Monday, 21 April 2008

The Three B's

I've got to say I'm amazed at the responses I got to that last post,I really thought people would politely skip over that one thinking ooo-er she's having a bad day but to my surprise it seems I'm not alone,thanks to the people who left me messages about their experiences and some very good advice, I'm truly grateful.

I've been up and down this week with emotions drowning myself in endless cups of tea, far too many of those yummy chocolate chip Yorkshire tea biscuits and playing Duffys Cd at at volume that even the kids tell you to turn down ( good job we live in a detached) I have to just accept what comes and try to see the positive side,well I'm trying to find the positive side first! (It didn't help matters that my lovely Cath Kidston phone got wet in the rain last week too and no longer works...sob... AND the freezer isn't working but decided to pack in the day after we had just done the 'big shop' ...bigger sob)

Anyhow..The three B's..


I'm jumping on the Blighty bandwagon, just in time for St. Georges day on the 23rd of April. I love our British flag combining the English, Scottish and Welsh flags and the colours red white and blue, it seems several of our favourite magazines did too recently. Fred also bought a cushion made from a lovely old a vintage flag which he blogged about.(I gave up trying to buy any old flags on eBay as one lady in particular was buying hundreds of the things)

A while back I made some Union Jack cushions that I sold on eBay, inspired by the over-priced but very lovely,Jan Constantine ones. Funnily enough most were sold to a lady in Jersey, but stupidly I never made one for myself, so in true Blue Peter spirit, here's one that that I made earlier today...

This is different to my others,some of which you can see in my 'homemade' flikr. I've used a tea towel, some French checked fabric on the back and two of the Fabrics that I won from Sara's giveaway, for the GB. I was amazed at how rusty my sewing was, I hadn't done any for a good few months as the sewing fairy had been replaced by the stressed-out devil gremlin and my sewing machine has lost a leg and is therefore acting a little drunk. But I'm quite pleased with it for a first go. I may make another...maybe with UK or ER on instead.

B no.2 BODEN

I would like just about everything in this summers catalogue, even though I resemble Fatima Whitbread in a skirt and therefore feel the need to do a comedy walk whenever I try one on ( I don't posses a skirt or dress) I still want everything, including skirts,spotty dresses and that girls' amazing figure in the bikini on the front cover, BUT, alas I can't so I'll dream on...


As promised here is a gratuitous shot of my oldest hen Mavis's bosom-shaped eggs...look familiar ladies?!!!

It certainly cheers Pete up when he has a pair in front of him for breakfast...
EGGS, eggs that is!!

ps. Don't forget the giveaway ends this Sunday!


  1. Funny!!! I lovce the eggs. As for Boden, bit of a boden girl myself...spots all the way!!!

  2. Well I've heard womens bosoms described as fried eggs but never bolied ones:)

    I often think the Boden catalogue is porn for women....and the Garden Trading one - that's worse.
    I have a few issues about Boden BUT the few pieces I own (all from charity shops) are favourites.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Absolutely adore the eggs, my hubbie's face would be a picture to get a pair of eggs like that in the morning!! And my 2 sons (8 & 10) would say errr---GROSS!! Agree about Boden...gorgeous stuff, love it! Love your cushion too. Kathy

  5. Fab cushion red white and blue is really in at the mo love the whole arrangement on your bed. Hilarious egg picture made me giggle!Sorry about your phone.

  6. I love all yur B's, expecially those eggs! they are Fab..
    I have been going through the Boden book deciding what I like the most, I will do this 50 times and probably get nothing in the end!
    Sorry to heat about the CK phone - I would sob too. I did manage to get myself a CK Stanley-yippee. I located one in Brighton and they took it to Tunbridge Well new shop when I could pick it up rather than have it posted- I was in heaven in this shop so much new stuff - So now I have my Wooden Stanley and the felt one from EBay on display. I also bought Guy the small red dog bed with Stanley print...I was a happy girl on Saturday.
    Have a great week.
    Carol x

  7. Great post, love the B's (daren't look in the Boden catalogue)

  8. Hi Sairer, lovely cushion - I adore the Union Jack colours.

    A nice choice of three B's by the way!!

    Clare x

  9. Gorgeous cushion! I am still sad about my favourite Boden cardigan that someone swiped whilst we were in Norway last year.I hope they make it again sometime.
    I think my hubby would be very happy with a pair of those bosoms on a sunday morning!!

