don't mind being tagged, I shall enjoy doing it, but do bear with me, I am not that quick. I have enjoyed reading yours, we have many similarities, ie with chocolate, galaxy first, white second and dark third, bleugh! I only like dark in double choc-chip muffins! Nice to see you. If I had a photo as good as that, everyone would be seeing me, until then I shall be remaining anonymous behind my camera! x

  11. I love those big fluffy wild cats in your garden! Darling!

    m ^..^

  12. Don't worry about the double tagging! - I have actually been tagged 4 times! - Enjoyed reading about you - Natalie x


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