Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Good things and Stanley

Thanks to a nice lady called Mair, I'm now the proud owner of a Cath Kidston Stanley! Yay!

Where would you like to live Stanley? will the dresser do for now?

Can you tell I'm over excited? lol
Thankyou so much Mair, for letting me know where I could find him...

Isn't the weather divine? well I hope you are having these glorious Spring days too, I had my breakfast outside with this chap this morning...Basil. The cats go all lovey-dovey when it gets warmer, then they go all grumpy when it gets too hot!

I see someones found my new chair!

This is Winnie, she's about 16 and is my brothers cat, she's living out her old age with us as my brother lives in Canada now.

Winnie likes to sleep.A lot.

This huge Horse chestnut tree grows in our front garden,its so big I couldn't fit it in the photo! I love the candelabra flowers that come in April or May...each one turns into a conker and in October we are overwhelmed by them,there are millions of them!

The hens need crash helmets as their house is under the tree, every now and then you hear a squark as a conker drops from above. Maybe I should buy them some toy action-man helmets from ebay..what a sight that would be!!! Hens in helmets

Well as you can imagine not a lot grows well in the front garden so it is mostly shrubs, with a splash of colour in late summer from my 'hot' flower bed nearer the house.

Every spring,one of the hens goes broody.This year it's Dollys turn, She hides everyones elses eggs as soon as they lay them and fluffs up to twice her size when you open the box to collect them..she's a lovely hen, really friendly.. such a shame, I would love to hatch some chicks but I couldn't risk having a cockerel again and having to rehome him...not after Merlin!


  1. Awww Stanley is soooo sweet and handsome, I want one!

    Your dresser and the items on it are beautiful.

  2. "Squark" ! I like that! I may have to try and use it in everyday conversations!

  3. Congratulations on the Stanley acquisition, he's so cute, where did you finally manage to get him from?
    Love the dresser, the garden and the "hens in helmets" story!
    I have the exact same chair and when I covered the camping table in flowery oilcloth my 7 year old son actually cried and said "wht does everything have to be flowers!". Bless!
    Julia x

  4. What am I missing about a Stanley? Are they hard to come by? Do I need one?
    I'd like one of your lovely pussy cats....
    Glad you are enjoying the's all a bit too much for moi.

  5. Julia..Stanley came from the Holland park shop I think there is one left(tell your son it's the law to have flowers, I've been saying that to my two boys for the last 14 years!) and Gigibird..dont worry youre not missing's just me being a bit mad..Stanley is made by Cath Kidston and was discontinued last year so he was hard to get hold of! I think Stanley the Lakeland terrier has become a bit of a cult figure in his own right! As for this weather..Im enjoying the sunshine today as I'm at home (busy doing nothing!)..but ask me again when I'm sunburnt and headachey having worked in it all day and I might give a different opinion!!

  6. Love your new Stanley. He looks wonderful among all your lovely treasures on the dresser. What sweet cats & hens you have too :-}

  7. This is the best kind of dog to have because it doesn't upset the cats. I stopped a man once in the railway station with a 'real' stanley and asked if i could have him. He said yes but I was on my way to the hospital and couldn't take him in there so had to leave him with the man.

  8. I'm in love with the Stanley and the dresser he sits on. You have created a beautiful blog.

  9. the homely year8 May 2008 at 21:29

    Hi, what super photos...this weather is brill, isn't it? Love your seat in the garden and how fresh and green everything looks.
    Margaret and Noreen

  10. Oooh your horse chestnut is in flower! Ours is still green, think the snow a few weeks ago has kept us behind a bit.
    I love your Stanley - how sweet!
    Bless Dolly, what a lovely girl.
    What a great week we're having. I'm very jealous of your breakfast outside but I am keeping in mind what you said about little boys growing up so fast, there'll be plenty of time.
    Beautiul post! Hope the weekend is as lovely for you.

  11. How scrumptious is your dresser with the Cornish blue and all..
    Serious case of Stanley envy here..!
    Every home should have one.. so where is mine???


  12. Congrats on your Stanley he'll probably be a collectors item in the future! Your garden chair is great do you mind me asking where it's from I'm always on the look out for pretty garden furniture! I love your chicken house too it's so cute. Funny conkers story!

  13. I think hen helmets are a delightful idea! ;)
    You British girls have now gotten this California girl in a tizzy over Stanley! I want a Stanley too!

  14. hello - Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog - infact you are the only one that congratulated me...I did take the post off for a while, thinking p'haps i was showing off!

    Looking at your blog I can see we would be best buddies having so much in common, even down to the 'son' thing, I can sooo sympathize and I really do admire you for writing that heartfelt.

    Nature or Nuture!....definitely nature...I do think its born in them, because as you said we love them, care for them, adore them, watch our for them...but nothing seems to sink in, arrogance and stubborness prevails, you think you are the only one, you are definately NOT.

    We opted out of school with our daughter...people do not realise the is an option here in blighty!

    Teach him and revise with him what you can, if he doesn't get his GCSE's its not the end of the world...even though it might seem like it....if you ever need a friend email happy x

    Ps. I love your blog...xx

  15. I'd love a wooden Stanley.. yours is fantastic. I have a very similar stuffed old Stanley like yours, and have another one on the way,(courtesy of Ebay)!! What gorgeous cats you have, my heart especially went out to Winnie! Have a good week.x

  16. Congratulations on securing a Stanley! I hope he doesn't roll into all your beautiful blue cornish and domino? Beautiful cats awake and asleep! I remember we had a 'conker' tree close to us as kids, and would go down and collect them, some of them I remember being huge. The weather has been fantastic and your plants are thriving on it, your collection of shrubs look really good together. We had cockerels on the farm, and they were damn pests really! x

  17. I love your dresser, stanley looks perfect next to all that red blue and white.
    Hens in helmets, you make me giggle!

  18. oh! oh! I am DROOLING over your blue striped crockery! (I know that it has a "name," but I've forgotten what it's called!)


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