  10. Nice boobies!. Yes thats so funny they do like like bosoms a lot firmer than mine though!.
    Glad all the comments on your last post helped, sometimes blogs are really helpfull and can give you a little boost . (that there are lots of lovely people around )
    Cushions are lovely x

  11. Now you've started me off, I've managed to avoid the hundreds of Boden catalogues that come whizzing through our door but that dress, oh that dress, it's sending me to the recycling bin as we speak!
    Julia x
    ps. Wish my bosoms were as pert as that!

  12. the homely year22 April 2008 at 21:44

    Lovely bosoms! And how great that you've kept your sense of humour with everything going wrong! Hope things improve soon.
    Margaret and Noreen

  13. LOL, how fab are those eggs, I'm sure my hubby would like to eat those every morning. Your cushions are gorgeous, get them on ETSY and they will sell really well. How much would sell them for as I would like one too. I've had a few things from Boden for myself and soem tops for my boys and they all seem to end up wearing them as pj tops...hmm! Claire x

  14. Hmm do they do big Boden!! I think not - I am not a Yummy Mummy shape.

  15. Me again, could you tell me what make your range oven is, hope you don't mind but planning new kitchen and don't have much space between a pillar and window where the gas pipe is but I reckon I can squeeze in a range cooker as I really really really want one....thankyou...claire x

  16. That egg made me smile, I recently knitted some cupcakes with little cherries on top which my husband said looked like T**ties (excuse the phrase!) - The cushion you made is lovely too - Natalie x

  17. Boden is my .. what I am going to wear when I lose weight.. catalogue.. I love it ALL!! and make endless lists of must haves.. only to put them in the recycling bin when I realise that that extra 14lbs of flab is not going anywhere fast!
    Anyone who loves Eddie Reader and Ptang Yang Kipper Bang is cool!
    Thanks of for your comment too..


  18. Hi Boden Mummy - David was in court today and they threw the charge out saying the police had no evidence to show that the 'weapon' was Davids ie fingerprints etc - hmm thats because it wasn't his!! So its over - I will keep reading your life...........Remember it can only get better.......and keep sharing your thoughts with us all we are here to listen - any interested buyers?

  19. Hi, thanks for getting back to me, I've had a day of measuring and am having to go with a under counter oven.....boooo!!! said to hubby I would have a range when we extend....he just gave me a look as if to your dreams love (extension not range)anyway I'm no Nigella Lawson so it would of probably have been wasted on me but they do look good!! Claire x

  20. I do like your cushion, I was looking at union jacks on ebay a while back, just for interest, and noticed someone buying them all. I wonder who she is and what she does with them? Those eggs are funny!
    Lucy x

  21. What a great pair, of sideplates. I used to have six of those blue dotty plates. I wish I knew what happened to them? I may unearth them in my loft someday? x

  22. Love the three B's,
    Sorry i've not been around...i just posted a comment on your last post.... i love in this post that you have said 'i just have to accept what comes and try to see the positive side' i find by excepting it, is the only to deal with it if you know what i mean,sorry about your phone and freezer...doesn't everything come at once? don't let it beat you girly try keep smiling.
    Love the cushion looks gorgeous and those eggs are sooo cheeky lol
    Love Kristina XxX

  23. Those eggs have had me in stitches.
    Oh and I love, love, love your pretty cushions. Although I am Irish I think I need one. lol!

  24. I'm from across the pond, but I have to say that I am just in LOVE with the fab flag pillow! I think I might have to make something similar for myself to feed my anglophile tendencies :)
    Love your blog, too--and hope you don't mind that I've added it to my blog list.

  25. eekkkkk
    laughed out loud at the boobs!!!
    thank you for making me smile from ear to ear x
    as for Boden...... i do love almost everything but was always kind of put off from wearing any as i used to live in the Boden capital - i swear 90 % of the mums that came through my shop were dressed in the blooming stuff!
    funnily enough i have yet to see any Boden this far North....
    i also agree with lavender hearts - Joules clothing is lovely - just avoid the wellies, they are pretty but both my pairs split within a few months :(
    now sticking with Hunters.
    love your sewing creations as always x
    t x

  26. Your remark on the eggs made me laugh! I admire the brightness that you find in your life.


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