Friday, 23 May 2008

The other stinky boys Birthday

Hmmm..what can I say about this crazy one. He's the comedian, has his own language that only I can understand, likes to put on the most bizzare old men masks and go off riding over the hills in them,much to onlookers amusement, adores animals..I mean really adores them and has a heart of gold..(but boy, can he moan sometimes!!) He's up at 6am every morning to walk the dog, do his paper round and feed the creatures.

He also loves vintage stuff and granny blankets but can do a mean 'table top' on the bike that is permanently attached to him.

Happy 15th birthday Harry! xx
or should I say
"Lizzard it's your falala..dont forget to take rodent for a five before you have your llama, Christmas tree "
yup, he'll know just what that means...crazy I tell you!!


  1. LOL, I have no idea what you just said, but Happy Birthday Harry!

  2. Hi, My 2 boys are very impressed with that picture! I too have a Harry (10); Happy Birthday to yours!
    Would really like the same lampshade as the one in your giveaway (Louise Loves fabric) and a heart too, (again same as giveaway). Kathy PS Love all the china in your cabinet from a previous post, gorgeous!

  3. what a lovely post and such great pics! My son is 17 and he too is seriously into his bike. Your son sounds like a super kid! Happy Birthday Harry! ( funny, my son loves "granny" blankets too)

  4. Wonderful dog.......and child!

  5. Hi, Happy birthday to your boys, they sound great.. Read your little message in his 'language' three times but still couldn't make head nor tale of it he-he. Take care.

  6. This post reminds me of my brother, but he used to have a skateboard permanently attached to him. I remember he had a Hitler mask and on one occasion frightened me to death with it! Enjoy being 15 Harry, it's a great age to be. x

  7. Happy Birthday Harry! hope you had a great day.
    Carol xx

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Harry...
    I think I can understand the lingo as my Harry (soon to be 14) speaks in tongues most of the time..
    Your boy sounds like a dream...



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