Monday, 7 April 2008

Visiting Ludlow

Did you get the snow on Sunday? we had a light covering but it didn't stay long as the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful favourite weather blue skies and very cold! The snow stayed on the hills for a while and they looked like those coconut mountains we used to make at school.

Pete and I went out for a stinky boys..its too uncool to be seen with parents nowadays. I've wanted to visit Ludlow for a long time, it isn't really that far and I've read on other peoples blogs about how lovely it off we went with Red, all excited in the boot.

Halfway there the skies went very grey and we were in a snow blizzard! but when we got to Ludlow the skies were clearer and we only had the odd flurry of was still freezing though!

We walked along the river (Red is like a sealion when it comes to water,there's no stopping him, but it was too cold even for him!) and back up through the town where they had a little market selling antiques and nicknacks, it was coming to an end and people were packing away..(which was probably a good thing as I had no money for spending on pretty things!) but we could still have a quick look.
Then we walked through the lovely, mostly Georgian town...
These houses looked onto a pretty green and the castle walls...
all the houses are kept immaculately,
past the castle ...
and back down to the river.
(pity about the satelite dish on this pretty stone cottage!!)
Ludlow was much smaller than I had imagined, almost like an island with its bridges going across on one side.I also thought it would have more Tudor houses, but it was a really lovely place none the less and I would love to go again when the shops are open and I've got a bit of spare money!

We drove home via the Clee hills, you can see them on a clear day from the top of the Malvern Hills..we went there when George was little and a sheep stole his banana they're a bit over friendly up there..and greedy!!

You can just see the faint outline of the Malverns on the horizon.
So off home through the little villages and winding lanes to get back to our hills.
House update;
Thanks for all your support on the house front, we had another viewing on Saturday..really nice couple not daunted by the work, but wanted more rural..a different estate agent showed them round from the same company who totally got the style of the house and loved Cath Kidston! yay! She was great. The previous couple said the stairs were too steep (!?!)..they are normal stairs of normal steepness...I think they may be needing a bungalow!
Oh this is such fun!!


    It is interesting how the scale of towns etc can mental image of Ludlow based mainly on reading about it in the Telegraph is an affluent market town roughly the size of Chichester - obviously wrong.
    Do you read Dottie Angel? When she was trying to sell her house several bloggers told her of a bizarre procedure that is becoming increasingly popular across the pond of buying a statue of the patron saint of house moving (sorry can’t remember who it was!) and burying it somewhere in the house…..apparently it works!
    Let me know if you start getting desperate and I will find out the name for you:)

  2. Thanks for the tour of Ludlow.

  3. Ooh, lovely pics of Ludlow. I went there last summer but got sidetracked by the antique markets (2 on 1 day as I remember) and missed out on exploring most of the town. Definately be going back some time though, such a lovely part of the country.
    Yes the Hungerford tragedy was a real shocker at the time, couldn't really imagine anything like that happening there. It's a lovely day out there, lots of posh antique shops which I forgot to mention, though does get very packed in the summer.
    Have a good week,
    Lucy x

  4. It's saint Joseph that will help you to sell your house apparently, I googled it in the end.. after being glued to reading dottie angel for over half an hour...what a fab blog!

  5. I looooove Ludlow! Woody and I had our very first romantic weekend there and we've returned many times. One of those places I would wish to live if I didn't have to move away, if you know what I mean! Lovely,lovely photos. I really enjoyed them.

  6. Lovely pictures of Ludlow, I've never been, but it one of those places on the list.
    Glad you've found a nice estate agent who loves Cath Kidston, I would imagine it makes things easier having some one who appreciates your style, I'm still surprised about the amount of people who don't know who she is, and the whole vintage thing. I was talking to someone about Green Gate the other day and they didn't have a clue!

  7. Ludlow is one of my "places I'd love to live in" but it's too far from Ian's work, it is a bit in the middle of nowhere.
    Lovely pics, and the stair comment made me laugh - send them here we've got about 48 of the flippin' things!
    Good luck with the next viewing.
    Julia x

  8. I love this post.Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your hubby and what a luxury to have the day "alone"!
    We need one of those days pretty soon...

    Thank you for the comment on my blog too.

    it must be quite an experience selling your house and having people come to view it etc.I am sure it wont be long now

    take care

  9. Glad you enjoyed Ludlow.
    Thank you for your kind words about it and the beautiful photos.

  10. Beautiful photos of Ludlow. It looks like a wonderful spot to visit.

  11. What a lovely day out! Horses love bananas too!

    Selling your house really is a nightmare isn't it? I do sympathise!

  12. they have a beautiful blog.
    a their to work are beautiful
    loves greet from germany
    xo andy

  13. Stunning photos. England has some spectacular scenery.

  14. I lived in Bridgnorth for a few years when i was younger and then again just after my eldest son was born !!
    We would go to Ludlow on days out !!I love it there !!

    Sara x

  15. Ludlow looks so lovely and pretty.
    I think I will have to make it a place to visit at some point. It has been very cold , I havent been out the house much this week as its so cold !

  16. How lovely, i really enjoyed the tour seeing as i wont be going anywhere for quite some time! Sad when kids wont go with their parents anymore but i was the same and now my eldest (13) groans most of the time if she is to go out with us!! Oh well think of it as a nice date! Hows the house going? Mel xxx

  17. Gigibird stole my first line! Sheep eating bananas! I would have thought George would have liked to have returned to visit his woolly friend? Ludlow looks great, but how many great towns and villages can you get in England. If I ever had the chance to move to a different county, away from Sussex, born and bred, I would struggle to decide which one to choose? What a shame you didn't have any pennies on you, just to bring a memento back, although a good excuse to visit again. x

  18. the homely year11 April 2008 at 23:01

    We love a day out in Ludlow. Loads of Shropshire towns are good to visit. We like Much Wenlock (v small), Bridgenorth, Ironbridge and Shrewsbury. All interesting in their own way.
    Margaret and Noreen

  19. What a lovely days out definately worth getting rid of children for! I love your lampshades theyre so pretty- I've been making some myself so I just love seeing other peoples ideas too!

  20. I have stumbled on your beautiful blog quite by good fortune. Enjoyed very much your images of Ludlow...took a peek at other post and I might say it was all completely delightful...All good wishes for you over in the UK...Dee Dee


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