Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Birthdays, bunnies & magic chickens

What an odd week its been, There's been good things;
Birthdays (thanks for your well wishes blogging buddies by the way)..
pressies (learn to crochet book,wool and hook),

pretty birthday purchases from Cath Kidston (rosy bag,cushion covers and a chair),a girlie day out (bliss in a house of stinky boys) and visits to posh shops at Bicester Outlet village, CAKE, my phone deciding to work again, nice offers from nice blogging ladies and the insurance paying out for a nasty stain that they couldn't get rid of on my sofa. Yay!

then theres been the not so good things;
A stinky boy who doesn't know what to do with himself now he's not at school and is getting very depressed, poorly chicken...shes depressed, CAKE (yes, it has to go on both lists) too many bills to pay and not enough money to pay them with so I'm depressed, my favourite cup getting broken (sad, I know but tea always tasted better from that cup) nobody buying the house and having to turn down nice offers from nice blogging ladies because my brain isn't up to it. Boo

Well I think the good things outnumber the bad, so lets not get too miserable about it, but if there is one thing I've learnt this week it's that in posh shops, posh people dont have posh manners.They can be downright rude.

"is that a bunny I spy, Muriel?"

"why yes Maureen, I think it is....quick leg it"

Anyway the naughty chickens have been causing havoc in the front garden again along with Eddie the even naughtier free-range bunny.Not only have they scratched up most of my lilies that were just poking through they have also thrown most of the gravel path onto the flowerbeds, made dust baths in the most annoying places (behind the gate) and eaten along the front hedge.It has taken on a distinctly bald look from hen height down! (maybe they want to take a peep at the passers by)
Eddie likes to round up the ladies, I think he's lived a sheltered life,having only had guinea pigs for company when he was younger and one mean bad rabbit that came to stay for a very short while.

I think he's starting to think he may actually be a cockerel, he's taken to eating chicken food..not good when it blows your head up to twice its size as you're allegic to it and does a jaunty little dance around the ladies in circles until they are dizzy. Needless to say all this silly behaviour doesn't wash with the ladies and a sharp peck on the bottom usually sends him off again into the shrubbery.

We did used to have a cockerel for a short while.Merlin...Merlin the magic chicken, who started off life as Hattie. Hattie grew much quicker than her other pals and then decided on Christmas eve (yes really) at 3am to confirm that she was indeed a he. Infact she wanted to tell us 'she' was a 'he' every 10 minutes. Even when I put him in a cat basket in the kitchen under a blanket, he still insisted on telling us at the top of his voice.Lovely.
One week and several irate neighbours later, Hattie went to live a new life as Merlin with my sister in the country. Town definately isn't the place for cockerels!

I've loved looking at everyones garden photos recently, spring is such a lovely time of year, everything new and fresh looking (until those dastadly slugs get everything) I'm dying to add some plants and move bits around but I'll just have to do it in other peoples gardens whilst the house is still for sale,inbetween the showers,hail storms and thunder (a gardeners life, eh)


Rodney's just busy on Frog patrol


  1. Great post as usual. Loved the Hattie/Merlin story, I can just picture him in the cat basket.
    Sorry to hear about your boy, hopefully he pull himself out of hid "fug" soon, growing up is so hard.
    You're right about posh shops, I once dared to enter one with pushchair in tow and you'd have thought I was dragging a dead cow in with me, needless to say I've never been back, I'm sure they're misiing the £2.75 I may have spent!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Julia x

  2. I love your blog! hehe, it makes me chuckle! spring is a lovely time of year isn't it? I've just been out down the veg patch and completely dug it up, it was full of weeds! Bit of cheeky question which you don't have to answer, but do you absolutely HAVE to sell your house? It's so lovely and it seems to be quite a bad time to do it at the moment. I worry that people will lose money!

  3. Sorry, meant to say his not hid, and exactly what id misiing??? - must check my comments before posting!
    Julia x

  4. this nice blogging lady completely understands...... xxxx
    i will email you when i have a spare moment - keep your chin up sweet girl.
    t x

  5. Fab post.
    I hope your stinky boy is feeling better soon!
    And I hope you find a buyer soon.

    Your Hattie becoming Merlin tale really cheered me up. Bless.

