Friday, 30 May 2008

prizes, pretties and more girlie stuff

Ok I suppose I could have left this 'til Monday for the 'pretty post' but heck I'll show you today!

These are some of the wonderful goodies I won in Julias giveaway a few weeks ago...I was one lucky lucky girlie!

Pete could hear the squealing in the garden when I opened this perfectly packaged candy-coloured parcel..I was overwhelmed with all the gorgeousness of everything..and not only that..there was LOADS!

a cute vintage patchwork cushion... (that matches perfectly with my recently thrifted 50p pair of candy-stripe pillowcases)
cute little birdie...
cute little fabric flowers...
the cutest mini bunting that will reach halfway round Malvern...(this is just some of it!)
some of those uber cute dishcloths that I have to drive to the other side of Worcester for should I run out...
Cute moo cards...
oh that's gone, but not only was it was Green and Blacks Vanilla chocolate..chocolate royalty!..ok that's enough about chocolate as I will start dribling like a dog if I talk about it anymore..and yes.. I was mean and I didn't share it!

See I told you I was a lucky girl!
I like Julia... Lots x

It's around about the end of May that there's enough roses coming into flower for me to cut some for indoors...I love to fill this little Greengate jug with a few blooms..these ones smell like apples..much nicer to wake up to than the smell of socks......Pete.
I can't wait for my little secret arbour to be in's absolutely smothered in will be a sea of pink pompoms when this rose comes out and I can hide away and read a magazine without being found! (apart from Winnifred..she likes it there too, mainly because the fish food is there aswell) and when the sewing fairy comes back to visit, I can make the cushions for it...Bliss..


  1. Hi,
    Oh you lucky thing... what a gift to receive. Gorgeous flowers too, My roses are coming into bloom and I cant wait to pick them, they smell Divine:)

  2. Oh, luckly lucky you! what wonderful goodies. Your roses are beautiful, mine aren't out yet...and I love your arbour, stop making me jealous. When are you available to do my garden!

  3. Your arbour is beautiful - I can imagine cross-stitching in there with a cup of tea and a really big piece of cake. It must be really peaceful sat out there of an evening with a glass of wine. You lucky thing!

  4. the homely year2 June 2008 at 22:32

    Great goodies you have there...aren't they pretty!
    Lovely roses too...looks very peaceful in your arbour...the kind of place to sit and read or daydream.
    Margaret and Noreen

  5. So much prettiness! Lucky girl you!


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