Friday, 4 April 2008

ok own up

Somebody's got the rechargable batteries..

It's a gorgeous day and I want to take some photos but the batteries are missing from my camera. hmmmmmmmm the x-box ate them and went off to a friends house for the day. Horrid thing....

Big Bess and Betty-eating my bluebells again!

I'll just have to dig over the chicken run instead...oh lovely! that will please the neighbours...a nice stinky aroma in the air!


  1. Ooh your lilac and green bedroom must have been gorgeous, I would have one too if I had enough rooms. Maybe in your next house...
    I adore your chickens, another thing on my 'if I had enough room..' list.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Lucy x

  2. Oh I love your site and yes I agree so fun to meet new people(:) thanks for stopping in and the sweater cats (:) hehe.. glad you liked em I make them once in awhile ...hugs for now Patty

  3. the homely year4 April 2008 at 22:01

    Hi, your hens look very content, enjoying themselves in the garden.
    Margaret and Noreen

  4. I love your blog and the name too,thanks for stopping by and for your wishes for he has acted a lot more like himself which is just a blessing..fingers crossed he'll be back on track real soon.
    I'll have to read all your blog on monday with a nice cup of tea when my two teenage,noisy, bored boys are back at school woo hoo!
    We really want some chickens,just trying to decide where to have them you know blah blah lol,i'm shouting buy them now and steve has to plan everything buy ten books on chickens and so on.
    Have a great weekend,see you on monday!
    Love Kristina XxX

  5. I used to have that problem with batteries, but I now have spares! Hmm, the aroma of your chicken poo and what have you, must equal the aroma of the pigeon compost my Dad brought me over the other day, and is now on my compost heap! I wonder what my neighbours' think? x

  6. Wish your chicks would come and eat my bluebells.
    I would cut the hands off anyone messing with my camera!

  7. We have a mystery visitor who moves, uses, hides and eats all sorts of things.

  8. Those x-boxes just don't know their place do they?

    What pretty chickens - do they have frilly knickers like ours do?

  9. yes xbox, the less said about them the better!!. Unless I sneakily grab it and have a go!.
    Your girls look very happy in the garden playing together. cant wait to get mine once we have saved up!

  10. We have THREE x-box controls and still batteries go missing from things around the house.....argh!!
    Your chicken look very cuddly although I suspect they are not as I've never held one but they look gorgeous!!
    How are the viewings going??

  11. Yes they are quite cuddly! these ones weigh a ton and are a mass of fluffly feathers but will sit on your lap for a bit of a fuss (and yes Jayne they have BIG frilly knickers!)
    I have discovered Pete's phone is a far better camera than my rubbishy one that needs expensive batteries! So the horrid x-box can keep them!
    I must find out from louise if pigeon poo is good compost!! who'd have thought!

  12. Enjoying your lovely blog ever so much.


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