Saturday, 12 April 2008

Prizes and girly give-aways!

I've received a lovely prize this week from the talented Saraeden..a little bundle of cute fabrics and pretty ribbons..including my favourite red and white polka dots and some kitsch cherry fabrics...all so lovely and beautifully wrapped..thankyou Sara!

I haven't decided what I will make with them yet but in the meantime I thought it might be nice to have a giveaway myself. (I was going to wait until I opened an etsy shop, but since we've been selling the house it got put on the backburner for a while).

The Giveaway! A Louise Loves fabric cover and a vintage heart hanger with velvet ribbon

I've 'met' lots of lovely people since starting this blog back in December and had some great comments left that have often had me in stitches! Certainly one way to cheer yourself up if you're feeling down in the dumps is to start a blog. So without being overly gushy,it's just my way of saying thanks really...

So you know the drill...leave a message on this post if you would like to be included and I will pick one of you lovely people to send a gift of my vintage fabric lavender hearts and a little lampshade cover (if you live outside the UK I will make you a heart without lavender just incase customs think its some kind of other herb!)

I'll pick a name out of the hat on the 27th of April (2008) which happens to be my birthday (yay!) so you have plenty of time... good luck!


  1. Oh jeeez I just found you and now slipping right in to the queue for a prize, what an incomer!

    But who can resist Louise Loves? Very pretty fabric, indeed.

    Have a great weekend.

    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  2. Hello...I just found you as well from DeeDee's blog at Love White Linen. You have a wonderful blog. Shabby Chic is the best! I had such fun reading about your rennovating and selling adventures( we have a 110 year old Victorian house so I can relate). I love what you have done with the house. The photos on your blog are lovely.

    Ladies' Historical Tea Society

  3. What a lovely giveaway....your birthday is just before mine!! Us Taureuns must have vintage and shabby chic in our

  4. Please include me....I adore that fabric lamp cover, very pretty.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi, I love your fabric lamp shade covers so I would be happy to participate! ;-)

    Have you had any more news on the house buying front?

    Sian x

  6. Oh yes count me, in they are fantastic. Very pretty! I love Louise Loves fabric. How is selling the house going? Take care.

  7. Lucky you,
    What fab sure to post us girls piccies of what you come with.
    I can't believe your beautiful house is up for sale,so sorry to read the news,if our numbers come up tonight i will buy it and you can have it right back my lovely xxx
    Have to go share some comfort food with you know who (woof) lol
    Have a great weekend
    Love Kristina XxX

  8. Count me in, a chance to win a Lavender bag that I have not had to make, it's a sign I'm going to win I can feel it in my water, or is just that I need a wee!

  9. Ooh, count me in! Absolutely adore your gorgeous lampshade cover and just can not resist a heart! I will be keeping everything crossed now!! Kathy

  10. This Louise loves the fabric cover for the lamp, what a good idea, you could have one for every day of the week. Red and white polka dot is one of my favourites too. I love having a blog, and cannot remember life without one now! I would love to be included in your giveaway. x

  11. I would love to enter the giveaway! Id love a lavendar heart, its one of my favorite fragrances but as i mentioned in my blog i am just no good at sewing curves!
    I hope you are well and are not getting the birthday blues which people seem to get, it was my b/d last weekend and its my mums on the 22nd, but neither of us celebrate them so to us its just another day!

  12. Count me in too - the fabric you received is lovely - can't wait to see what you do with it! - Hope the packing is going ok - take care - Natalie x

  13. Hey wouldn't it be a hoot if Louise (Loves) left a comment and ended up winning back one of her own lampshade covers?
    Please may I join in?

  14. Forgot to say my Birthday (and Stella's) is on the 30th April:)

  15. Oh gosh, I wish you hadn't told me about those mannequins, how depressing, I'd have been pretty sick about it for weeks! I guess I should consider myself very lucky to have got a mannequin, compared to your garden blower, that did make me chuckle! Maybe you could buy hubby a pretty teaset for his next birthday?
    Have a good week,

  16. Hi...I love those fabrics! Have a good day...Katie

  17. Hi count me in!, i love the lampshade cover & heart.
    Hope all is going well on house front, it gets a bit tedious showing people round sometimes eh!especially when they dont appreciate lovelyness.
    X Dom

  18. What a gorgeous things to give-away from. Please pop me in the pile!
    Thank you

  19. Count me in - I love those lampshades!
    Julia x

  20. Hi there, I too, just found you, lovely site! And wow on a give away week !! I will be visiting again cause your a delight! Lori

  21. Love the bundle of fabrics that you won.

    Please can I be entered in your generous giveaway (?) - thank you!

    Hope you have some good news on the house front soon,

  22. oh please add me to the give-away, I just got a new lamp and the shade is too plain, and I have been trying to think what I can do with it, I would be chuffed to win it as it would look so pretty,and the heart is lovely,
    thank you,

  23. Hi had to pop back again as I love your Stanley you mind telling me where you got him from?
    Carol xx
    Still loving those Louise Loves fabrics...

  24. only recently discovered your blog..i would love to be included in your giveaway.. best wishes, Sue x

  25. I did mean your Stanley with the S.
    I tried to follow your link but it could not be found.
    Like you I adore the Lakelands. I would not have little Guy were it not for my son. There are such lovely little dogs...we have four altogther in our family. I am hoping to breed them but at the moment with George my Choc Lab being very old, it is not the right time. I did buy a felt Stanley on Ebay last night and also got the pattern from a Cath Kidston site to male my own one!
    I would be grateful for any leads on getting a wooden Stanley as CK seem to have stopped selling them - I hope that I may be able to get one from old stock.
    Carol xx

  26. what a lovely giveaway..
    and a very pretty blog..


  27. lovely bundle of fabrics - what are you going to make?
    great giveaway - they are such fun to host!
    t x

  28. please enter me into your wonderful drawing...i adore the fabric heart and lampshade....

    and i also wanted to tell you that i found your blog within the last week or so and i absolutely love it...keep up the good work...WARTS and all!!!

    kelley abeillemere at comcast dot net

  29. Oh my- a giveaway? Please do enter me because I LOVE the pretty things you create!!

  30. Count me in too! Lovely goodies for your give away I've got my fingers crossed love the lampshade cover and I can never have enough hearts!

  31. HI, fred here. i feel such a cheapskate but hey hoy! first on the lifeboat, thats me! fingers crossed for the lampshade.

  32. Hello. I'd love to go in your draw and have the lavender heart in my drawer!

  33. Oooo....that's so lovely! I'd love to win this! Thank you so much for the chance :)

  34. Greetings, What two lovely items in your drawing. I love shabby chic. Our master bedroom is decorated with shabby chic. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. I appreciate it!

  35. I am officially an addict. I found your blog today and I keep nipping back to look at older posts. You may get me sacked! lol!

    Happy birthday for the 27th.

  36. Please include me too - you Blog is great. I am almost a neighbour as i live in Malvern as well!
    My blog is
    Byeeeee. Julie

  37. Please include me too. I love reading your blog and would like a chance to win the lamp shade cover. I live in Canada originally from Scotland and miss the British Life. Refreshing! to see spring has sprung there.

    Thank you,



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