    Have a nice bank holiday weekend.

  6. I enjoyed reading your post so much, love your bunny and the feathered ladies.
    Glad your week turned up on the whole. Who needs posh shops, be treated like a queen in the charity shops instead I say. My £3.50 for a lovely summery skirt really seemed to make the day on the lady on the till. Fuzzy feelings all round!
    Enjoy the bank holiday and fingers crossed you get a flood of buyers very soon.

  7. Love the Hattie/Merlin story. Read your blog for the first time today. It's lovely - wish I could buy your house!

  8. Chickens are no respecters of gardening! They do like to rearrange things to their own liking - usually meaning lovely dust baths & no vegetation!

  9. I'm glad the dog has the right idea:)
    Belated Birthday wishes:)

  10. I love the name of your dog Rodney.
    Yes posh shops can make you feel uncomfortable, it just makes you not want to spend your pennies at them. Mind you give me a car boot sale anyday!, pennies spread further and you get lots of goodies.
    Keep your chin up about the house, easier times will come and it will ben even lovlier & more cosier(not that your place isnt lovely now, it is). I just know you will make it even more lovely.
    We have to watch the pennies all the time every month. I have changed my spending habits and really only ever spend at car boots and i like buying second hand too. When i stopped being so spendy i freed up lots of time( couldnt afford to be too spendy!). I tell myself I am living a greener more simplified life because of it. At the moment going through major declutter!. But alas bought more china at car boot sale !
    Take care x Dom
    ps luv the bunnie

  11. Absolutely love hearing all about your "everyday doings"!...Such a lovely blog!....And chickens!...So wish to have chickens!...have a great week ahead!...Heidi :)

  12. OOOhhh so much to comment on!
    First. I keep meaning to visit Bicester Outlet, I must go soon expecially to the CK shop.
    Posh and no manners...could not agree more. I went to a gorgeous shop, a white Danish shop and would have spent...but the two very skinny women were too posh to talk to me, so I did not spend and will not return.
    I too love to see bloggers gardens, I am so happy when I potter around a lovely garden.
    Bills...the less said, I really do not want to give myself the hump thinking about how much they have all gone up!
    Poor you, broke your cup, I broke my vintage tea pot recently so I know how sad you must feel.
    Emm having just mentioned tea I must go off now and make moi one.

  13. What a gorgeous bunny! I love the fact that he can roam free with the chickens.

    Im glad you enjoyed my Bradgate Park pics, its one of my favorite places in leic. Ive only walked all the way to the tower once but id love to do it again, was a very invigorating workout!! The cream teas are still being served there, and theres a little ice cream place for sunny days too. Whenever im at Bradgate Park i just feel like im in paradise on Earth, even if its raining on a cold winters day!

  14. I have a little (well big actually) bunny who would just fall in love with your bunny...Adorable...

  15. Hope the lovely spring sunshine will make things happier for you - its such a tough time to be selling a house at the moments, isn't it? I feel for you - my in-laws are trying to sell too.

    I have naughty hens as well, but I would rather have happy girls than an immaculate garden......well most of the time....the poo could go though!!

    Keep your chin up,
    Niki x

  16. I think you would love the cake! I know what you mean about having to tailor the ingredients to the English versions! I will find a great recipe in one of the English magazines & then have to figure out the American alternatives, especially the measurements!? I have recently posted a conversion chart on a bulletin board in my kitchen...So much help!!! I also have to ask about the pillow on your blog is fabulous! Knowing I would never be able to find one, I may have to attempt to make one for myself! Just so pretty!....Thank you again for leaving such a nice message!....have great little day! Heidi :)

  17. We had a cockeril for years and years and despite my fears that the neighbours would complain they actually loved him. People were always comenting how hearing him crow reminded them of their childhood and lots of folk stopped toask what had happened after he died as they missed him so. I wouldn't get another though as I find the hens much friendlier without their guard.
    As for Stinky Boy he should be revelling in his new found freedon, tell him to make the most of it because you don't get much when you are grown and have to pay your own bills!

  18. bunny and chickens, how wonderful, I have been wondering what captain rupert would make of some chicken company


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