Friday, 16 May 2008

I'm having a rant

Amazon should be ashamed of yourselves.

All this packing for 2 mugs and 2 side plates.
This is just two boxes worth of padding.It nearly touches the light fitting!
(and the mugs were double packed in another box with even more bubble wrap)



  1. That really is disgusting, I agree.

  2. That amount of packaging is clearly uneccesary - have you tried complaining? - They may compensate you with a voucher or something? The garden show looked lovely, I especially like the tranquility garden - Natalie x

  3. Lets hope that on top of that they did not charge you extra for shipping as it weighed so much!

  4. I quite agree with you!

    In my last Country Living mag there were at least 20 pieces of junk leaflets etc. I was so cross that I sent it all back;-)


  5. It's shocking isn't it. I ordered a couple of paperback books for my daughter in January from them, and they came in a huge box full of bubble wrap. I had to go to the post office to collect it. In a padded envelope it would have fitted through the letterbox no problem.
    (great blog btw!)

  6. I've only ever ordered books from Amazon and on these occasions they have all been packed in the one box. I can't believe all the packaging you ended up with. x

  7. Holy Moly!
    Well, on the one hand, now you have some extra boxes :)
    Last time I ordered a book and CD from Amazon, the box was half open when I got it, and there was NO padding inside! So erratic.

  8. Oh yes I do agree but if only I were nearer I would take those boxes off your hands.. I am always looking for boxes for my mail order business.. I recycle everything and hardly ever have to buy a new posting materials..
    There really is no excuse for using that much material.. Shame on Amazon.


  9. Hi there!

    Just found your blog in a lovely roundabout kinda way, as is usually the case, and I love it!
    I agree whole heartedly with your comments about the packaging - I suppose it is ok if you can use it again, but then it is having somewhere to keep it all!


  10. I agree with you - I recently ordered 3 books from Amazon, which they dispatched in three parcels all from differnet places.....
    (I do recycle all the packaging for my own business, but I know not everyone can do that.)


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