Monday, 26 May 2008


Oops I forgot about the Monday 'pretty vintage or shabby' post! I had lots of nice things I had planned to take photos of, so I'll have to do them for next week. We've been packing Harry off to Gran Canaria with his 'other' family(his best friend and his parents)lucky thing..its 26 degrees over there and weeing down with rain here(I was being polite there!) I did attempt some sewing today but have been in one of those moods where nothing goes to plan so now there are fabrics everywhere, cotton all over the floor and three half finished lampshades that I should have made on Thursday. Oh poo.

Sewing fairy where are you? please come back!

Anyway.... Shabby. (for Lindsay)
And some different kind of before and after photos...

Take a look at this shabby lot.

Pasty white faces,balding,skinny,with colourless eyes from a life without daylight and floppy combs from a life without cool fresh air, bruised legs, hock burns,purposely shortened beaks and long nails..all for the luxury of living in a space the size of your computer screen.
I could go on but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

This was Mo's first day of freedom her first feel of grass under her feet. She kept looking up at the sky, I wonder what she made of it all...

Fatter, redder,feathered, able to flap their wings and have a dust bath, eat and drink when they want, enjoy the sunshine.Happy.

Mo 3 months later after a bit of TLC

They are a lovely bunch,friendly,cheeky,each has their own personality and they often come in for a nosey at how the Humans like to live. I do like chickens!

And I do like this lot....... who do the other bit..


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  2. Oh my gosh what humans do to the chickens is just so cruel! I only buy biological eggs from hens that live free and hopefully as happy as yours! Mo is really a lucky hen at the end that you found her and saved her life! Well done!!!
    Best wishes from Germany sends

    P.S.: Your garden is very pretty! Love your banner picture!

    and I had to delete my first comment post for too much spelling mistakes so I thought I better start over again when I read it lol

  3. I love to see chickens running free.You pics are great.And I also love your header picture..beautful.

  4. Mo looks wonderful after all your love and care. Happy chicks!
    Guess what I have at long last managed to find - a vintage 'S' for my Stanley! I got it from a little shop in Tunbridge Wells..he had just a couple of vintage letters left from old shop signs. It is not as nice as your red 'S' as mine is green. Looks good though!
    Carol xx

  5. Those are the best before and after shots I have ever seen!I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions? We would love a few chickens but are worried about their safety.We have a few urban foxes around how do you make sure they are safe? Also are they good for children and how much work are they? Where did you get your rescued chickens from? Thanks!

  6. You're right - the pictures speak for themselves. Why are people happy for chickens to be treated this way? They get the worst deal of any 'farmed' animal (and that's saying something!) Mine weren't ex-battery as I hadn't heard of the BHWT then but next time they will be. Good on you for liberating a few. (sorry to be all serious! But animal welfare is very close to mey heart) Deb x

  7. Its shocking to see how poor Mo looked when she arrived at your home - but wonderful to see how well shes done since! How lovely that you gave her this second chance.

    I have a broody hen to deal with at the moment....a couple of days in solitary usually fixes her!

  8. I don't think our ex battery girls looked quite so shabby as yours but they were so painfully thin! We didn't go for ex batteries this time was that I didn't think the poor things would be up to the trauma of the inevitable bit of bullying and establishing of the pecking order. If I was starting again from scratch I would get ex batteries but twice as many as I wanted because of their short lives.

  9. kristy I've sent you an email about keeping chickens, let me know if you dont get it!
    Sairer x

  10. Oh good for you Sairer! Woody is very impressed - he feels very, very sorry for chickens.
    What a happy bunch of girls!

  11. the homely year27 May 2008 at 22:26

    How much better your hens look now and how much healthier they must be with your tender care!
    Margaret and Noreen

  12. how wonderful! the transformation is amazing. I have always wanted chickens, and the space needed for them! and after watching my 'hero' Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall with his rescue chickens, well, nuff said!


  13. Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed finding and reading your blog via gigibird. You are a real inspiration!

  14. Oh wow what a difference you have made to Mo's life. I love to see free range chickens roaming the fields near my mums house.

  15. i only have one thing to say - the nicest, most heart warming post EVER x
    t x

  16. Well, you managed to fulfil my request for a 'shabby' topic, didnt think you'd find anything shabby enough for it! I love to see before and after pics, of anything! But it is very frustrating to see an animal in this state due to human neglect, but so pleasing to see that with your love and care they can look just how they always should have done.

    A lovely post!

    Lindsay XX

  17. Lucky girls to be living with you now - it's amazing how quickly they change into plump madams isn't it?

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